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*secret02871's herd* would love "Angels"   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 1/7/09 by Guest; 1 views.

From: Guest



Just an update on how the gang is...

Chino, an FOB save from Camelot in NJ, is still here hanging out. He's doing much better on the ground, and once the weather breaks, if still here, he'll go into a "boot camp" under saddle ;) He'd really appreciate an angel or two through the winter months....

chino_buck.jpg Yeah, that's what snow makes ponies do! picture by meerkatri

Nathan, an FOB save from Camelot in NJ, is still here, but does have another foster situation pending that should bring him more exposure to the Arabian Endurance world..... fingers crossed! While he's still here he'd love a farrier angel... he's getting a trim this Friday, and that's $40....

flaming_nate2.jpg Nathan picture by meerkatri

Clint, an FOB save from ME (was to be Amished), is still here, but should be leaving any day now! He was fully fundraised through January 15th, so doesn't need a cent, unless donating in his honor suits you! ;)

clint112708.jpg Red Star Clint picture by meerkatri

All of the above in blue are also considered NEER fosters, and any donations toward them are tax-deductible. To donate through NEER please PayPal but make sure you mark it - Jill's foster Chino/Clint/Nate


Now these are my current long-term FOB saves from AC4H broker lot:

Delia has gained a tremendous amount of weight, looks great per vet, still has a heart murmur of a grade 1, but is NOT pregnant! Yea!!!

delia-1.jpg Pretty Delia! picture by meerkatri

Dora is perky, wonderful, aged at 25+, looks pregnant, but may also have cushings. Vet doubts pregnancy, if she continues to show signs we will pull a blood test (we don't want to sedate her for a rectal at her age/thinness if we don't have too!)

d2.jpg Dora in the snow.... picture by meerkatri

Elijah K... who's currently being called G-Raff.... and I think I'm calling him "Worth the Risk" will be arriving this Saturday :) :) :)

elijah_k.jpg Elijah K picture by meerkatri

Support is ofcourse welcome on the above three, it is winter, so money is thin due to a decrease in lessons (no indoor!!), but that would come to me directly, PayPal and is NOT tax-deductible!

Thanks for all the continued support. It is always much appreciated. I will have new pics up this weekend. It's been so cold, slushy and wet that pictures have not been on my mind while there!!! ;)



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From: kmarchman


Jill - do you still have Sir Ulrich? Hope I spelled that right!



From: Guest


He found a wonderful trail-riding home about an hour north of me :) Spoiled backyard pet! He was SOOOOO EASY, that part of me wanted to keep him, but then seeing their place, with rolling acres of grass, and semi-retirement (being that he is now 19) I said yes, you can adopt him, and if the point ever comes that he needed a place I would always make room. He was a very happy ending :) Thanks for asking about him!
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From: kmarchman


That's great news - he was a favorite of mine. Give us an update if you go and visit him!



From: Guest


I plan to visit him when the weather warms up ;) He'll always have a spot in my heart, he is just a noble, kind old soul with so much left to give!
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From: Guest


Here's the boy from the "Christmas Miracle"

Elijah K - now "Worth the Risk" aka "Risky".... he is a doll! Out of all the horses that have come through my doors, he is the QUIETEST YET!

risk.jpg Worth the Risk picture by meerkatri


And here is the crossbred mare privately pulled from the broker lot a month ago who is a fellow boarder "Ransom"

She went down a few days after getting here, had gas colic, and was quite thin. Took 5 people to get her up, emergency vet call - and look at her today! Jenn is doing a wonderful job with her :)

ransom.jpg Ransom picture by meerkatri


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From: Guest


See above post :)
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From: Rox_M


Hi Jill,

Your horses all look fabulous!  I was wondering if you have any face shots of the crossbred mare that show her markings?  I was SO relieved that she was pulled from the lot and found a private home.  You can email me privately if you want to.  Thanks :-)  

P.S.  The snow shot of your big girl's face should be a Christmas card!!


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From: keb273


Thank you for directing my attention here.  So glad everyone is doing well!  Are these uploaded to photobucket so I can crosspost to AC4H group or do I need to save and crosspost that way?  Thanks so much for taking them in and for all of the updates!  So glad the crossbred mare is doing better.  She certainally looks better!

From: Potsdam2


Thanks for the update. What breed is G-Raff? Susan