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Horses here from CO rescue"going under"   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


We have two ponies here from the Animal Angels Horse "Rescue" in Wellington, CO.

We personally negotiated one pony mare's release from the rescue itself this last Sat- she is about 200 lbs under weight and full of worms- this is a mare that the owner has had for 3 years-  she is not a new rescue that needed rehab as the owner is claiming in her excuses as to why the other horses are so thin.

Her colt had been seized by the sheriff but is actually in better physical shape- we went ahead and took him too so that they could be together. 

Beautiful blue roan matched pair- We named them Chica and Max- I will post pictures as soon as I can-

They need sponsors- we have started them on free choice grass with a little bit of alfalfa and Equine Sr- gradually increasing the Sr until weight begins to come back. They have not lifted their heads from the hay and water since they came in!! Warm and toasty in their blankets in our sub zero temps, they are so sweet and loving.  At the facility they were at, they were fighting for hay and would lay their ears back at people that approached. Have not done that once since they have been here.

$20 will buy them a bag of feed for the month and $50 would help to cover their vet costs-  We are hoping to raise $500 to cover their costs of rehab and rehoming if they don't end up working well with the underprivileged kids and families that we have here. 

The buckskin mare that started the whole internet grass roots movement to get these horses off this property before more died, is coming in two weeks.  She will need more long term care as she was extremely emaciated and on the edge of death.  We will be continuing her care and rehab here following up on the excellent job that CO Horse Rescue has done.  She will then become a part of our program as well.  Her name is Cheyenne.

It is amazing the power that healed horses can have on broken and hurting people!!

If you would like to donate to one of these horses care, you can via Paypal, on our website at  or you can mail to the address provided below.

We are a 501c3 and would be happy to provide a receipt for your donation.  If you would like more info about our organization and what we do, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share with you. 

There is also a little jack mini donkey still left on the property- he is part of the "petting zoo" and is very thin.  We really need to get him off this propery and away from this situation but we did not have enough funds to negotiate his release.

His name is Paco and his fee is $250. 

I am torn, like many, in paying money to a woman who is not feeding her animals, but the bottom line is the safety and health of the guys.  If we can redeem them, than they can get the care and love that they need right away.  Waiting for the sheriff to seize them will only cause them more harm- they will only be cold and hungry longer. 

We have had sub zero temps here and all the "petting zoo" animals are crowded in one tiny shelter for warmth with each other and are eating straw.  They did at least have water.  There is a calf, the jack, 3 sheep, about 15 goats and a pig.  The jack and 2 sheep are the only ones that she will part with for now.

We are amazed at the power of this forum and the good that you have already done to help these horses and other animals.  It was your direct response to the call for help that propelled the authorities into action.  Thank you!

Josie Gwin   

Wild Horse Hope Ministries 

66359 State Hwy 14 New Raymer, CO 80742

303-552-8056- cell 

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From: Guest


Bump.  Please save the little donkey :(

I will mail a check on Friday........$50 towards his rescue.  I will also sponsor the horses in your care for $25 mo. until they are adopted out....starting Feb. 1. 

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From: Guest


Thank you!!  Gotta run out and do chores- still -4  degrees out but wanted to send a quick thanks-

I may list the little jack seperately just so that he gets more exposure- he really needs to be gotten out of there- you can see his entire spine even though he has a big belly- needs to be wormed- comes right to the fence and "talks" to you! =)

Should hear more today about any further charges against this lady and whether or not she has posted bond on the second group of horses that were seized-  She says that she is getting her horses back and wants to keep at least one of her jacks for breeding (she has 2)!  One was already seized.  We are hoping that her legal proceedings go down hill enough this week that she will release Paco. 

We will hold your check for adoption for him until we find out all the details- if we raise the money and can offer her cash, she may be desperate enough to take it.

Appealing to her to get care for the animals does not work as she does not see them as being mistreated.  She is really very mentally ill and it becomes very evident the more that you talk to her.  Smiling, nodding and getting the animals out of there as fast as possible is the only way to work!



Will get pics of Chica and lil Max up today-

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From: Guest


Wow, I am glad to see you got one more from her. I went by 2 Saturdays ago and saw hay being unloaded, and this Saturday I saw the sheriff's work crew out there. They are keeping a close eye on the situation. I'm only a few blocks away.

Since the colt was seized, he is not for adoption and is still owned by the sheriff, correct? My friend who is fostering one horse is receiving $10/day for feed and care for the horse, and all the medications, deworming, and vet bills are paid by the sheriff. The money came from Alesha's bond money. I hope the sheriff offered you this same deal with the colt!

I hope they are thriving at your facility! I beleive there are only a handful of ponies and a mule still left at her farm. I know several people who have done what you have done, and since bought animals that needed help that were left at her facility. My only hope is that she doesn't raise enough money from this to be able to post bond again, and keep ownership of the animals. I doubt she will use the money for bond on the horses... she will probably use it for manicures and custom gifts for her parents as she did in the past! The sheriff has assured me that they will not hesitate to issue search warrants to seized neglected animals if the conditions are not improving... and they are keeping an eye on her by going there every Saturday with the inmate work crew and helping feed/water/clean up.


Wiki Page for CTR

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From: CherylJone2


BUMP FOR THE LITTLE JACK BABY   what is cuter than a baby donkey? 

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From: trackbrat3


Okay, I ponied up $15. Sorry it couldn't be more. Hope it helps.
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WendyinMI (wendrew)

From: WendyinMI (wendrew)


We have a fund raising rule here that you need to create a wiki page and have a link to your wiki as part of your signature. 

you'll have to join wiki (it's free) and I already set up a page for you (  just click on the edit tab and you can type in your information.

Thanks for your help.




From: Guest


Sorry! Did not know this- I created an account- what needs to be on there?

I read some of the intro stuff for creating a page, but wow, i am very computer illiterate and did not understand half of what was said.

Stuff about our organization, horses that we have, what we do, etc?

Thanks for your time!


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From: MaryLOhio


Going to set you up a user page, give me a minute!