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Barbaro video walking: December 20th   Barbaro and Family

Started by alexbrown4; 65 views.

From: alexbrown4


This is video footage that Penn took of Barbaro and made available to the media on december 20 (the footage used for GMA, HRTV etc).

Be aware, Barbaro's gait is unusual and deliberate. The video shows him walking, and also has a close-up shot of his right hind leg. Barbaro has only recently been free of any support on that right hind leg and this is the first footage of him walking etc.


From: baryder


Thanks Alex,again.!It kind of makes me a little squemish to look at though,it looks

uncomfortable,and awkward.God love him for his courage,and heart.

Barbaro God Bless You.


From: Guest


His gait looks normal to me when you look at his body, there is no readjustment of any part of his body whatsoever. He does look like he walks as if the cast is still on the right rear, plus I hear there is some fusion in the joint. All in all it looks great to me. Thanks Alex for sharing this video!


From: lisainco


So, Alex, what do you think when you see him walk - seems to me his gait will get better as he gets stronger - Also, seems to me amazing he does so well considering all he has gone through - Hard to think of him as he was at the KD, but to me, he seems like an amazingly smart, bright, adaptable, athletic boy who has amazing brains, braun and personality....

I want little Baby Barbaros....and i think we are going to get them....


From: SusanE830


I think he looks pretty darn good!

From: luvbobby7


Thanks, Alex! It's great to see him out and about minus the cast! Betty

From: joannefrank


Thanks for thinking of us Alex - you know when you see this raw footage it looks better than the short excerpt that they showed on GMA. God bless this strong and brave horse,

Barbaro horse of forever!

Joanne in NJ


From: Guest


thank you alex for posting this --every time i watch it, i see something new.  i tend to agree with nancy, he looks like he's still compensating for a cast, notice how he's lifting the right lower leg up, like he's still trying to shake the weight of the cast off...i think that as he realizes the cast is no longer there, he'll not raise the leg so much, but alex, you see him several times a week now, if not daily, is his gait better?

his shoulder, front end and top line seem pretty normal and relaxed, too...what an amazing athlete that horse is!

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From: beverly25410


His joint is fused so it is like he is walking with no movement in his ankle.

From: Guest


Alex, do you think Barbaro will ever be able to be turned loose in a paddock just to move on his own.  It looks like he is close to striking his front feet with the right back hoof while just walking.  At a faster gait (whatever that might be for Barbaro) would this happen?  I realize his back leg needs to strengthen up but it looks so very thin now.  Just worried.