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The REAL story of the Sugarcreek 6!!   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: onthebit1



Attatched is the REAL story of how the Sugarcreek Six were saved on April 11th, 2008.  Anne Russek (aka "Angel") and I were not at liberty to reveal the actual events surrounding this rescue, until HBO had released their announcement of their upcoming documentary on Thoroughbred racehorses being sent to slaughter.

The attatched article entitled "How Luck and a Village Saved the Sugarcreek Six" is but the first article we will publish detailing our work on this most timely and critical HBO documentary.

The article is long, but well worth the read. The true identies of our Sugarcreek Six are included, along with details describing how they ended up being sold to slaughter at Sugarcreek. 

THANK YOU all for supporting the Sugarcreek Six!!



Gail,  I started to read the artcile, but could not compete it.  I just can handle any more sadness with horses.  It is making me sick again, just like it did when Barbaro died.  Some days I am ready to put my head back in the sand and hide from this, like most people do.  But I am glad the story will be told on HBO.

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I cannot find the words to say to all of you, other than a million thanks. Especially to Anne, Becky, Rachel and all who were courageous enough to do this.

I do hope that this true and factual account of what really happens at these straight to kill auctions dispel the rumors and myths that kb's do not pay $500 plus dollars for horses going to kill. 

We had to pay over $500 for the STB's we pulled from the 'straight to kill' pen at Shepsy Good Friday save.






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I felt the same way, but I have just read it completely.. there is a happy ending in  that the TB's they were looking for were found, and saved, and others were also saved.


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Deb,  Thanks maybe I can bring myself to read it in the near future.  The last month or so has had to many sad losses.  I lost my heart dog, Tommy and one of my good friends lost her her heart dog Bryndle.  The list goes on and the with the loss of Eight Belles, I have just been sick over it all.  When I just think of the fear these horse go through as they are being shuffled around before their deaths, I get really depressed.

From: betonbill



A wonderful article.  Thanks for doing what you did and thanks for writing about it.  I guess I'll have to go out and rent HBO for the next week or two.  Thanks again for writing about it--there is definitely power in the written word. 

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Wow...this is such a hard read, but necessary to understand exactly how some of these trainers could care less about these horses that give their heart and soul to race. I will most definitely be sharing this information with folks in Texas.
Le Ann (LeAnnBox)

From: Le Ann (LeAnnBox)


Just when I thought I could cry no more...

From: really920


Just to clarify:

If you already have HBO you do not have to pay preview to watch Real Sports it will be part of your HBO line up!!!