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The Chey/Annie Project update (SPECIAL!)   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by BQualset; 77 views.

From: BQualset


Hi everyone,

I know that the update is late going out (usually it goes out by the 20th!), but I was waiting on some special information to share with everyone.

The First Sling for the Chey/Annie Project is being purchased!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc at Harmony Farm (Poulsbo, WA) will be the very first recipient of a sling for our project.  They contacted me a few months ago about raising the funds privately to purchase the sling through the Chey/Annie Project.  They worked with two wonderful Girl Scout Troops (I will have more details for the official announcement later on!) who raised the funds to purchase the sling.  Allen Warren (from Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc at Harmony Farm) has offered to share the information on the badging ceremony that they did with the girl scouts to raise the funds if anyone is interested. 

This is a fantastic day for The Chey/Annie Project, Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc, and for the horses that will be helped with this sling. 

I am looking forward to the day that slings can be placed in more rescues nationwide.

Well, that is all for now.  The official announcement will go out as soon as the sling arrives at Horse Harbor Foundation, Inc.  I asked Allen to please take pictures when it arrives and am looking forward to sharing them with everyone!

Plus, the latest updated totals are on the website along with the current accounting info.  (they were current as of the regular date....I will update them again on June 18th or so.)

From: midknight1


Great news Brandi.  This is such a worthwhile project.  I hope that many more states will be able to raise the funds so that a sling can be available to local rescues in times of need.