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I'm the one looking for Sky King. He's an 8 year old grey Arabian gelding. Went missing sometime on Friday from his pasture. I initially believed he'd knocked a fence partially down, gone over it and was just somewhere nearby loose. Unfortunately no one has seen him, or even found tracks beyond the driveway of the neighbouring farm (which is unoccupied).

Since then I've been contacted by the farm that lost the two broodmares. In that case, the fences were intact, and all gates closed and latched. The first mare had a foal at her side, which was left behind. She was most likely taken Friday night. I'm not certain if the second mare had a foal at her side or not. But she was taken last night.

Neither mare had much in the way of distinguishing marks. A plain chestnut and a plain bay. Both would be tattooed though, as they are thoroughbreds. And the bay mare has part of the back of her tongue missing, so she tends to blow bubbles as she's eating.

Whether these two thefts are connected to King, I don't know. But our farms are in the same area.

King at least has had enough media coverage now that I doubt he could be sold at auction. Or to a dealer. I'm told that we are likely to make the evening news again tomorrow night. Which will be the 4th time this week.


p.s. We are organizing a concerted search effort for this weekend. If anyone is in the area of York Region, Ontario and would like to help search, please contact me at <>

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I hope you find your horse and you learn who has been stealing these horses.
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From: CarolynBK


This is awful - I am so sorry.

From: ChristineNJ


Bump.  Keeping the search and inquiries going!


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From: Dixie1711


BUMP for Flint, Sky King and the missing mares.  Please keep these horses in your thoughts and prayers.


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He's home. He appeared out of the blue on King Road. He ran up out of the ditch and stopped on the road. The driver who nearly hit him got out and caught him, then called 911. They took him into Kinghaven at Weston Road and called me.

He's very battered. He's probably lost 50 or 100lbs. He has a huge lump under his belly. Both hind legs are filled and a bit hot. He has no cuts on his legs, but has a ton of them all over both sides and his hindquarters. He's very nervous and unsettled. But fundamentally he seems to be okay. I'll get the vet out tomorrow to check him out.

When I got out of the truck and talked to the police, King started yelling bloody murder from around the corner. I couldn't even see him and I knew it was him. I came around the barn and he was very excited - pacing back and forth impatiently. He loaded himself on his trailer very happily. And he was thrilled to see his home when I opened the trailer. Yelled out his arrival at everyone.

We were on CTV news earlier tonight, and on CityTV. So my suspicion is that he was getting too hot to be kept anywhere and was dumped by whoever had him. I have a hard time imagining that he got across Yonge Street, and the 400 without anyone seeing him. And the police agreed that it was likely what had happened.

I'm a bit high on relief right now. And I'll be more coherent tomorrow. But I just want to say that I really believe that King came home because SO many people went so far above and beyond in the effort to help. You guys all helped to get the word out and to make King so well known in such a short time that there was no way anyone could keep him or sell him on.

I cannot begin to tell you all how much I appreciate it. That horse is the love of my life. I'd have been destroyed to lose him. So THANK YOU to every single one of you.


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I am so happy that your horse has been found!  I hope we can have another happy ending here soon too. 
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Sassy'smom (jdouma)

From: Sassy'smom (jdouma)


I am so happy he is home safely tonight, I hope he'll be OK.