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Horses In Need-California   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


On or about 3/17/08 we received a phone call from a lady named Fran asking us if we were in a position to take in two Arabian mares.  Fran had previously placed her horses with Free Spirit Arabians/ Pat Bain Montes which was supposed to be a sanctuary for Arabian horses.  The story was that the ‘owner’ of the sanctuary was going through a divorce, could no longer care for the horses and they needed to rehomed.  Subsequent research indicates  that all the horses on the property are in dire need of help and that these horses have been lacking proper care for quite some time.


TIER was not in a position to bring more horses in so we contacted Carol Darnell who is well known in the Arabian community as an advocate for rescue.  Carol then began to network with her contacts and Fran.  Marci de la Torre, owner of Pegasus Park Arabians, Temecula, CA, agreed to go pick up the horses and provide a safe haven for them.  Marci made arrangements with the sanctuary to pick up the horses the weekend of March 21st .


Marci arrived to find the two mares, Fatimar & Penny in terrible condition and the remaining 12 horses also in need of help. Two of the horses were blanketed in order to camouflage their terrible condition.  Fatimar was one of the mares covered with a blanket.  Marci took Fatimar & Penny to her home where they are now safe and already responding.  However; there are still horses on the property in need. 


For the rest of the story & pictures, please go to:


contact info:



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From: Blueshadow5


Where exactly are the horses right now that still need help? Rough area is fine...
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From: midknight1


Bumping up for help - these poor horses are emaciated.


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From: Guest


Bumping up -
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At this point, the horses are still in desperate need of a veterinary evaluation to include pregnancy checks for the mares, getting the grossly neglected feet trimmed and on their way to recovery, worming, and simply good nutrition, the upcoming expenses to successfully rehabilitate these horses will be significant.

The feed store in Inyokern, CA is accepting phone-in or cash contributions.  The Guard has reached out to other arabian clubs, encouraging them to participate. People in the Inyokern area are pitching in both monetarily and offering much needed labor.  TIER has offered to accept donations designated for the InyoHorses through the paypal account.  Much needs to be done.  Funds for hay, vet bills, pelleted feed for those unable to eat hay, vitamins & medication are very much needed.  Please help us help these horses return to health!!

ALL of the horses have mouth sores, most likely because what hay they had been getting was full of foxtails.

For the more of the story & pictures, please go to:


contact info:


True Innocents Equine Rescue (T.I.E.R)
7900 Limonite Ave., Ste. G, #278
Riverside, CA 92509
Checks, Money Orders, Donated Items-indicate InyoHorses]

Be sure to put as your referral and Paypal will donate $5 to TIER!
Ace Hardware/Feed
6259 Inyokrn Rd, Inyokern, CA
(760) 377-4571  (indicate funds are for the rescued Arabians)


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From: okccarol


FYI - the vet has examined and evaluated the horses, which are now in Inyokern, and felt that they were making an exceptional recovery.  Only one of the mares exposed to the unregistered stallion is in foal, thankfully.  Farrier is next on the agenda.  We have a long road ahead, but we are making progress and will continue doing so with everyone's help.

From: Guest


Bumping up for these horses
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From: Audreyd11


There are 2 threads for these horses, so I think I will consolidate and use this one. The

authorities did serve the owner of the horses will a 2 day notice, and on the sencond day a

lady by the name of Gail reed went over to the ranch where the arabians were, and the lady

handed them over. Gail quickly jumped on this rescue, and took all 12 surviving horses (2

had died prior to rescue) to her house. She has been able to find foster homes for 8 and

she has four. They are all doing well and have started to gain weight. The women who

took these horses in are not rescues and do not have funding. They are finding it difficult

to keep up with the bills. They need $800 for a squeeze of orchard grass, and a few

hundred for pellets and senior for the older horses. Shots, chiropractic work and farrier

are also needed. You may make a donation via T.I.E.R. Please visit their website for

updated photos also. You may also donate directly to the feed store.

T.I.E.R. currnetly have $275 in donations for them and Saving Horses, Inc will be able to

donate $250. So that's $525 we have towards the $800 for the hay.

Any donations greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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From: Audreyd11


Please donate to help these poor Arabians that were starved. Gail told me that they were

having trouble eating the first couple of days and when she looked in their mouths poor

things had so many foxtails, their mouths were too sore to be able to eat the hay!!

All foxtails have since been removed. Poor babies!!

You may make a donation via TIER>

Still in need of another $275 towards the cost of a sqeeze of hay.

Money also needed for pellets and senior feed. You may donate to the feed store directly.

Monet for farrier, shots etc.. also may be donated via TIER website.

Let's help these women out who so kindly took in these horses in need.