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OVER THE TOP FOR 1/29/08!   General: Horse-related

Started by Nancy from CT (nancyinct); 21 views.

I am just so proud of you generous people I can hardly contain myself - on Monday Lyn Gilbert will present New Bolton's Laminitis Fund with a check for $7,000 for the "Honoring Barbaro's Life and Legacy" tribute.  A supplement check will be issued later in the week as there are several hundred dollars outstanding and people still requesting to make PayPal donations ( through the 29th!  Although I never posted a goal for this campaign, I did have an "internal goal" of $5,000 which, for a variety of reasons, I wasn't sure we'd attain...SILLY ME!

There are many people to thank, but FIRST on the list is Padme (Lyn Gilbert), who graciously took on the job of Treasurer of this operation!  I kept a spreadsheet of pledges which she had to keep updated with actual funds received...a thankless task for sure!  (This is the second time I've asked her to do this...I dare not press my luck and ask again!)  BRAVA, LYN!  And also I'd like to thank her for taking care of delivering the rose and card to Dr. Kathy Anderson at Fair Hill and, of course, for representing us at New Bolton on Monday.

The following people will receive a white rose in a bud vase with greenery, decorated with ribbons in Lael Stable colors and adorned with an FOB pin, and also a personalized note from me on behalf of the Fans of Barbaro:  Alex (no, he wasn't mentioned before because he's always "snooping around" and we wanted to surprise him); Dr. Anderson; Peter Brette; Eduardo; Michael Matz; Edgar Prado; Dr. Richardson; Dr. Sweeney.  Mr. & Mrs. Jackson will receive a bud vase, decorated in the same way, with two white roses and also one red rose representing Barbaro's Kentucky Derby triumph...

(Updated to include two wonderful people I forgot to mention...I should NEVER try to do something important when I have a fever...)  Special thanks and my gratitude are due to the following people:

Mercy from FL & Bev in SC, for donating the beautiful green/blue rhinestone FOB pins (maybe another fundraiser in the making?)...

Sophie's Lee for his dramatic, understated ideal of "one perfect rose" to symbolize that Barbaro was a perfect specimen of a horse...

Anna from TX for donating the beautiful large note cards on which I wrote messages for the recipients...

Our dear "bird-man" Jake, who kindly translated my message to Eduardo into Spanish to make it "reader-friendly"...

Our dear friends Alie and Rachel at Kennett Florist - it was only in dealing with two florists in Florida and one in Texas who don't know about us that I realized what fantastic customer service we have received from these famblee members for the past 20 months - THEY GET IT!...

Lynda P and Julie Z in TX, for taking care of the presentation to Alex at Sam Houston tonight...

Everyone who bumped this thread, who spread the word through emails, or in any other way served as a tribute cheerleader... 

Sharon C for being sure that the AP article mentioned the presentation at New Bolton on Monday...

And, finally, to all of you who gave from your hearts to help defeat this insidious disease, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done...ALL FOR THE LOVE OF THAT BIG BOSS HORSE!

With heartfelt appreciation and blessings to all of you,


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From: melody1963


I will contibute after the holidays. This is a fantastic idea.
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From: Verna9060


BUMP for a wonderful idea!

From: Guest


Love the idea of a single rose for each of those who were so important to Barbaro's life. I will certainly make a $29 donation to the Laminits Fund. My thoughtful daughter made a donation to the Barbaro Fund as a gift to me for Christmas. True giving from the heart.

Bonnie in Florida

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Bonnie - please email me and let me know if you're contributing via PayPal or snail mail...also your name and screen name - thanks for your interest!


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From: dp356


Bump.  Great idea.
Thanks, Melody!  I know people are tapped out from the holidays now, which I why I started this TODAY so people have up to 4 weeks to plan/budget!