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AZ Rescue in Dire Straits   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Barb AZ (bkbeck51); 37 views.
Barb AZ (bkbeck51)

From: Barb AZ (bkbeck51)



I received this sad note today. I also got an update from Jim. He says he thinks he may make it through this, but please consider helping him out.

Thanks. Barb AZ


I hate to have to write this, but there is no other option.

We are broke.

We have a grand total of $2922.79 in the bank & I have $303 in my
pocket. That's it. We're in very real danger of going under in the next
few days.

Here are our fixed average monthly expenses:

Hay $ 1800
Grain 450
Waste 650
Labor 2240
Vet 1000
Farrier 200

Total $ 6120

The revenues we can count on come from our boarders, training & a few
lessons. That comes to $1520 a month. So we must rely on contributions,
donations, sales of t-shirts & horse paintings to generate the
difference & make up the shortfall - if you do the math, that comes to $4600 a
month. We're not even close to that number yet. So we need an
additional $4600 a month to break even.

As you can see by the numbers above, we don't have enough money to last
another month.

Our new website has begun to generate interest & we've taken in $225
via PayPal in the last 5 days. That is extremely promising but still a
drop in the bucket compared to what we need.

We have a number of grant proposals under consideration but those won't
be decided upon for several months & then we don't know if we'll
receive any or not. We're confident we will, but we can't count on it. The
"My Hometown Helper" program that so many of you have written
wonderful comments on (tears stream down my cheeks each time I read them) won't
be decided upon until mid-May. Our next 'open barn' (which always
generates some $$) isn't until April 12th. We can't make it that long.

We have other plans in place that we are confident will bear fruit as
well (& don't forget, we only got our IRS non-profit status 6 weeks
ago), but it's our estimate that those will take 3-4 months to generate
real substantial dollars.

As you can see, we are in desperate need of money to tide us over the
next 4 months - a total of $18,400.

Natch, none of that includes a nickel for me. What isn't reflected in
any of the numbers above is the $25 a day I spend on food & supplies
for Mikey & me & 10 lbs. of carrots for 'the kids'. That's it.

Here's the bottom line.....if we don't take in nearly $5000 right away
- & nearly $20,000 over the next 4 months, we have to close. Actually,
if we don't get the $5000 right NOW, we won't make it to months 2, 3 &

I lie awake at night in panic wondering what might happen to all these
horses if that comes to pass. I can't bear the thought. This is my
family & I'm in very real danger of losing them forever. Very real
danger. And if I lose them, I may be lost, too. I've been sober for nearly
five years & it's these horses that have kept me that way. I am
scared like I've never been scared in my life. And I'm being as serious as a
heart attack.

I implore you. I beg of you. Help us survive. We'll worry about
thriving when our plans have had time to gain the traction I know they

This has been one of the hardest notes I've ever had to write. Because
so many of you have already done so much for us. And it ain't easy to
tell your friends you're on the verge of being beaten. And it's a
helluva lot harder for me to even think of the consequences if we don't
raise some money right now.

Please, go to our website & donate what you can via the PayPal option -
that money goes directly into our bank account. And we need it right

I don't know what else to say but thank you. And ask you to pass this
email on to as many people as you possibly can. I promise to keep you
posted on a very regular basis as to where we stand financially. You
guys are welcome to know every nickel we take in & every nickel we

Because it's ALL for the horses. Please...Save...The...Horses!!!

Jim Gath
Rancho Tierra Madre
27115 N. 45th St.
Cave Creek, AZ 85331



From: Guest


Hi Barb,

I lived in Cave Creek with my horses when I lived in AZ. I left in 2003, so never met Jim. Sounds like a great guy. Have you met he and his horses?


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Barb AZ (bkbeck51)

From: Barb AZ (bkbeck51)


Hi Lynne! Cave Creek is a beautiful area. I didn't know you lived there!

I have NOT been out to Jim's place yet. Too many kids, horses and things to do with kids and horses!

We met online, and I told him I would help him out. He seems like a good guy.


From: MaryAinMI


Isn't this the fellow that posted some kind of statement or issue discussion on Craig's List a couple months back - a honestly can't remember what it was about.  A link was posted to the "ad" here on ABR I think.

From: Guest


Do you know how he has been paying the bills up until now?  I count about 20 rescue horses listed on his website.  That's a lot of mouths to feed.

From: annielouky



their website states they are a 501c3, however they are not listed on Guidestar.

There is a horse rescue in Cave Creek called Horse Rescue of North Scottsdale. Phone number : 602-689-8825.

Just to make sure this request is legit, maybe you can contact them and see if they know about Sierra Madre. Perhaps they could even help in some way.




From: Guest


Hi Annie!

I read his website and his post. It seems he has only been a 501c3 for about 6 weeks? Possibly why he is not listed in Guidestar.

Also, on his website he talked about raising funds for the horse rescue in North Scottsdale ( i have heard of them) with his horse paintings. The horses doing the painting! maybe they know of him.


Barb AZ (bkbeck51)

From: Barb AZ (bkbeck51)


Yes, he is! That is how I met him. He is concerned about all the horses the rescues can't take. He is NOT pro-slaughter, just pointing out that ALL the rescues need help. He turned out to be a pretty nice guy.
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Barb AZ (bkbeck51)

From: Barb AZ (bkbeck51)


I know he has taken several in recently, because some irresponsible owners have turned their horses loose. It is SO stupid. But Jim has taken several in. I think his population has gone up. I will try to get some of these answers from him, OK?

From: Guest


That would be great, thanks!