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TB Friends daily post   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: rainydayride


Here's a description of the afternoon's events from one of the participants
.. crossposted with permission .. (note how Joe is busy trying to place the latest arrival in the midst of all the activity - he stays focused)

KAMIKAZE Generator and THANKSGIVING Grain Day !

Well folks it was an eventful day ... I seem to do better with lists,
so here goes:

1) We left Ione at 10:30am with the generator and gifts loaded up.

2) 11:30am stop in Sacramento to get fuel for Joe's gas can; flowers
(yellow/blush roses) for Cathy; salad, fresh French bread, and butter
to go with the raviolis; dry cat food and dog food.

3) Mike thought he had a better idea about how to get to Georgie's,
but apparently Yahoo was right. We started getting worried when we
saw the signs for Zamora so Mike called Georgie and she got us turned
around and back on course. So, we went about 30 miles out of our way!

4) 12:45pm we arrived at Georgie's wonderful place and were welcomed
with open arms and the smell of fresh baked cookies. We also got to
see Jennie's wonderful artwork and were given the Grand Tour of the
barn with nine of the sweetest equines you'd ever want to meet:
horses and mules both!

5) Jessica Young (Petaluma) arrived in her new car with a large bag
of halters for Joe. She volunteered to be the designated
photographer. She also brougnt photos of Lolly and Penny Pony (her
rescues) to share! She bought each of these mares for $50 apiece!

6) Sally and Fred Hugg (Oroville) drove in with a truck load of Sr.
Chow. Sally had already trimmed 3 equines this morning (talk about

7) Candi and her daughters (Placerville) and friend Michelle (River
Pines) arrived with water, fresh baked pies, big boxes of apples, and
a LOT of kitty litter for Joe.

8) Wendi and her kids (Elk Grove) brought the UPS and horse blankets
from Kathy (Herald).

9) Georgie had called Joe, only to learn that he'd forgotten about
our visit. She told him we were on our way.

10) 1:30pm the "convoy" of 5 trucks led by Georgie headed out for TB

11) 1:45pm We arrived at TB Friends to see a crew of men repairing
the damage to one of Joe's barns and Joe looking very surprised at
the long line of trucks in his driveway.

12) Joe was happy to see us and wanted us to wait until Cathy got
back from Home Depot. While we were waiting he noticed the FOTBF
shirts and said "I want a shirt ...where can I get a shirt?"...we
told him to be patient ... He said he needed a XXL and we told him
we probably had that size!

10) Joe gets a distress call from Cathy. Apparently the load of
metal roofing and lumber she got at Home Depot was not tied down and
she lost the load in downtown Woodland. Needless to say, he and
she were both very upset. Joe could not leave with the construction
workers on the roof, so Wendy drove Georgie and Mike into town to
help poor Cathy with the load.

13) Meanwhile, the group visited with Pony Boy, Georgia, Beans,
Sadie, and the horses.

14) Joe was very eager to show us his newest rescue from the
track "BeenThereDoneThat". He is a stunning gelding with a
beautiful head and build. Joe was most impressed with his mind ...
he is very kind and gentle, Joe thought he would be a great kid's
horse. Joe actually wanted one of this group to adopt

15) While we waited, it was clear that "BeenThereDoneThat" had not
received proper footcare in some time, so Sally (
came to the rescue, put on her chinks, pulled out her tools and
started helping his hooves! Jennie held the leadrope as "Been"
calmly cooperated. He is a beauty...very fancy gelding he is! Now,
thanks to Sally, his feet are headed back in the right direction!

16) After about 30 minutes, Wendy with Mike, and Cathy with Georgie
returned from town with the load safely tied in. We were eager to
get started, but Cathy needed to get the materials to the
carpenters, so she drove around the barn.

17) The next thing we see is Cathy walking towards us visibly
upset ... as she rounded the corner of the barn, the 2"x4"x16'
caught on a wire and snapped in half! She was thinking she would
have to go back to Home Depot and buy more lumber. However, after
some efforts at bilingual communication, it was determined that the
carpenters could work with the pieces that were left!

18) And so we got started!!! It was kind of like Christmas...Sr.
Chow, pet food, pies, kitty litter, blankets, UPS, halters, water,
dinner, cookies, security light, brushes, t-shirts (in the xxl size
and m for Cathy), mugs, shop light, note from Shelley and Anne, full
gas can, and flowers. They were amazed, but we warned them that
there was more!

19) Georgie started out by presenting Joe and Cathy with the Grain
Card ... Jennie was there to read her inscription ... Cathy was in
shock ... once Joe understood the size of the gift, he was
dumbstruck ... really, really happy! He read MeShawn's letter and
just kept looking over the card and re-reading it. There were many
teary eyes...

