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Top Bunk List-Lights on Brdwy Needs You   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by MaryAinMI; 8382 views.
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From: MaryAinMI


Thanks so much for your great support, Jeanne!
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From: MaryAinMI


Thanks so much, CJ - cheerleading and bumps are wonderful and needed!  And you're absolutely right about the KB.  I've edited LOB's story in the first post to include that.

From: Guest


Thanks Mary - I'm very big on seeing the best in everyone/thing and giving credit where credit is due. I really appreciate your response to my comment, which I almost kept to myself, but the messenger in me prevailed . . .

From: gail0625



Where do we send the money?

Bunk's Mom



From: MaryAinMI


Gail - we're still trying to find out if donations can go through a Texas charity so that donors can get an income tax deduction.  No word on that yet.  Just taking pledges right now.  Thanks!!
WendyinMI (wendrew)

From: WendyinMI (wendrew)


Post when you know - I'll be sending some money too!

Happy days for Lights on Broadway! 


I'm confused Mary! Where will Lights on Broadway be going if we purchased him? He doesn't sound like he's an any danger at the moment - or am I missing something?



From: PattyTx1


Since I not only remember Lights on Broadway racing in Texas, but have also bet on him to win, I will pledge $25 to help purchase him.

Thank you, Mary, for all you are doing for LOB and for all the older star racehorses who deserve a good retirement home and/or new career instead of being raced at 10-11 years old in claiming races.  It's too bad that it is left up to people who have to scrounge around for money to help retire these great athletes after they have made thousands and sometimes millions of dollars for former owners.


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From: MaryAinMI


The current plan is for Lights on Broadway to go to his breeder's farm in Waller for retirement.

Personally, I always love it when the horse gets a chance to learn a new job.   In the case of LOB, more than one Texas horseman has suggested that if LOB  gets back to Texas, he will not be satisfied being put out to pasture; he will most likely be much happier if put into re-training to learn trail riding, dressage, eventing, ponying, whatever.

I honestly don't know yet if the breeder plans to have LOB re-trained; he may very well already have that in mind.  I sent a note off to LOPE earlier today to ask if they might have room for LOB and, if so, be in a position to start his re-training.  In the event the breeder doesn't plan on any re-training and would be agreeable to having LOPE put that in motion, I thought that might be something to think about for him.

LOB may very well be fine where he is.  The biggest concerns are if he is claimed or if he is injured due to continued racing.

If LOB were to be claimed (or even sold) at one of these smaller "bush" tracks, like Anthony Downs in Kansas or Blue Ribbon Downs in Oklahoma, he could end up with an owner much less interested in LOB's well-being and much less interested in communicating with anyone about him.  And there's always the chance that, once claimed (or sold), he could easily and rapidly disappear and end up in a bad situation (e.g, a Mexican rodeo, another slaughter truck).

The further thought was this.  LOB's owner prior to his current one raced LOB a few times, then gave him a year off.  After that year, LOB raced only twice more - each time with dismal results.  The horse then made some kind of unknown circuitous journey ending at the slaughter truck.  In his last race, at Blue Ribbon Downs last Sunday, LOB finished 7th of 9.  LOB either cannot run competitively anymore or doesn't want to; I don't know which.  I'm sure LOB would keep trying (because he's a racehorse), and I'm sure his owner now would keep running him every two weeks.  And that doesn't bode well for LOB's retirement as a sound OTTB.  

After all Lights on Broadway has accomplished and all of the money he has made for individuals and for the racing industry, we didn't want to take a chance of losing track of him again and we wanted to give him the best possible chance at a real future as a sound OTTB.