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Barbaro Breakfast at Museum   Barbaro and Family

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From: Guest


Hi all. Thought I would join the discussion since I've been hearing from some of you individually. I wanted to clarify a few things for everyone. The breakfast is at the Kentucky Derby Museum which is a non-profit organization geared towards the preservation of the Derby history and traditions. We are not funded by Churchill Downs and the event is not hosted by Churchill Downs.

We are very excited to host this breakfast with the Jacksons on April 26th. Please dress as you would like. There is no dress code for this event. Everything from hats to jeans are welcome. You are welcome to sit in groups as you choose.

We will offer an upscale, hot gourmet breakfast but the real benefit of this event is to spend time with the Jacksons, hear the fascinating stories about the making of this incredible sculpture by Alexa King and how close she became to this horse during the process, and to be the first in the country to see a special tribute exhibit dedicated just to Barbaro.

We are still finalizing our costs to put this event on... it is Derby week and prices we face are through the roof... We guarantee at least 50 dollars will go towards Laminitis and more will be tax deductible we hope. I should receive the final word on that shortly.

The time of the dedication ceremony is up to Churchill Downs. We hope to hear the official word by early next week--- we are waiting right along with you. They are aware of the breakfast schedule.

We will open our long balcony (which overlooks the sculpture area) exclusively to breakfast attendees. The large space outside of the museum on the ground level is owned by Churchill and we cannot section an area for our guests. The ceremony is scheduled to be a short, standing ceremony. We are grateful so many of you are willing to travel extensively to make the journey in Barbaro's honor.

Hope this clears things up. If anyone wants to email me, feel free...  

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From: midknight1


Thanks for letting us know the additional info!  I'm very much looking forward to attending the breakfast, seeing the exhibit and touring the museum.   


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From: pepsmom1


Wendy, thank you for sharing this information with the FOBs. We are looking forward to all the wonderful festivities associated with the unveiling at Churchill and at the Museum. It is going to be a weekend to remember!

Sally in Indy

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From: kimmypoto


Thank you for clearing up some questions that we had, Wendy.  We are all looking forward to spending time at the Kentucky Derby Museum and Churchill Downs during the weekend of April 25-26. 


Kim Potochnik

Indianapolis, IN

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From: JeriC27


Thank you so very much for the additional information on the breakfast.

We are looking forward to attending!!!

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From: MJ42903


Oh this sounds just wonderful.  We would travel long and far for that horse.
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From: MJ42903


We have another thread going on this event so I will repost your message there so everyone gets the news.
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From: LuvBarbaro


Thanks for the information-- it sounds like everyone will be graciously welcomed to this very special dedication  honoring Barbaro.   How wonderful to be united with Barbaro fans to celebrate this timeless tribute to his greatest racing achievement.