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Clever Allemont's Miracle   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


I read quickly through all the posts. It's just amazing! Thanks to everyone for the support and love for Clever Allemont. This has been the most incredible day. I hardly know where to start.

It began with Michael's tour this morning. It is just an unbelievable place, all about the love of the horses. Their stories are unique--heartwarming or heart-wrenching--but the focus is on the positive here.

Dr. Byars was out (incredible man) and gave Allers an exam. Good heart rate and no heart murmur. He has some ossification in his rear muscles, but nothing painful. All in all, he got a clean bill of health.

Of all the things I have seen and done this trip, nothing comes close to the moment when Allers was turned out this morning. It was unseasonably warm. His blanket was removed, and Michael led him out where he was greeted by his new neighbors and Allers called back in return, remaining a perfect gentleman. Once in the paddock, he broke into a beautiful, breath-taking trot. Michael said for Allers: "I'm ready for my dressage class now." I just can't explain--but that is what this was all about, the moment in my book that defined it all. He truly is an incredible horse.

Then we were skirted away to the Kentucky Training Center for the radio program (must get Internet address for you). What an experience! The talk is nothing but horses and racing, while out the window the horses are breezing something from a movie.

Upon returning to Old Friends, we found a tour--stopped at Allers' paddock! And he was at the rail, obviously enjoying his attention and carrots--a natural at his new career. It was like he has been here for years. He's got it!

A local televison station was here and did an exceptional job. We saw it on the news and it was the lead story: "What's all the fuss about a 27-year-old one-eyed stallion?" After the homicides, etc--there was the story, the miracle of Clever Allemont, the feel-good story everyone has fallen in love with. I want to make this available to everybody who has followed the story. Allers looked so GOOD.

There was a trip to the Horse Park, Dr. Byars farm--just a whirlwind. When we got back, Diane had checked on Allers to find him laying down, sound asleep in his stall. Stardom had exhausted him.

I wish we could be here for a few more days, but it will be back to business as usual as Winding Road. This is a horse lover's heaven, a paradise like no other, a once in a lifetime thing. I will treasure every moment. The hospitality is off the scale, as is a genuine love for the horses. There is no better place in the world for Clever Allemont to be--a scary detour, but this is what the stars aligned to bring about. He's home, guys.

Clever Allemont is home!



From: bb1msu1


He looks great.  I love his new halter.  Where is the dirt?  He sure looks spiffy.  You'd never know he was on a trailor for 12 hours yesterday.  What a happy boy!  He looks a bit ribby but the way he is chomping on the snacks he wont look that way long.  Good job to everyone:)  Diane

From: Guest


To the wonderful photographer, thanks for posting the photos. Isn't he stunning??
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KYsally (kwsally)

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Thank you so much for everything you have done for this wonderful guy.  Your update was great - CA is enjoying his new home - and you enjoyed your day - as crazy as it was.  Thank you so much!



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Thank you Candiee Chavez (hope I have that right) for the pictures!!! WE LOVE PICTURES!!!