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Friends of TB Friends re:Satellite    Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Hi Friends of Joe & TB Friends,

I just wanted to share that the FOTBF (Friends of TB Friends Yahoo Group) is looking into Satellite internet.  If it is a project that the group decides to pursue, we are looking at approximately $2000 to cover installation, start-up, and service for a 2-year period.  Our goal would be to raise the funds so that the 2 years is completely covered ... with no monthly worries for Joe.  Anyone here who might be interested in helping out can check out our group at:

It would be really nice if we had any kind of an "inside" connection with Hughes net or one of the other big satellite internet providers for the Woodland, CA area.  If anyone can help us there, please email me.

So, anyway, satellite internet is in the research and discussion phase.  Since Joe's webpage is his "lifeline" to all of us (and for the horses) we feel that it is justifiable.  We also work on other projects to help Joe directly.  We pulled together and got him a tractor canopy; our next surprise will happen just after Thanksgiving and includes significant items for Joe and feed for the horses.

Please know that our group is a "grass roots" collection of folks who have pulled together to help Joe, Cathy, and TB Friends as best we can.  The group is about positive efforts, mutual respect, giving, and just simple kindness.  We each consider ourselves a "Friend of TB Friends" ...

Please know that we do not collect money and sit on it.  We choose a project, research the details, come up with the monetary total that we need, accept donations, close the donations when the goal is reached, complete the project, and then start working on the next one.  (The only monies that don't go directly to Joe are the fees that Paypal charges for using that service.) This is all for Joe & Cathy & the horses.

We genuinely appreciate the support shown on this board for TB Friends and all those working to help horses everywhere (...sorry for the funny screen wouldn't let me use HorseCreek).

Thanks for reading,

Kathy Monaghan
Ione, CA

FOTBF "Friend of TB Friends"