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Cozee Valee Updates!   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 4/27/08 by Guest; 6 views.

From: Guest


Hello Everyone :)

Ok here I go and I pray this PC allows me to finish.....LOL! Please share this thread with anyone you know that likes the updates from CVRS as I did not add this to the original Charlee thread under horse rescue.

First off I want you all to know that I apologize for not having new updates here or on our website. Unfortunetly my rescue computer has crashed for the 2nd time in just a week. The first time I lost every single thing that was on it as the hard drive was wiped clean. All my spreadsheets, pictures and files for the rescue POOFED :( I know sooner got it home from the first repair, reloaded all the things I needed and just my bad luck the hard drive crashed AGAIN.....arrrgh! Needless to say my goo-roo knows I am not happy. He has had the computer almost a week and I have not heard from him yet. So if anyone has contacted me and not heard from me, it is because my email accounts were set up on the other computer and I lost all of those. I had to add the accounts on here so I have only received emails from the past couple days. I am now using this very old PC and as I said, I just pray each time I use it that is lets me finish. Now on to the UPDATES! Our vet will be out in a couple of weeks to do vaccines and check everyone's teeth. I called our vet for pricing and at this point we are looking at $75.00 per horse for vaccines and $75.00 for those that have dental work done so a total of $150.00 per horse! I will let everyone know how that goes ;) The farrier has been here many times in the past few months so each time a couple of horses get done. On his next visit he will trim Breeze and Ladee, that should be it for awhile as everyone has had their trim. At this point Charlee's feet are still in great shape so he won't be trimmed until a later date ;)

SIR CHARLES ~ This pony is just such a joy. He is doing alot better now and has tons of energy. He has been bucking, kicking and cantering around like a youngster. Although I will say that from the day he arrived I noticed his right knee didn't seem quite right and now that he has the energy to move around he is lame at the trot. Being concerned I called his previous owner, Sue to inquire about the knee. Sue told me that when he went to Brooke's place (where Steph picked him up) he was fine and not lame at all. I was then told (just for the record I was not told previously) by Sue that Charlee had broken his shoulder prior to Sue buying him. Charlee was kept in a stall for 6 months because the woman that owned it at the time could not afford for him to go to New Bolton. I believe they had him in some kind of traction and all exams showed he was as good as new. It is my opinion that he will probably have some arthritis in that shoulder at some point and I will have to watch for any discomfort. I am not sure what is wrong with his knee but there is very minimal heat and he walks and canters just fine but he is, as I said lame at the trot most of the time. Who knows if that may be the cause of him coming to CVRS. At this point I don’t think we will ever know the truth as to why poor Charlee ended up in the condition he did BUT he is here now and loving life again! Since it is staying some what warmer in the evenings I will be clipping his legs as he has the thickest/longest coat I have ever seen! Charlee has the run of this place, as did our precious and sadly missed Sasha. The older ponies crawl right in my heart and if I could afford more, I would have them :)  He are a few recent pics of Sir Charles after being in the creek. He is getting himself in trouble for leaning over the fence! We have him in our goat/sheep pasture because it is empty and Charlee realizes he can just hang over the fence and get the greener grass......he now has free roaming all over the place thus saving him from bending over the fencing. Hey Aunt Jamie & Linda J you need to come visit as Charles needs a good grooming....he is really shedding!

April22Charlee11.jpg picture by CozeeValeeRescue

April23Charlee2.jpg picture by CozeeValeeRescue

April23Charlee3.jpg picture by CozeeValeeRescue

BREEZE ~ Oh poor Weezy has been through a lot in the past couple of months. We kept her casts on for about 6 weeks and they were removed last week. It was a job getting them off but Glace was finally able to remove them. Breeze’s feet grew a lot and you could see where the bruising had grown out. There was one place on her left front sole that was nasty looking but it was in fact a bruise that had grown out. It did have a little bit of blood but as I said it was old and part of the growing process. I was advised to keep her foot cleaned out every day and to spray iodine on that area. Breeze is allowed out all the time now so the ring is her new paddock ;) Glace, his students (he has a farrier school) and I were very surprised at that way Breeze walked off after the casts were removed. Now she doesn’t have the prettiest gait but at least she is walking on her own and not down in her stall like previously. Every day that Breeze is walking around and even giving ...[Message truncated]
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From: Snudgie


Thank you for the update, Beth.  :) 
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From: LindaJ56


Hey Beth!

Charlee Pony looks so GOOD - what a bad boy he is about that fence LOL!

Those are great pictures, thanks for keeping all of us updated - Mr. Charlee has lots of fans right here in Minnesota!

Talk later - will bring you up to speed on my latest "accident" he he! Hint: does not involve electricity, like the fence at Raindance did!!

Linda J., Minneapolis  :)

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From: Guest


Lucee and Moosee Goosee
Sammee and Suzee Goosee
Fluffee and Silkee


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From: Weldon54


LOL! That ever elusive greener grass on the other side of the fence gets a boy into trouble!!! And who could resist a good creek splashin'????

He looks so sweet. It's good to see our Charlee so happy.

Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear that you are having computer problems.



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From: Brite91


Charlee looks so good Beth...and happy!  I like the old guys too.  They just cling to my heart.   I'm glad Breeze is doing well now too! 



From: Guest


Hey Bev :)

I got your email and will reply after I get back from taking Bry to school. Thank you about Charlee and Breeze. I so enjoy tending to the elderly ponies. It makes me feel so good when I look out and see a once frail pony who could barely stand go running and throwing in a few bucks ;) I wish the economy would ease up (no luck I know) so it would make things easier to help more ponies.

Hope the handbags are selling ;)


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From: Brite91


He just looks so happy :-)  It is a good feeling to see them thrive again.  I wish more people would be responsible so we didn't have to choose which ones we help.  And the economy is working against everyone right now. 

From: Guest


Thanks Bev :) The economy makes me sick to my stomach! They are making it so hard to not only care for our families but all the animals too......what a shame. It doesn't look like congress is going to do anything about it, then again, they are making plenty of money so, in my opinion it doesn't seem to matter to them :(