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MHR: Jerri-Apple-Nellie Watch!!   General: Horse-related

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From: MaryLOhio


As many followers of Rosie/Misty thread know there are soon to be 3 new (and possibly pregnant) mares coming soon to Miracle Horse Rescue.  All 3 of these mares were former PMU mares, used only to  be kept pregnant year after year and their Urine collected for making Premarin, a hormone replacement drug for women.    

This was truly an international effort in helping these 3 mares!  People from all over the world have helped fund the effort.    International Blessed Broodmare Project it is called and coordinated in conjunction with  (rescue to rescue).    We will discuss all of their involvement and help as this thread goes along and as we wait for the 3 Mares to come to MHR..  We have many to thank for helping out these (and many other former PMU mares) lovely ladies!!

We thought these 3 BIG Gals needed their own thread for watching and support.   (ahh some more sleepless nights coming up!!)  If they are all pregnant we can expect some BIG foals to drop around May. 

We are seeking Sponsorships and support for these 3 Lovely Lucky Gals as we know  they will need more food than a "normal" pregnant mare and for their unborn foals because of their size.   Any amount will be appreciated and welcomed!  

Once the 3 Mares arrive at MHR they will be checked to see if they are in foal but the chances are high that they are as all spent the spring and summer with Stallions.


Let me Introduce you to the 3 Mares that will be coming to MHR:



She is a 1999  Belgian Mare.  She was used in a PMU Barn.

She spent the spring and summer with Good ole "Jack"
Who would Love to be the Apple of her eye and be a sponsor?

applehead.jpg picture by MaryLOhioapple3.jpg picture by MaryLOhio



jack_sire1.jpg picture by MaryLOhio



Jerri is a 1999 Black Percheron Mare. She was also used in the PMU Barn.

Jerri's Stallion she spent time with is Prens View Congressman
Jerri is looking for a few special sponsors!

jerri_head.jpg picture by MaryLOhioJerri1.jpg picture by MaryLOhio

Jerribill_sire1.jpg picture by MaryLOhio

(the daddy..haha)



Nellie is the oldest of the Mares, she was born in 1990. Nellie is a Black Percheron. and her stallion she spent time with is No other than Jack!. (shown above)

Nellie will also need lots of special TLC as she is nervous and a bit flighty.. If I had to endure what these gals did, I think I would be also! 

Who wants to be Nellie's Sponsor?


nellie_head.jpg picture by MaryLOhionellie3.jpg picture by MaryLOhio


Once the mares are confirmed in foal they will be put on MHR Marestare Cam for Watching and waiting, watching,, 

Please if you would like to help sponsor and help support any of these 3 BIG MARES, please visit MHR website to donate :



I will also use this thread to educate and inform members of this terrible PMU Industry and what these 3 Mares (and many others like them) had to endure.   Thank goodness these 3 mares will never live this life again and will learn compassion, love at MHR, something none of them ever knew in their former lives.   Soon their new life Journey will begin!!!

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From: ceela1


oh, aren't they something!  What color is Apple, Mary?  Is she a gray?  Does the brown face make her a roan?  educate the ignorant please... And what might the color be if she and Jack were 'successful' in their efforts?  8-)




From: MaryLOhio


Her color is called Roan..   on the outskirts of a strawberry Roan, but looks more grey in the body portion.  

Now that I have looked, I am thinking more strawberry Roan, here is a picture of a Straw. Roan:

Now to mix her color with Good Ole Jack, gosh will have to get my daughters genetic/color program from her!   I see a little face behind the one picture of her last foal..  hmm... 

Lot of possibilties with that match up!!

Wonder if the foal will have the Wild locks that Jack has?!!


Julie is sick but I am taking over her something to eat later and will grab her color genetics program and do some figuring what we might have with all of them!


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From: CathyP52


Beautiful, beautiful girls Mary. Thanks so much for bringing the plight of the PMU mares to our attention.

I imagine that these big girls are coveted by the kill buyers for their size as would be their babies. Thank God Stephanie stepped up to provide a safe haven for these mares and for their babies to be born.

I have refused Hormone Replacement Therapy. Sometimes some of the effects are difficult but when I found out about the industry there was no way I was going to support it.


From: myhund



Thank you so much for starting this thread. These mares are just so beautiful and I can't wait until they get to MHR. I know it will be very soon. I would love to be one of the sponsors of Apple. It is fitting that I help with her care, after all I am one of the older ladies who used "her services" for a short time before knowing how the medication was made.  It is the least I can do for her and the others. 

It was such a well kept secret for so many years. So glad the drug companies have stopped this horrible practice.


From: MaryLOhio


Thanks Cathy!  I am thinking while we wait on our girls to arrive, I will do some postings and information on the PMU industry..   Many do not know what these mares and their foals go through!    Even though these 3 are no longer in the industry the "emotional" scars will still be there.  they are only halter broke.   

We know MHR can work magic with them, look at Rosie and how she was when she was rescued..  Stephanie called her the "wild child" for awhile but worked with her every day to get her use to the human touch and love.. just as she will do with these 3 mares.. 

You will have something to LOOK UP to when they get there and will make Dumplin look small !!

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From: MiracleHorse



Thank you for starting this new thread for our BIG GIRLS.  This was truly an effort by so, friends and even from as far away as England.

We will be setting up the complete DOC WILBUR MATERNITY WING sign included designed and made by Paul and Karen Borstad.  The corral panels that are going to be utilized are a much heavier gauge of steel and will be reinforced at all four points so they cannot walk away with their stalls.  Yes, the are large, and the vast majority of their lives have been standing in a small area with equipment attached to them, but we believe in positive, daily interface should be help them on their way to recovery.

We are currently going to need three of the black 40 gallon water barrels and one of the hanging feeders.  These items can be purchased through SHADOW MOUNTAIN FEED directly...775-727-5527 speak with Ron or Patti Cross (owners).

Any assistance towards the care of these girls is greatly appreciated.  They will be Preg Checked once they have settled in, got to check and see which one of our vets has the longest arms and who will need a step stool...LOL.

Thank you to everyone



From: Ro1708



They are something else.  I can't wait to know they are safe with Stephanie and everyone at MHR.


From: sgm1115


I'm so excited they are coming to thier new home at MHR. God speed to these 3 girls. I can hardly wait.

From: MaryLOhio


LOL Stephanie on the long arms..  Do we need to purchase a special step ladder for the vet?   LOL..  

Can you also give an idea on what the vet costs might be for the 3 mares when they arrive and get checked?  Some may want to help out with those costs also.