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Kill Buyer Auction in Paris, KY   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by LyndaP31; 552 views.

From: LyndaP31


Hi Everyone,

This morning I was alerted to this auction on Craigs list;

This is a big auction happening in a few weeks up in Paris, Kentucky.  Jody Ramey is the biggest Kill Buyer/Trader in the area. (He's the one responsible for the double decker trailer wreck up in Indiana a few years ago that was full of horses going to slaughter)

The date is Sept 6th.

I don't know of anybody but you guys to post this too, since I am still getting to know people up here, but mabe somebody who lives in the area who can go and possibly get some horses out of this. Thanks!

Edited to add date!

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From: Guest


What does it mean that a vet will be on site to "bleed" horses?
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From: Guest


I just called them and they said "bleed" horses means a vet will be on site to draw blood for Coggins if an instate horse does not have a current is posted that all horses from out of state will need Coggins
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From: Guest


Thanks.  That is very interesting.  I never heard it called that.

From: LyndaP31


BUMP! hoping somebody close enough may be able to go? At least to get one or two mabe?

I didn't understand what "bleed" meant either. Glad somebody knew!


From: bkwarner


Lynda , where are you in KY? Can you go to the auction and get names off the sides of the trucks and of the "killers" and their license plate numbers ? Animals ' Angels is collecting this information for an investigation. I am near Lebanon, the very center, and am the KY coordinator of the American Horse Defense Fund. I also just heard of another auction at Smith's Grove near Bowling Green that has horrible conditions. Horses going to slaughter don't have to have Coggins tests done so hopefully Ramey won't be there. The Ryan father got killed when his truck tuned over a few years ago but a son is still a "killer' last I heard. I will forward this info on to the horsesatriskyahoogroups too. Call or Email me please. or 270-692-3316 and give me your Email address please so we can keep in touch. I wish I could go but I am too far away and have many horses , dogs and cats already .  Barbara Warner


From: annielouky


Hi Barbara,

Jodie Ramey buys and re-sells a lot of riding horses as well.

The last two auctions I attended at which the Ryan's were present (one as recent as three weeks ago), they did not purchase any horses for slaughter. Buck said earlier on this year, they were planning on getting out of that part of the business.

As far as getting the truck info. We have all that on file already.

Neither Jodie nor anyone else from KY, uses their big rigs (with DOT numbers) when attending these auctions. They use their pickup trucks and stock trailers.

If anyone is attending, they can look for trucks and record DOT numbers, not license plates, as they cannot be researched.