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Memorial Thread   Barbaro and Family

Started by MaryDS1; 2060 views.

From: MaryDS1


I would like to start a thread where we can post our thoughts to memorialize Barbaro.  In 27 days it will be one year since he left.  I wish I could start this thread with my thoughts - but I can't seem to get them together yet.   I will post his beautiful picture to start.

Love you forever horse

Edit:  January 28, 2008   My thoughts for Barbaro 

Dearest Prince

You changed my life forever.  Because of you I am with sweet Sherman.  His spirit is so dear..... He too knows the fight for survival.  Thank you for this gift.  I know that you know each other.  Sometimes Barbaro, the look in his eye……..  and I remember. 

I believe you called each one of us to this place, and we responded with no thought of why.  We were connected and knew it – at a heart level we connected.  You stirred emotions deep inside – emotions that had been buried.  For some, they had not prayed, or turned to God in many years.  They did now – for you – for the love of you.  For others, long ago dreams of the horse resurfaced – and we remembered the magic and wonder of the Spirit of The Horse – because of you.  We became like-minded – and we were warrior spirits - linked with one purpose.  To lift you up – to support you through your healing – with our prayers, our thoughts, our visions of wholeness.  I do not know why that was not to be – the mystery of spirit.


When you left, lives were changed again.  Still others came in – a different vibration was needed to fight horse slaughter, rescue horses – face that kind of darkness.  More warrior spirits – and all coming to do the work in your name.  And so we go on…… The connection to you will never end.  Whether it was made that day in May, or a month ago.


Your spirit guides me Barbaro – and we are still connected – spirit to spirit…..  You’ve changed my life forever, and I will never be the same.  You have my heart, my love, and my undying gratitude.


I believe you will return – I don’t think you were finished – not by a long shot.  I will wait for you my friend - and I will recognize you - just as you recognized me.


Love you forever horse



ETA multiple times - I had to go back and recapture the photos when I brought the thread back in 2009 - and I am not very good at posting the photos.....sorry




B1atKeeneland.jpg Barbaro at Keeneland picture by msomano



Barbaroshead.jpg picture by msomano


Barbaro-2.jpg picture by msomano

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From: Guest


Thank you Barbaro for bringing us together. To save  horses from slaughter, to try and make racing safer for other TBs and to help out rescues all over the country.




From: ChampFan06


a noble endeavor--thanks for this tribute photo of the great Champ of '06. to be honest, i am like you--i cannot seem to put my words on e-paper just yet. but will , eventually, before the dreaded anniversary comes.

From: JeriC27


Thank you for the beautiful picture of our Forever Horse.

I too cannot seem to express my feelings as yet - miss him so yet am in awe of what we have all accomplished in his memory.



From: Barbarolvr


Thank you Mary for giving us another opportunity to tell the beautiful one how much we still love and miss him.
That beautiful picture brought tears my eyes again, and like the rest of the F.O.B.s, I will have to get my thoughts together to put to paper how much this magnificent animal means to me.
Right now, the picture is all I need to once again reflect.....

Forever in my heart Barbaro,


From: pepsmom1


Isn't it ironic? - all of us are having difficulty expressing our thoughts and feelings about this wonderful animal who has changed our lives so very much.

I've been attempting to write something for several weeks for the next issue of our Midwest FOB newsletter - and I simply cannot find the correct words to express what's there. Maybe because it's just overwhelming - there's SO MUCH there!

This is an outstanding idea, however, and perhaps as we read the tributes from other FOBs, our words, too, will begin to flow.

No matter what, it's always such a pleasure to see that beautiful face.

Love forever, beautiful horse.

Sally in Indy


From: sova53


Thank you Mary for starting...

I know that day in and day out I would go to the net, type in BARBARO just to see if there was any news on his progress.  In June and July I didn't know about the wonderful group of people already here. Watching and praying for this big Bay who seemed to look at you and say "I love you and I know you love me".  It seemed by reports that at least Barbaro would be able to go home, even if only for a while.  That prospect just lifted me to such happy heights. 

Yet, the Good Dr. kept trying to keep us in the right prospective.  I just really liked being on the positive thought that home with the Jackson's and Michaeland Peter taking care of him is where Barbaro should be. . .  Dreams and wishes..... 

The week-end before the rug was pulled out from under us all,  after his last surgery, I thought this champion deserves to run and enjoy green pastures and enjoy being a horse.  

It's taken all this time to realize that now, he is doing just that.  Tears flow very easy when I think of Barbaro.  I have books that I can't read without overflowing, tapes and DVD's that I sometimes can watch.  Just not often. 

Barbaro has lead me to avenues of helping his fellow horses, loving, wonderful people and a new beginning.

Thank you, carleen



From: Ernie586


A picture is worth a thousand words.
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From: Guest


Amost one year later, and there is still much to accomplish in honor of the BIG BOSS HORSE. 

We continue to fight the good fight on the issues of horse slaughter, laminitis, rescue and other concerns that he brought to light.

Barbaro’s Legacy a voice for the horse.

Michelle GBI NE OH


MOUTHSS……………..Marching on until the horse slaughter stops.


From: Kbuckeye1


Barbaro--You have become so much more important than any Triple Crown winner. You have become the champion to galvanize us to end horse slaughter and laminitis, and to better the lives of all creatures. You have united a group of strangers in a common bond of understanding, purpose, and love. We have become the Fans of Barbaro--the people who "get it."

All this because of one magnificent bay horse who taught us all how to fight with grace. We love you, B. We always will.........

(tears falling again......)

Kathy, Cinnamon, and Leah