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Baby Bart From Sugarcreek   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 10/24/08 by Rachael (srparis2); 5 views.
Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


Sorry we haven't updated much on Bart, we've kind of been in the process of getting things figured out with him and after his first farrier visit yesterday we've made a decision.  We'd like to keep him at Amy's for a while.  His farrier visit yesterday didn't bring good news.  My mom (who is donating his farrier work) can probably fill everybody in a little more because I really don't know all the details.  He has serious infections in both rear hooves.  This is going to need a lot of work and possibly another vet visit.

We're using the leftover donations from Remembrance's vet bill to get Bart a winter blanket.  Amy has her own horse and also Paradise Theater from Sugarcreek.  If anybody would like to help Amy out with Bart's hay and feed until he's properly rehabbed it would be greatly appreciated.  Amy took him home with the intention of only quarantining him, but like I said, at this time we feel it's better for him to stay with her a little longer.

Bart's leg does seem to be improving.  He trots and canters around the field like any other foal even though his feet have to be very painful.  I was also told he was a good boy for the farrier.



From: Guest


Big Bump for little Bart!

I am glad to hear about this sweet boy! I hope all goes well with him and wish I could offer more than prayers for his full recovery but the piggy bank is empty here with new rescues.

Thanks for updating everyone on his progress and the set backs. Prayers that someone can help out a little with his ongoing needs. Blessings to all! Tiffanie :)

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Does anyone have a foal blanket that we could borrow size 48-50 Waterproof, I would pay shipping, etc. and send it back when we were done.. I haven't purchased the blanket yet and I could use the extra money (from Rememberance) for the vet to come see his feet, or for hay and feed....

Thanks :)


From: MaryLOhio


OH DANG IT.. I read somewhere that someone was giving away foal blankets as they no longer had foals and wanted a rescue to have them.. I just have to jog my brain to remember where I saw that post.. not sure it was on here though..

From: melody1963



 Avalon Mist needs 5 if you remember who had them.



From: kmarchman


If you will e-mail me a name and shipping address, I'll order one for Bart. Any preference on style or color, in addition to being waterproof?

Thank you for taking this baby in!



From: Guest


LOTS of prayers and good wishes for little Bart.  Thank you for taking him and loving him.  I sure hope he's going to be okay, with time and treatment.

Lynne W

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Thanks Lynn,

I will get some updated pictures of Bart soon.. He still isn't allowed to play with the big horses, which really bums him out (Our 5 year old TB is a nut and would really hurt little Bart I'm afraid) But I do let him out with Dice (the other SC rescue) for about an hour a day to play around. His feet are really really sore and his angles are horrible, Rachael's mom came to do his feet (she is so kindly DONATING the trim for Bart! Thanks Kathy!!!) but even in one trim I noticed a difference in his stride and his conformation, I think if we can build up some heel and get his feet right he will have a whole different look on his hind end. He just looks really disconnected right now (which I'm sure is somewhat of a baby thing.. but they are really messed up...)

Karen generously is donating a blanket to Bart, which is going to be a HUGE help to me so I can use the extra funds for grain, hay, halters, and meds to get him better :) I have had a few people show interest in him, but he can't go anywhere until he's feeling better.

Thanks for your prayers :) Hopefully he'll be much better in no time!

Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


Thanks Karen!!