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Capital Crime and Electric Charlie   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 6/19/08 by Guest; 16 views.

From: Guest


Permission was received from Ponytales to post these:

Taken on Sunday

Cappyday2a.jpg picture by Ponytales1976

Charlieday2a.jpg picture by Ponytales1976

The vet was out on Monday to see both horses. Charlie's knee has severe arthritis that will eventually make him very uncomfortable. Laurie is working with her vet and also with his potential adopters vet to determine the best course of treatment for him. He also has a very sore back and weak stifles, vet suggested rest and reconditioning once he feels better. Since he was rated barely a 4 on the Henneke scale he has lost muscle tone, once the muscle tone comes back he will be able to support his porly put together frame better. His feet are very sore due to walking on soles and bars of his feet instead of hoof wall, but he is doing much better after laurie's farrier was out to trim him.

Cappy was also very foot sore, but doing much better after a farrier visit. Although he appears to look better then Charlie in this picture he rated a 3 on the Henneke scale. What you can not see in the pictures is the complete lack of a topline on him. His injured fetlock is completely fused and not causing him pain at this time. The X-Ray did not come out and Laurie's vet will re-take it when she is out in 2 weeks to geld Apache.