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EA Update on Horses @ Pvt CA Rescue   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 9/18/08 by Guest; 8 views.

From: Guest


Below please find updates on previously slaughter-bound horses that were saved and sent to a private rescue in N. CA,


Koda - 3 yr old pregnant red roan mare (aborted foal); she lives with her new mom in the bay area, is under saddle and doing great; she hasn't been the easiest to train, as she likes to buck, however, they are working with a trainer and making slow but steady progress; her owner adores her, and is being patient and consistant.

CFD - Koda new home     CFD - Koda owner tat  
KODA                                         New mom's tattoo of Koda

Raya - 5 yr old, pregnant, wild bay roan mare, foaled 5/24/07, adopted and living in the Sacramento area

Ari (now Luna) - Raya's roan foal, adopted and living in Sacramento, doing very well, was a bit difficult to train (due to mare's wary nature), but her new mom loves her and they are making slow, steady progress

CFD - Raya    CFD - Raya and Ari
RAYA                                                        ARI & RAYA

Daisy - Approx 12 yr old, pregnant, wild chestnut mare, foaled 5/28/07, VERY wild, not the nicest, liked to kick, run and jump to escape, but she is coming around, still skiddish with people, possible abuse in her past, adopted by a gentleman in Dixon, doing well, almost under saddle, has amazing gaits, shows like english pleasure

Tallon - Daisy's chestnut colt, adopted by gal in the bay area, ended up with OCD, she couldnt afford him, he was re-homed with a couple who adopted 2 older geldings and he is doing well with his rehab, he's a sweet boy

CFD -Daisy    CFD - Daisy and Talon
DAISY                                                 DAISY & TALLON

Morgana - black draft cross mare, adopted by a family, she foaled, had a great baby, however the mare "attacked" the vet when they tried to pull coggins prior to moving to Montana, the baby was weaned early, and the mare was re-homed in Woodland (with people who had adopted another mare), they have mustang experience and bascially treat her as such, she is out in pasture and is halter broke, they are working on driving/riding her, the foal went to Montana with original family

CFD - Morgana and foal

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From: Guest


Remi - beautiful chestnut mare, arrived with vasculitis, long, slow recovery process, she recovered, despite what 3 vets predicted, she is 100% sound, she needs soft, firm, confident hand that can ride her almost every day, she qualified with sheriff's dept and has done crowd control, she is a big love and a brat all rolled into one!

CFD - Remi leg wounds      CFD - Remi upper leg wound
REMI - Legs on arrival        REMI - Inner thigh on arrival

CFD - Remi leg wraps
REMI - daily leg wraps

CFD - Remi healed
REMI - 8 months later  

CFD - Remi Sheriff Mount 
REMI - Sheriff mount / crowd control

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From: Guest


Beth - old gray mare with melanoma, came in with body score of 1, gave birth to a foal 2 days after her arrival on 5/1/07, put on over 300 lbs before being retired in Woodland with the family who also has Morgana (black draft cross), she is doing ok, but likely will not make another year, her adotive family is considering euthanasia in the near future for humane, quality of life reasons

April - Beth's black yearling filly, came in with strangles, she recovered well, she is very sweet, loving, and extrememly easy to train, she was adopted and is living in the Sacramento area

Lilly - Beth's foal, sweetest filly ever! followed you around like a puppy, loves kids, gentle, went to a family above Sacramento, enjoying pasture life on some acreage as an only horse, they are stay at home moms that love her to death, and Lilly thrives on human contact

CFD - Beth and Lily   CFD - Beth and Lily
BETH & LILLY (new born)             BETH & LILLY (later)

CFD - April 

Mocha - approx 12 yr old, bay roan mare w/big blaze, possibly some neglect/abuse,  but once she gets to know you, she trusts you, she was adopted by a gentleman in the Ione area to be a ranch horse 

CFD - Mocha 

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From: Guest


Yosemite Sam - approx 20+ yrs old, arrived with an eye injury, old knee injury, bad arthritus, and some other old man traits, his eyes were quite bad, they were treated by UCD, he recovered well, he went to a lady in the foothills, he's doing well, the vet deemed him sound for a light rider, for light riding at a walk/trot only, as the knee wasn't being damaged, it just would never get better, he's doing very well in his new home with his "older" mommy!

CFD - Yosemite Sam 

Mikella - dun yearling filly, she came in very skiddish and hard to catch, but with some handling from the volunteers, she turned into a very sweet, easy going yearling, she was adopted by a lady near Sacramento, who has a teenage daughter that plans to have her trained and to use her for performance, she has some gorgeous movement, and is doing very well

CFD - Mikella 

Zylon - grey paint gelding, had horrid feet when he came in, but they cleaned up nicely, he was barely broke and skiddish, but he is doing well with his new owner as a trail horse, in the Sacramento area.

CFD - Zylan 


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From: Guest


Looks like these horses all have wonderful homes.  I am so sorry to hear about Beth's health.  I have a 26 year old Anglo Arab with large melanomas, but she does quite well and acts like a teenager most days.  I'm assuming that there are no options for treating Beth that would improve her quality of life?

Thanks so much for the updates.  I just love these happy endings.


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From: Guest



This sweet old mare likely has other issues besides just the melanoma.  She was in pretty bad shape when she came off the feedlot (due to serious, long term neglect).  They are keeping an eye on her to make sure she is comfortable, and not in any pain.  The rescuer wanted to be sure I knew that she MAY be euthanized in the near future, but there is definitely no deadline...

You are welcome for the updates!


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From: Guest


Thanks, Shirley.  I will keep sweet Beth in my prayers.  I am so sorry she was neglected....she looks very kind.