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Contacting Trainers- CANTER Mid Atlantic   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Statement from CANTER Mid Atlantic

Here at CANTER Mid Atlantic we've recently been inundated with issues arising from the distribution of incorrect and inflammatory information onto particular Message Boards and Email Lists. Well-meaning individuals are taking information from the CANTER listings and posting in other places where it is getting misconstrued and disseminated to people who are reacting in a way that is hurting not only CANTER's reputation, but our entire mission.  While we very much appreciate the spread of information about particular horses in need, we need to reiterate that CANTER's mission is to Help Horsemen Help Their Horses into new homes, not persecute trainers and owners.

I'd like to take this time to reiterate that horsemen, racetrack officials and owners should never be harassed for any reason in regard to information listed on CANTER.  To do so will ensure that our program will no longer be able to continue. 

Each time an owner or trainer entrusts CANTER to assist them in placing their horses, and are contacted and harassed by people due to using CANTER, it means they simply will not talk to volunteers any longer. If racetrack management continues to receive calls on the level they have over the last two months, we believe the consequences will be negative and final.

We'd like to ask the online horse rescue community to please use discretion when dealing with CANTER-related issues. If you are specifically concerned about a horse, please email one of the CANTER volunteers as to whether information can be cross-posted. We'd like to ask everyone to refrain from cross posting on Message boards without prior CANTER permission as well as hot-linking to CANTER photographs, though linking to them is just fine (this means do not use them within posts). In most situations we will grant permission to cross post the information, however we may have additional information about the situation that might not be on the website. 

We are fans of racing and we are fans of Thoroughbreds. To date, we've helped thousands of horses into new homes because the owners and trainers trust us to help them. If we are to continue we need everybody's help to keep CANTER going.

Thank You, CANTER Mid Atlantic

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From: Guest


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From: mword


Bump for your message.

I hope people pay attention to it.


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The internet is a double edge sword.  You need to get the info out there to find homes for the horses.  But with that, you get extremist that don't understand that balance that is needed to acomplish this.  The CANTER groups have wonderful reputations with those that own and train TB.  There are many that are hoping that a CANTER gets going in Florida.  I had hoped to get it going, but I will be moving to far north to work with the south Florida tracks that I am familar with. 

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From: marygran


Great post!!!

Mary in MD

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From: midknight1


Bumping up.  We've seen this happen with several OTTBs posted on the board.  Please let Canter do it's job - let's keep the horses safe.


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From: Guest


Bump - thanks for the postive comments. Yes, this is very important.
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From: betonbill


Good post.  I've long been of the opinion that any trainer who lists his horse(s) on the CANTER web site deserves respect for doing so--even if they might not be someone you'd like to invite over to your place for a party.  Changing the mind set of the trainers is so, so very important and must be respected. 
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WendyinMI (wendrew)

From: WendyinMI (wendrew)


Great information!  I have created a section on the Horse Rescue wiki page on Contacting Trainers and have included a link to this post.  Thanks for putting this on the board.  The rescuer/trainer relationships are always a delicate balancing act. 

Contacting Trainers

Please feel free to add more information to the wiki as you see fit! 



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From: swedishkat


This is a GREAT message!!!

I hope EVERYBODY will read it - and ACT accordingly!                 :) Kat