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Chelokee   Horse Racing

Started 6/12/08 by lawrek2; 195 views.

From: lawrek2


Just received an e-mail from R & R on Chelokee, I didn't know if anyone had posted on this or not:


June 9, 5pm


We took Chelokee’s cast off this afternoon and plan on leaving it off, with only bandage support.  This is the last critical transition.  It will be harder for him than most horses with a fetlock arthrodesis because of the amount of damage he did to the ligaments supporting the pastern.  As you know we augmented them with the polyethylene prosthetic ligament, but it is not nearly as good as the real thing, so we have to depend on the tissue to heal as will.  This is why when the reporters keep saying, “but he has no fracture” I have to keep reminding them that I would prefer to treat the injuries with a fracture, because you don’t have to depend on the healing process as much when you have a fracture, because you can control the bio-mechanics with the fracture better than the loss of ligamentous support. 


His fetlock looks great radiographically.  The radiographs show the implants are all  solid and in place and the bone is fusing as we need to happen.  He has a little more sag to the back of his pastern than two weeks ago, but this is expected, and is the result of the stress we have been putting on the joint with the cast with the toe out, and the walking he has been doing.  This will occur in all cases as the pastern takes some of the stress of motion normally taken up by the now fused fetlock joint.  He stands well, but is sore to walk because of the re-mobilization.  However, this should improve in the next few days because we already had him out of the cast between cast changes and he has mobilized the healing tendons once before, as we discussed.


We re-radiographed the LF foot and it shows no signs of problems.  The incisions remain well healed.  The area of the skin slough behind the pastern is covered with healthy granulation tissue.  We can begin drying this up now that we are out of the cast. 


The next few days are important and I will keep you posted because we will be asking the ligaments and tendons to adjust to movement without a fetlock joint, and are increasing the stress on the pastern joint preparing it for what is in the future.


Overall I am pleased, but we can’t breathe easy until we make this last adaptation.


Larry Bramlage, DVM





From: staycool4



Thank you for posting this! My prayers for Chelokee will continue!

Thank you to Dr. Larry Bramlage for this excellent report!



From: LindaVA3


Thanks for posting this.  We'll continue to pray for Chelokee's full recovery.
this is good news and Dr. B's report is easy to read and understand. glad that R&R is sending out updates on this sweet boy. i was there when he broke down in the Alysheba. i was so excited he was racing but that was an awful day, poured rain, track was sloppy and then i saw a horse stumble, a rider falling and my heart died when i realized it was our own Chelokee. im praying for his complete recovery.

From: LindaVA3


Yes he explained everything very well.  I was at work when it happened and when I read a post here that Chelokee was down my heart about jumped right out onto my keyboard.  It was terrible, but thankfully he is on the road to a full recovery and life as a stud-muffin LOL.

From: meltedpat


Thank you for sharing this!  I will continue to pray for the successful recovery of the beautiful and wonderful Chelokee.

Please let us know if you receive further updates :)

Thanks for the update. I still have my fingers crossed for his recovery.



From: Guest


thanks for the post have been wondering how he has been doing...crossed fingers for good days ahead for Chelokee.  

From: Guest


Thank you for the Update on Chelokee.

(((( Chelokee ))))


From: Sijay11


Thank you sooooo much for posting this latest update on Chelokee.  It's so great that Dr. B sends these out - they're very detailed and comforting.  Continued prayers for this beautiful boy for a complete recovery.