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Clever Allemont's Miracle   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Update on Clever Allemont from Donegal Ranch Quarter Horses

6 am CST...Champion racer, Clever Allemont, just departed Donegal Ranch Quarter Horses in Williamsburg, Kansas with two of Allers Angels, Rodney Gould and Kristen Chambers.  Prior to trailer loading, Angels Dee Ramiriez and Jeanne Mason rubbed his neck, kissed his velvet nose, told him how much he is loved, that they will visit him and that he is not being rejected in anyway.  His favorite Angel, Ray Mason, along with Rodney Gould then put his blanket on him.  We told him that there are other champions waiting to greet him in the state where he belongs--Kentucky.  He told us he already knew he was loved here and will never, ever forget it. 

Rodney Gould is an exemplary horseman and handler.  Allers, therefore, is traveling in very confident and capable hands.  Prior to loading, Allers was longed a bit.  As he was traveling around in his royal blue blanket, he did not look the horse in the photos taken by Kristen when she first saw him.  He didn't even look 27.  He has transformed.  The years when love and care may have been absent or slim evaporated.  He was transformed.  He moved with amazing grace and confident demeanor.  He simply looked like a champion race horse ready for his next big race and held his head in a way that expressed confidence in winning.  Clever Allemont loaded into the trailer like he couldn't wait to get to the starting gate!

Kristen is going to call me in midday.  I will post other updates throughout the day.

I have tears running down my face because he is no longer with me, but I am also experiencing a state of tremendous pride...not because we were involved in his survival but because Clever Allemont has absolutely never ceased to be a champion.

The Ottawa Herald newspaper out of Ottawa, Kansas covered the story.  They did a terrific job.  It should be online no later than midnight (and possibly by 10 pm.)  There will also be online video.  Kristen is going to try to get photos of him at Old Friends emailed back so those photos can be included.

You have all become a very special circle of friends to us.  Thank you for loving Clever Allemont.  I hope you all are able to visit him (he loves carrots and apples.)

Jeanne Mason

Aller's foster mom

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Mel (meldundon)

From: Mel (meldundon)


Safe travels Kristen and a long happy life ahead for CA.   I may not have posted but have been watching and reading his beautiful story of rescue from day one.  Looking forward to pictures at his new forever home in Kentucky.  
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From: Weldon54


Jeanne, thank you and Ray for all the love you have shown this magnificent horse. I'm sure he knew what was going on.....they all do. I'm crying huge tears of joy for him and for all those who were a part of saving his life. God has a plan for him, just as he does for all of us.

I couldn't be happier. I'm in the trailer with him in spirit....we haven't broken into the song On The Rode Again yet. LOL! We will, though!

Safe travels, Big Guy! You deserve this homecoming and all the fans you are about to meet. You're finally getting all that you have deserved all these years of waiting.

This proves that miracles do happen....we just watched one unfold.

Thank you, Father, for watching over this beautiful horse that you love so much and for bringing him the right people. Thank you for giving him and his escorts to Kentucky a safe trip. Thank you for your precious miracles. In Christ's name we pray. Amen.

I can hardly wait to hear updates!



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From: MJ42903


Safe travels.
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I can barely write, the tears are contagious for this very special and gracious horse.  I will be waiting all day to hear the news that he has arrived safe and sound.  I am always on pins and needles when my horses travel and I am for this boy too.  He is like on those special horse that we all feel a part of even though we have not met him.  We all came together because of the love of Barbaro and most of loved him from a far too.  I had never felt so strong about a horse I had not met before Barbaro.  Now it has happened again with Clever Allemont.  I hope to follow his many progress for years to come.  Thank you so much for giving him what he needed to make this journey.

From: Guest


I wish you all could have personally met Clever Allemont because if you had, you would know what my heart knows--that horse is not really an elderly gentleman (he is one heck of a retired champion that is going to be making people happy for a long, long time!)

Thank you Old Friends for accepting Clever Allemont into your incredible home for race horses.

Jeanne Mason

Clever Allemont's foster mom (A title I'm going to retain for life as it makes me so very happy...)

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From: kckellsbells


Thank you for the update, Jeanne.  I will be checking the forum often today.
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Jeanne - I have been following this thread and want to thank you for taking such good care of this great horse. I hope to one day visit him (and all his new friends) at Old Friends.


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From: FriendofCA


Hi Ray and Jeanne,

I want to thank you and Kristen for allowing me to be part of CA's story, it's a great honor to be one of his angels and to be there to see him off this morning. I will never forget him and hope to travel to see him this year. I am praying for a smooth safe trip for the three of them.

God speed Clever Allemont.

You'll always be in my heart.

Dee Ramirez, Emporia Kansas


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From: Hulett


Oh Kristin, you are the angel in Clever Allemont's life. Thank you, thank you for not walking away from him. This story just goes to show how if given the opportunity people will step up and together work to correct a wrong. The story is magical and it was started because of love. I always think of Ferdinand, which his story made a dramatic change in how I look at racing and the people who are entrusted with these champions. Well kido, God put the right person in the right place at the right time. Thank you, I think I hear some bells ringing because you have just earned your wings! Linda

P.S. I think you are traveling with CA to Old Friends. If given a chance please give Swans Way a hug and kiss from his friend Linda in Texas.