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Windchill Fundraiser! 3/4/08-3/19/08   General: Horse-related

Started by Laurie__MN; 604 views.

From: Laurie__MN


Announcing a Fundraiser for


The Windchill Foundation


Hello Fans,


The idea for this fundraiser originated with the concept of raising money to help with expenses toward caring for Windchill. Sadly, those needs are past…


But, as with Barbaro, I am sooo inspired by Windchill and his amazing spirit and strong sense of determination…not to mention the ever-so-kind hearted people in Windchill’s life during and after his rescue.


The people in both Barbaro’s and Windchill’s life are extraordinary and continue the parallel in these two horses lives…


(Whew, I'll be honest, I've never done this before so, I'm nervous...)



Please allow me to explain this fundraiser!


The prize package includes...


1.  A twin sized (66"x90") super-soft ivory blanket!

     *The description states "Sher-plush Sherpa Micromink" fabric


The blanket has a message from Barbaro...embroidered in nearly tone-on-tone thread, it states:




Love, Barbaro xxoo





I have always had a love of blankets. After all, I'm a Minnesota Gal! But, my love of soft, comfy blankets goes beyond the cure for the surface chill... When a blanket is offered with love, care and compassion, it warms the recipient from the inside out.


It warms the heart instantly. The cares and concerns melt away. Recovery and rest now take hold as you fall into the serenity of knowing you are loved...


From the last night at New Bolton, when all of his Fans were in his stall and offering him their beautiful blankets, Barbaro has many blankets and it seems that each one is his favorite...and now with Windchill, who knows the special blessings of a loving blanket standing beside him, they want you to feel the love that a special blanket offers...


2.  A tub of Stud Muffins!

     *Barbaro's favorite!


3.  A brand new copy of Angel Horses!

    *Written by Minnesota authors Allen & Linda Anderson


4. & 5. A Bottle of Red Wine and Chocolate!


    *Leslie in MN has ADDED to this package!! Yes, ADDED!

    She has made it clear that anyone who wins this prize package and is

    cuddled up under this super-soft warm blanket, curled up with a

    wonderful book and having just treated special horses in their life, will

    want a glass of red wine and nibble on chocolate!




The prize package will be raffled off and the winning name

will be drawn on

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008.


And, the Special Guest that will be drawing the Winner's name will be.....Montego!


She will be wearing her new pink "Princess" halter with Swarovski gems and will pick the name out of her pink grooming bucket! (She's always trying to get her nose in there anyway, why not give her a reason!)


I do not have a PayPal account (I’m sorry!) so the donations will need to be made by either check or money order to:


Laurie Hrdlichka

P.O. Box 1472

Winona, MN 55987

(This is the corrected number 3/04/08)


The deadline for the postmarked donations is

Monday, March 17th, 2008.


The price is $5.00 per ticket!


100% of the proceeds will be proudly donated

to The Windchill Foundation


The Minnesota Fans of Barbaro hope to personally deliver the total donation check to Raindance Farm...only when it is the right time and moment for them.






 Okay, does that address every detail? I am going to take pictures of the package and ask, beg and/or plead with Mary L. in Ohio to post the pictures for me...or, I mean, for Windchill.


Thank you for your time in checking out this Fundraiser for the Windchill Foundation.


I appreciate it very much and I wish everyone the best luck with this raffle! (Someone is holding up horseshoes for luck...Honey...!)


Good night!


Laurie H. in MN xxoo




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From: Laurie__MN


BUMPING for Windchill!

From: LindaVA3


I will be honored to participate.  Thanks for doing this.

Looks Great Laurie....cant wait for the photos! 


EVERYONE!  Wait until you see this fantastic warm and plush blanket that Laurie has envisioned and created for this Fundraiser for the Windchill Foundation. This is an Extremely Unique item and is not available anywhere but HERE!

 This blanket will envelop you in the love and warmth that WINDCHILL knew in his happiest days.  And each time you touch the soft nap of its fabric, you will be reminded of Laurie H's nightly tuck in's to Barbaro and many others in need as only she could.

PLease consider purchasing the raffle chances to win this wonderful prize package and enable  the Fans of Barbaro be among the first to offer funding to THE WINDCHILL FOUNDATION.

Leslie in MN

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From: Guest


Laurie ~ My check goes out in tomorrow's mail In Loving Memory of Windchill. Thank you for doing this.



From: Suinmich


Count me in...will mail my check in the AM. Thank you for starting this for the foundation for precious Windchill. I know he,like Barbaro, is ACN. I will never forget him either.

FOBs really do "get it",


blue-linked to ABR, which I will continue to do several times a day ~ especially since there isn't much time for this effort!

We need both "halves of the family" to make this a success!


From: Laurie__MN


Thank you soooo much Nancy!

The Minnesota FOB's considered making the fundraiser run longer but we didn't want to intrude at all with the Good Friday/Easter weekend holiday. We hope this meets with everyone's approval...

And thank you to everyone for your kind words and participation with this fundraiser...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxoo

Much love,

Laurie H. in MN

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Laurie - here's my theory: we actually have 3 FOB families - forum only, ABR only, and people that go back and forth.

So blessedly since Debbie L.A. taught me how to blue-link, I can try to make sure that everyone "over there" gets the news of what's happening "over here."


From: Laurie__MN


Yes Nancy, you are sooo right. In fact, the Board is actually "home" to me. I visit here and fly back "home" most every day!

Thank you for your help Nancy. Thank you so much!

Much love,

Laurie H. in MN