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NEA - We lost Ranger the Mini Tues.11/18   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 11/19/08 by dawnrw1; 10 views.

From: dawnrw1


It is through tears & with great sadness that I write this to you today. Many of you may remember Ranger the Mini that we rescued back in August '08.

Starting last weekend, Ranger had two major setbacks - a 3-day bout with colic and then his prepuce/penis swelled to the size of a human's thigh. On the advice of our regular vet, we took Ranger to an equine hospital that specializes in minis & ponies. We discussed all options, including surgical amputation of the penis, which was never going to be normal. Eventually he would have been unable to urinate at all.

Due to his age, blindness in both eyes, severe & painful Founder, along with the chronic issue with the penis, it was decided that the kindest thing for him would be to let him go. Trust me when I say, we did not rush to this decision, nor was it easy to make. But after a little more than 3 months of rehab, it became clear that he had severe and chronic issues that could not be improved any more. In fact, despite our best efforts & the excellent care given him by his Foster Mom, Ranger was never going to be pain free and comfortable in this world. Even though he got better in many ways, in other ways, he continued to decline.

We believe in prolonging LIFE, not DEATH. On Tuesday Nov. 18, 2008, our "little man" was put to sleep.

Ranger passed quickly & quietly in my arms as we lay in the green grass & sunshine together.

I am better for having known him and his quiet strength. We all miss him terribly.


From: VictoriaZX


Oh Dawn, I am so very sorry to hear this.

As difficult as this is, you prevented so much suffering for him, that would have been unbearable to see or think of.

Your "little man" left this world held and loved by his very special person. Bless you for being that person.

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From: PattyTx1


Hi Dawn,

I am still sad about our cute little Ranger's passing.  It was the right thing to do for him, but it still hurts so bad.

RIP sweet Ranger.  Run with the wind and all the big guys in heaven.



From: dawnrw1


Thank you. I couldn't imagine him passing with strangers. I HAD to be there for him. In the 3 1/2 years that I have been doing rescue, this is the 3rd time I've gone through this. I bawl like a baby every time.

From: jamielsg


Dawn, I am so sorry for the loss of this beautiful creature.....thank you for truly loving him and helping him to begin his Eternal life in Heaven.  Forever safe and healthy..............see you There Ranger.  You are loved Sweet Boy.  Tears.  Jamie

From: dawnrw1


For any who want to go back to the beginning, here is the link to the original thread:

From: Weldon54


Dawn, I remember Ranger and that you tried so hard to help him. I'm so sorry that he had to leave you but, so happy that he had you to love him and help him go in peace. He had the best of life with you for the last few months and he left knowing he was loved and adored.

My prayers are with you and all of Ranger's friends. I know how hard it must be right now. God bless you for taking such good care of him.




From: Guest


So sorry to read this. You made exactly the right decision and Ranger is in a better place now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

From: Guest


Rest in Peace Little Guy;

You were very much loved these past few months; finally.

Sad to see you have crossed over.


From: forestandcod


I'm sorry for your loss of Ranger but am glad that he was with you and knew caring and love in his final months.