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6 stallions, 40 preg. mares Needs Help   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Blueshadow5; 4818 views.

From: Blueshadow5


Dear All,

I received a phonecall this afternoon from a friend of Priscilla Clark at Tranquility Farm. Tranquility Farm is seeking to bring back to California a stallion that has stood in the state for a number of years, Seattle Bound, and donations are being requested for that purpose; both to purchase him (I do not yet have a price) and ship him, and (I would imagine but don't know for sure at this point) for his sponsorship once at Tranquility Farm.  

Can I please encourage people to contact Priscilla Clark at Tranquility Farm at, or to pledge/donate through the website specifying that the rescue of Seattle Bound is the intended purpose of the donation? Website is:


Seattle Bound,  along with CA stallions Dantes Inferno, Kriss Kross, Mr Bolger, and at least two others, are reportedly sitting on a kill buyer's lot in Arizona, along with approximately forty pregnant mares. All of these horses orginated from Warrens Thoroughbreds in San Jacinto, CA. Ben Warren is a large CA TB owner and breeder. The word from the farm is that these horses were given away very recently to a man in Riverside.  

I understand from speaking to someone in Arizona that put the word out today about these horses that some of them will be run through an auction in Arizona tomorrow. (Where is that list of Arizona auctions when you need it?) Also, this kill buyer does have the papers on all horses, and will sell them at above meat price. He otherwise ships to slaughter in Mexico. His name is David Quinn. I do not have his telephone number.

This is absolutely all of the information I currently have. I am working on trying to complete the information.


From: alexbrown4


PLEASE find out who the two other stallions are.  cheers, alex

From: Blueshadow5


Alex, I'm terrified that any of this information might be inaccurate or wrong. Just terrified. I cannot find any trace of the names that were communicated over the phone to me by someone in Arizona on a pretty bad line. It looks like "Dynamic Vision"? And "Mayor Mond"?? Very confused...   

From: alexbrown4


so we need to find which auction.  this is what we have in the wiki, but no info re: which is tomorrow:


Arizona Horse Auction Litchfield Park, AZ

B & B Auction Services Phoenix, AZ

Tim Antone's AZ Auction Phoenix, AZ

L & L Auction Peoria, AZ

Layton Livestock Auction Tucson, AZ

Mike Murphy Litchfield Park, AZ

Trail Auction Mesa, AZ

Tucson Livestock Auction Tucson, AZ

Pacific Livestock Auction Chandler, AZ

Prescott Livestock Auction Ropers Stockyard Chandler, AZ

Rawhide Auction Glendale, AZ

Wilcox Livestock Auction Wilcox, AZ

cheers, alex


From: Guest


I don't know if this is from 2006 or later but here is a list of stallions that were at Warren's Thoroughbreds at least in 2006 or 2007. 


Warren's Thoroughbreds LLC

Hemet, California, USA

  • Affirmative(2005)
  • Ancient Art(2005)
  • Broadway Moon(2003)
  • Chant for Gold(2006)
  • Dante's Inferno(2006)
  • Doc Gus(2002)
  • Extra(2005)
  • Kris Kross(2001)
  • Lake George
  • Larry the Legend(2006 from Mira Loma Thoroughbred Farm)
  • Lindsey's Roberto
  • Major Moment
  • Mongol Warrior
  • Mr. Bolg
  • Rahy's Quackerjack(2003)
  • Replicate(2003)
  • Royal Walk(2004)
  • Slew's Prince(2005)
  • Stormed(2005)


It's from a foreign site.  I think it is Japanese.  That could be Major Moment there.  The bottom group are stallions that were moved.  There are three registered Dynamic Visions, I don't have any idea which one it could be.   ETA:  Two are listed as geldings and one a mare in PQ so I still cannot tell!

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From: Guest


What about the 40 pregnant mares?  Is anything known about them?

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From: Blueshadow5


Okay so Major Moment is one of them. THANK YOU

From: Blueshadow5


It's Pacific Livestock that he usually ships to.

The word is OUT in AZ (at the tracks, at the ATBA, etc.) about these horses. The kb/dealer is trying to sell as many as he can privately, advertizing that he has papers etc. I am trying to get his phone number and waiting for a call.

I'm afraid I have exactly zero information on the pregnant mares.


From: Guest


I think the TOC (Thoroughbred Owners of California) would be interested in this information. They are trying to put together some rescue funds that were supposed to be surfacing sometime this year.

Should we contact them?