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Champion "Ask The Lord" Now Retired!   Horse Racing

Started by MaryAinMI; 1642 views.

From: MaryAinMI


Great news, everyone!


Thanks to Sue and Kenny Mcpeek and to one of his Breeder’s relatives, Ask The Lord retired from racing and left Evangeline Downs last night, on his way to a new life.   


After a short stopover in Shreveport, he will be en route to the Mcpeek Racing Farm, Magdalena, in Lexington, Kentucky.  There he will be evaluated, cleaned up, and prepared for the next leg of his journey, which will be to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s facility at the Blackburn Correctional Complex.   


Sue Mcpeek has promised to take photographs; they will be posted here.


Ask The Lord, now 11 years old, won over $768,000 in his racing career.  He came in first, second, or third in 54 of his 83 starts.  And he, like Top Bunk, was one of those 10 or so champions that, having won over half a million dollars, are still running but now competitive only at the lowest claiming levels.


This effort for Ask The Lord got underway when bobcinpa (and John Henry, guardian of the old geldings) contacted some of the Top Bunk Claiming Crew to point out that Ask The Lord had been pulled up in his last race (we subsequently learned that was because ATL had thrown a shoe) and that he had already been claimed three times in the first five months of this year.  Bob (and John Henry) were wondering if it was time for Ask The Lord to retire. 


Turns out Alex had also been watching Ask The Lord.  Others, too.  Onthebit1 secured a spot for him at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation but was not able to convince the owner to retire and donate the horse.  The owner was asking $4,000 for him.  Ask The Lord raced again on June 19 and came in second.  His price remained $4,000.


Thanks to some savvy networking via Internet by Staci Hancock (of Stone Farm) and Joanne Normile (the founder of CANTER), a relative of Ask The Lord’s breeder (her name is Katie and she just had a baby boy!) and her husband immediately stepped forward with a pledge of $500.


Sue Mcpeek learned of the effort to retire Ask The Lord thanks to that same savvy networking.  Sue made calls to several of the people she knew who had been connected to Ask The Lord during his racing career.  Some of them expressed a desire to help with the purchase; however, as of last Tuesday, none of them had stepped forward to make any firm commitments.


This past Thursday morning, 7/3, Kenny Mcpeek, knowing Sue had received no firm commitments yet and knowing Ask The Lord would very likely be heading to the track soon, called ATL’s owner from California where Kenny and Sue’s own My Baby Baby will be competing in the American Oaks at Hollywood Park today.  Kenny told the owner he wanted to buy Ask The Lord, wired the $4,000 purchase price to him, and the deal was done.  As Sue said to me, “It looks like Ask The Lord will be getting what he deserves – a happy ending.”


Sue Mcpeek has worked on projects with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, and TRF’s Diana Pikulski has confirmed to Sue and to me that Ask The Lord will be going to their Blackburn facility.


The costs to van Ask The Lord from Evangeline to Blackburn are estimated to total  $700.  Katie’s pledge covers $500 of that amount.  If any FOBs would like to contribute toward the remaining $200 as well as the costs of caring for Ask The Lord while he is at Magdalena, that would really be terrific.  Please send your check to Mcpeek Racing, 828 Lane Allen Road, Lexington, KY 40504, with a note that it is a contribution for Ask The Lord.


Be sure to e-mail or post your appreciation to the Mcpeeks and to Katie – also to bobcinpa, to John Henry, to Alex and Staci and Joanne.  This is a great example of members of the racing industry stepping up to care for their champions.  I’m hoping we’ll have a lot more!


And don’t forget to root for My Baby Baby in the American Oaks at Hollywood Park today! 


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From: DebiR2


This is really great, great news. Thank you for posting this info.

From: godmom2


Yipppeeee!!!   Thank you for the news.

And a THOUSAND thanks to Kenny and Sue McPeek, Katie, bobcinpa, John Henry, Alex, Staci and Joanne.

This is such good news!

Ask the Lord, have a wonderful new life, sweet boy.  You earned it!


From: Guest


I say Thank The Lord---I just recently heard of this horse because his name is so striking and then of course i have been following his saga and hoping and praying he would be retired sound.  Thank God for all those good people who found a way to help him off the track and to a good home. All of that networking, my goodness, when people work together, alot of good things can be done.

From: swedishkat


EXCELLENT JOB, All involved!! Another happy ending!           :))) Kat

From: alexbrown4


Mary, congratulations for being so persistant.  my role was very small.  i had a list of half a million dollar earners who were running for $5k or less, ATL was on the list.  I was watching him, but basically dropped the ball. 

Mary contacted me about the horse which reengaged my interest.  Mary asked if I knew how to get in touch with his connections.  I asked Darren F., Steve Asmussen assistant and my boss in Houston.  Darren gave us the number.  Mary orchestrated the rest.  cheers, alex 


From: halfbridled


Thanks to everyone who has helped Ask The Lord. Wishing him many years of happy retirement at TRF.
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From: really920


My mistake on #8

"Onthebit1 secured a spot for him at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation"

Oh and thanks Gail Vacca for securing Ask the Lord a spot at the TRF.  It is appreciated.


From: Bobcinpa


PROPS to EVERYONE that came together and accomplished this mission. The official motto for horse rescue should be "The Devil is in the Details."

And on behalf of John Henry... Guardian Angel of Old Geldings... a Well Done!

John would have posted the comment himself, but he told me he forgot his password.