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Vicky Slew Update   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 10/4/08 by Mom2Precious (horselover57); 6 views.

Remember Vicki Slew in Mo. That was going to come to Epona but the owner decided to  rehab her herself. 

Vicki's Slew JulyGetAttachment.jpg Vickeys Slew picture by eponahorserescue

Vicky's Slew August

bvickyslewaugust.jpg picture by eponahorserescue

Vicky's Slew Sept

vickyslewsept-1.jpg picture by eponahorserescue

Vicky's Slew October She won first  prize in the parade...

vickyslew10-1-08.jpg picture by eponahorserescue

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From: Guest


Wow, she looks amazing now.  What a long way she has come!

From: EmJayT1


it's amazing what a little food will do.
and it's amazing how the color of the coat changes too.
nice job.

From: jamielsg


Lin, she's a walking miracle.......praise God! She looks like a different horse.  Thank you for such a positive update.  I hope you're feeling better too.  Jamie
In reply toRe: msg 4

Let me stress that Vicky's owner  has done all this hard work. Vicky needs fed several times a day and since the Susie has been laid off of work she is able to be there for Vicky's Slew.  Here is a portion of her email.

I was just browsing your EPONA web site. (again) Thought I would check in and let you know how it is going here.
I am still on lay-off from my construction job (receiving unemployment) and  my husband, is going down to Springfield, MO in order to keep working for our same company which is now down to just 3 crews from it's usual 11.
Vickys Slew is doing very well and I sent a couple of photos for you to see. The first one is hard to look at.
It was taken just a few days after I "couldn't" make the trip with her to your place at the end of July.
The second one I took just today. I tried to get two photos that were of her in the same position.
Amazing what being at home will get you/(her). LOL 
Our little town of Holt has a parade each year and she and I went. The judges gave her the 1st place horse trophy, (I cried), over several small saddle club entries and other single horse entries.  (Her coat looks rough, I had just pulled her saddle off.)
So, so far so good, even with our tight money situation, like everyone else faces. I would MUCH rather be 'around the house', being able to care and feed for my animals, and count pennies than make 'the big bucks'. Unsure what the future
will bring but everyone is smiling here now. Hope you are getting good $ support from outside. PayPal is awesome!
I have a hard time not clicking that PayPal button and sending you $$$s I don't have.
Write back if you want, I didn't want you to wonder... I know how that goes.
Most Sincerely,
Susie  :-)  Your young Gus is a cutey.

From: Guest


WOW!!!  Vicky Slew looks like a different horse.  She is just beautiful.  Lin, I hope you're feeling better.

Lynne W


From: midknight1


Lin, I"m sorry I missed her full story, but she really has come a long way.  She looks great.



She was going to come to Epona when her horsey mom could not provide the proper care(time wise). Things worked out and she is still in her home and I am updated frequently. Often if is better to assist the owner than take the horse, leaving room for horses in greater need. I am so happy that Vicky's story is happening this way, Her mom really loves her.



From: midknight1


I agree Lin.  Times are tough out there and many who want to provide good care for their horses are just unable to do so.  Kudos to you and Vicky's owner for making this a success story.