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FalconRidge Rescue: Help save Tiger   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by NoelleBranch; 355 views.

From: NoelleBranch


I recently rescued and extremely emaciated gelding who I was told was a TB by the owners, but he is so large boned, I believe him to be a warmblood.

Please help with donations for his care! He will have a LONG road to recovery!

Thank you,

Nicki Branch

FalconRidge Equine Rescue, Inc.

Here is Tiger!




From: swedishkat


Welcome to this forum, Nickie!

I am sure that the FOBs would like to help with whatever they can to rehabilitate Tiger - although, we would like to know a little bit more about you, your rescue and this situation. :)

There are some rules about fundraising, one is that you will have to create a wiki-page, with some more information etc... (See front page about rules etc)

Please, also tell us WHERE in the country you and Tiger are, so that we can add that in the thread title.                                 :) Kat

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From: swedishkat


OMG, Nicki - I just looked at pics of Tiger:
Tiger at FalconRidge

Warmblood Rescue

I received a phone call about an emaciated horse in Fallbrook on 6/4 in the evening. Drove out the next morning to evaluate him and saw an extremely emaciated 17 plus hand horse. The person who had him claimed his daughter got the horse free from Murrieta, had it a month or two, then brought it to her elderly fathers home where it continued to lose weight. He did admit it might not have been being fed correct amounts of hay or daily. There was another horse on the property next to this one, an arab of normal weight. Owner stated the horse was 12 and an ex hunter/jumper and his name was "Mike". Claimed the daughter wanted to ride it after she got it and fed it grass hay so it wouldnt be "hot". Owner said he was a thoroughbred but he looks more warmblood to me. I named him "Tiger" because he's going to have to fight to make it.

We trailered the horse immediately from the property and brought him back to FalconRidge. He will be given small amounts of hay to bring him back up to weight without causing his organs to go into failure from starvation. If anyone recognizes this horse please contact me. Hes got a star and right front small sock. Rehabilitation costs will be high so we are looking for donations to help with his recovery. He appears to be sweet and has been enjoying having hay to eat.


Tiger where he was found, 12 yr old TB/Warmblood rescue June 5, 2008

Tiger with Dr. Jeff Moss

Tiger with Dr. Jeff Moss
What a sweet face and I am sure he was BEAUTIFUL when he still had meat and muscles on his body!! :(
I will have MaryLOhio contact you to help you with your wiki - and then you can start the fundraising to help this sweet boy, OK?                              :) Kat
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From: swedishkat


Nicki, I think I read about this rescue somewhere, it sounds very familiar - was it in Texas Horse Talk or possibly on Tb Friends (Joe Shelton) website?? I especially remember the name and the reason you had named him Tiger!       :) Kat

From: Guest


Hi Nicki,

Welcome. Yes, please do get your wiki set-up so that Tiger may experience the caring and compassion of the FOBs. There is NO place on the internet (or IMHO outside the internet) like the FOBs.

Big HUG to Tiger and will be awaiting your wiki to be established so we can keep this thread bumped up for help.


From: MaryLOhio




I have set up a WIKI Page for you and added template and the few basics.


You will need to sign up for a WIKI Membership, it is easy to do, follow the link above to your page, look in the upper right hand corner for "log in/Create account, click on that and follow instructions to create your account, you can use the same ID you use here if you want

When you get your page finished you will need to create a signature here to link to your WIKI page, instructions to do so are below my signature name..  But if you have problems or have a LOGO you use and want to incorportate in your signature, please contact me ( and I can work up the signature HTML for you and step you through how to add it to your account here.. Just let me know what you use for a browser (Internet explorer, etc.


I also changed your thread title to reflect the name of your rescue.

Please feel free to contact me for help for your wiki, etc




From: Blueshadow5


Nicki is a friend of mine and others here. She and I went to auction together in February and she bought a little 30+ year old dun horse that she named "Red Spirit". A few days later she bought two mares from the dealer's lot down here - one a little 2yo mustang filly, whom I'd seen sell to the dealer in foal for $50. I'll vouch for her a thousand times! Her name might also be familiar for her mountain climbing ...!
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From: LynsWins


WOW! You aren't kidding!

EVeryone, here is Nicki's personal (non-horsey) website!

ok, I had to edit my post again after reading Nicki's website! Holy cow! She set a record for climibing the 7 summits, the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents, all within 2 years time! Plus she has had to overcome huge adversity in her life. Super neat lady!!!

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From: midknight1


Hi Nicki.  Do you have a fundraising goal in mind for Tiger's care?



From: NoelleBranch


Thank you all! and especially for helping with the wiki site! I just went out to feed and found all your loving messages..thanks again!

Im in San Diego, CA and have been rescueing for 9 yrs. In the past and on rescue message boards I have always been known as Noelle. I went 501c3 two years agbo but have not done alot of adamant fundraising...its needed, but not alot of time. Im done climbing for now and am focusing on getting the rescue more funded. My hay bill is 4k a month!

Heres my rescue website, and i have several OTTBs!

Thanks again so much. Ive never seen such an emaciated horse as Tiger...we are going slow but sure with him. Saddest thing is when he whinnies or nickers, he is hoarse, has lost his voice, its incredibly pathetic.

heres an article on Tiger that just came out: