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Updates on '07 Colorado horses...   Horse Rescue Updates

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John the Artist, Feb. feedlot rescue, was adopted by FOB KMarchman!!!!

Luna Joe, Feb. feedlot rescue, was adopted by CTR volunteer Aubree. He is living in Las Vegas and is currently undergoing rehabilitation for a flare up of a suspensory ligament injury from the track.
An older pony, Dun paint gelding, bay ranch horse, paint pregnant mare, and 2 saddle broke mustangs were purchased at a feedlot and were adopted out by Front Range Rescue.

Ollie, a weanling who was given to us in the midst of a divorce, has found a lifelong home in Sterling, CO.
Wille, the colt we bought last year at 6 weeks old after his mom was shipped to slaughter, has come back to the rescue twice. He may just stay here forever as a mascot, but he is available for adoption to the perfect home.
The black stallion from the feedlot (that was supposed to be a TB racehorse winner of $800,000) was actually a QH who earned $80,000! He found a very loving, forever home in Texas. Crystal, older tattooed TB mare, feedlot rescue, was unsound for riding (despite being very well broke), and is living on a 10,000 acre ranch in Oklahoma sponsored by the TRF.
Jimmy and Clever were racetrack rejects surrenders from a bank that seized them after a loan gone bad. They are living with Crystal in a 10,000 acre ranch in OK sponsored by the TRF.
Keara and her baby injured Riley, auction rescues, have found a forever home at a 300 acre ranch. Riley has healed better than ever imagined, and mom Keara loves to ride every once on the while on a nice trail ride.

Columbine, aka Ally, is in a loving foster home in Parker, CO. She'll come back to the rescue next year to get completely saddle broke. She arrived at the rescue a wild, scared yearling filly. She's broke to lead, tie, trim, etc and is actually the first one to the fence for treats. She is also LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME.(pictured at foster home)
Cinnabun, a Paint mare with a foal at her side, has found a forever home with an adopter who studies under the natural horsemanship theory. This older mare came to us not even halter broke, and she is on her way to being broke to ride now. Cinnabun's filly, Peggy, was seized after her caregiver sold her (illegally). She is recovering from malnutrition and contracted tendons, and should make a full recovery. She will be coming up to the rescue's farm this weekend (she has been in foster care in Colorado Springs). She is LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME!
Beyonce, the auction rescue pony with long curled up feet, is thriving at the rescue. She's a great babysitter, and is looking forward to meeting Peggy this weekend!!!
Haddiah, another auction rescue, is at a caring home in Texas with plans of becoming a competitive trail riding mount.
Omar, Haddiah's little brother, is in Hudson, CO. He lives with another rescued Arabian and is learning dressage.
Jamil, Haddiah and Omar's half brother, was sold at auction several weeks later and found a home in Boulder, CO as a companion horse.
Gypsy and Dawn were transfered to The Best Little Horse House and adopted out by Epona rescue in Nebraska.
Rufus, the foundered charoit-racing TB, went home with another FOB in Pueblo, CO.
Fritz, the skinny chestnut mare bought for $50, joined Rufus with a FOB. She thinks she's already died and gone to heaven- if she only knew, she has many wonderful years ahead of her! (pictured getting her teeth floated!)
Belle, the pregnant TB mare from the auction, went with Catherine to Homestretch rescue in Indiana. She only stayed at CTR for a few weeks in quarantine and awaiting transportation.
Links' Ruler, a 19 yr old TB stallion from the auction, has found a forever home living with geldings near a FOB in Colorado.
Dutch was listed on the rescue website for his owner (who was moving). he recently found a great home.
Bo is the newest auction rescue. He's 16 years old and well broke to ride. He's in foster care in Fort Collins, CO and LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME.
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Most of these horse's lives were saved SOLEY because of the kindest of the FOB's. Every horse we have ever helped has been touched by the power of Barbaro.

This holiday season, be sure to give yourself a pat on the back. You've done some incredible work. Over 1500 horses thank you.

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From: Audreyd11


Give yourself a pat on the back Margaret. These horses owe their lives to you!!
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From: jamielsg


Margaret, just seeing their pictures and hearing their stories, is the best Christmas present I could ever ask for.  They're all beautiful and so deserving of a wonderful life.  Thanks to you and other rescues, they will have just that.  Thank you for spreading some much needed joy on the board.  May God Bless You, your family and all your horses.  Merry Christmas.  Jamie Gillispie FOB Johnson City, TN

In honor of Bill and Barbaro...........for Eternity

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From: Guest


Thank you!!!!!

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From: Blueshadow5


Great work Margaret, a really good update! Thanks...

How come you are such a good photographer?! I am humbled...

Have a great holiday,


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It is YOU that deserves a pat on the back for helping these horses in need and allowing them to be happy.  Bless you! 
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From: Guest


Thank you for reminding us of what it's all about. Seeing these pictures just made my day.

Thank you for everything you do for the horses!

Happy holidays!


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From: TeresaC14


Thank YOU for the posts and updates and all the work you do for the horses!! Beyonce is looking as beautiful as always. May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!
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WOW!!!  That is great news.  I hope things are looking up for you and I am passing the info on Beyonce around to anyone and everyone...I know there is a perfect family for her somewhere!!!