20) Then I explained that we had a large gift in the back of the
truck. Something to go with the gas can. I gave Joe the card and
tried to read him the quote on the front, but found myself choking
up. I told him that this represented the efforts of a group that
had grown to over 145 members from the US and Canada. Fred and Mike
were in the back of the truck and lifted up the camo-tarp to reveal
the generator. Joe and Cathy were amazed! They had tears in their

21) Cathy kept repeating "this is too much, this is too much"...I
kept repeating .."no, it's fine!" Joe watched eagerly as Candi's
daughter helped Fred and Mike roll the heavy generator down off of
the truck. Joe was looking at us incredulously - asking how do you
guys communicate? I told him that we just held our hand to our
heads and sent each other thoughts ;-)

22) Joe said that during the fire, the Fire Department brought them
a generator for their refrigerator. I asked him if he still had
it. He said no, they took it back. Then Cathy pointed out that if
we needed a generator, we could borrow hers LOL ...i.e., the one we
just gave them. They were really, really thankful for everything!

23) So, for the next hour or so, the group helped put the gifts
away (before Lilly the horse ate all the apples and opened all the
bags) and visited with Joe, Cathy, Sadie, Georgia, Beans, the cats,
more dogs, and, of course, the horses. We got to sample Jennie and
Georgie's scrumptious chocolate chip cookies! Joe brought the macaw
out, but I was out looking at horses and never got to see it. Joe
brought out a wonderful colored pencil portrait that Jennie had done
of Pony Boy.

24) Joe took me to see 3 crippled horses that he saved. He said
that they would have been trampled in the slaughter truck...he saved
them...they might be crippled now, but they are safe and bright and
beautiful and happy!
25) I called MeShawn and handed Joe the phone! He was eager to
speak with her and really wanted her to adopt "BeenThereDoneThat" …
As it was, she was in the middle of a ride during the call!

26) We told Joe that Shelley took her FOTBF shirt to the Great Wall
of China!

27) There was so much going on that I can't begin to tell you
everything that was going on ... we had hoped to go to dinner, but
too many of us needed to work tomorrow, so we decided to leave that
for another day. Jennie and Marie got photos of Pony Boy "in" his t-
shirt (I donated mine to that cause). Sally did one last touch up
on BeenThereDoneThat as Jennie held him in his little round pen.

We hated to leave, but Joe had to go work at another ranch and, of
course, they had to feed their own herd! So, it was an overwhelming
day ... I know that our efforts were genuinely appreciated. Joe
kept saying that he looked at generators and they were expensive,
very expensive! Georgie told him that if he got grain by the
pallet, Windmill Feed would give him a discount ... the hugs and
thanks never stopped.

To quote the lyrics from a Hoyt Axton Song (Pet Parade):

"It was a great day, it was a fun day, just couldn't wait day, it
was the one day, All of the pets and all of their brothers danced in
the streets and loved one another"

It was that kind of day! :-)

OK ... I'll try the photos again! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! All of the
hugs were with all of you in mind!!! All of the thanks were for all
of you!

Kathy & Mike
Ione, CA


From: Guest


Wow, I'm speechless.....which doesn't happen very often, just ask my husband :)

What a wonderful day! Thanks for the play-by-play.....I've read it twice now!

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From: Guest


I am so proud to be part of this group. To think that small contributions can add up to all of this. If Joe and Cathy ever doubted they had friends, I hope they know now that they do..


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From: Guest


 What is the TB Friends?
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From: rainydayride


TB Friends is a rescue run by a couple on their ranch in Woodland, CA. As the name implies, Joe primarily focuses on TBs - saving them from killbuyers and other unfortunate situations. (Yes, there are killbuyers in CA, in spite of the state anti-slaughter regulations. The ban on shipment to out-of-state facilities is not enforced.) Many of the TBs find homes fairly quickly - some in h/j barns, others as backyard pets. Some - the crippled ones - remain at his place for life - others are fosterd by a number of caring supporters, rehabbed and then placed. Last year around 100 horses found new homes via his efforts.

He posts a daily diary entry on his website

A nasty wildfire swept through his area last fall, damaging his barn, fencing, etc. A group of people who wanted to help formed - the Friends of TBFriends. We communicate via a yahoo group, at
(There are photos of yesterday's delivery on the yahoo site.)

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From: Guest


Thank you for your quick response.

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From: Guest


TBFriends is a N.CA rescue ranch for thoroughbreds. Joe rescues those horses from the racetracks (sometimes the trainers send them to him), but also from the feedlots and slaughter trucks. Most of the horses have been injured (racing injuries) or abused or have been neglected. Joe and his wife Cathy have done this on their own for years. They do not ask for donations but appreciate them. People can adopt TBs from them and the money is recycled into saving more horses. Joe always thinks of the horses first,  not to make his own life easier. This is where Friends of TBFriends comes in... as a group, we can choose a project and people decide if they want to/can contribute. We only started in October and have already done great things.

Joe also writes a daily blog of the activities at the ranch. In September, they sustained a lot of damage due to fires. is Joe's website. The faithful read it daily.

My signature is our group's url.



From: Guest


lol, RDR... while I am typing, your post shows up... that delayed posting ... again!
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From: Guest


HI:  So proud to read about all the nice gifts for Joe and Cathy Shelton.............I ready Joe's comments everyday.  How does one get to be a member of this group?  I would be interested in joining if possible.  My email address is:


Thank you,

Jeanette Cavalier

"Please Pray for the Horses"

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From: Guest


just go to the url in my signature. I think once there you just apply and the moderator will approve you very quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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