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URGENT-3-Strikes Horses Need Funds!!   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: JerryFinch


Trying to get an update going, but phone calls, vet visits, etc keep getting in the way. I did promise, so here's what I got --

Even more HSUS folks showed up today. These people are coming from all over the country, even from Philly, and will be around until this is closed and they are no longer needed.

The Coggins will be back probably Wednesday, but at the latest on Thursday.

Anyone wanting to adopt or claim a horse needs to contact either Michelle Conner at 719-651-3662 or Hilary Wood at 719-481-1490. Both are from Front Range Equine Rescue and will be doing all the adoption/release paperwork.

Thanks to Jim and his belived Bobcat, the whole arena and all the pens were cleaned today. Water tanks scrubbed and filled and new hay for everyone. We had folks that just dropped by for a visit out there scooping poop.

One older lady came by just to look, which she did, and she started crying. I asked Jim to show her around a bit, just to reassure her that the living will remain living. She was very thankful for his tour.

The story of the day, however, occurred in the PG mares pen where a momma dropped her foal about 8:30 this morning. Momma is super skinny and is devoted to the hay pile, too devoted it seems to pay any attention to what was happening behind her, and the cold, wet baby never even tried to stand up. It would raise its head then plop back down again shivering. I tried to get in the pen but momma decided that I was a bad thing and was ready to attack.

Several people stood on the other side of the fence, waiting to see if the baby did anything that new born foals should do, but it never happened. FInally, with enough leg movement, the foal pushed itself close enough to the fence that the HSUS volunteers reached under and pulled it through. Momma never even blinked.

They wrapped in in a blanket, I ran to get milk, but it wouldn't suckle. It was a premmy by the shape of its little feet but we still wanted it to live.

Finally I put it in the back seat of my rental car (Please, never tell Avis) and drove her 50 miles to the vet clinic where Doc started warming her up. I had to leave, knowing prehaps that the baby would never make it.

Doc called as we were closing up this afternoon - "Just wanted you to know that we tubed the baby several times, got lots of fluid in her and as of about an hour ago she's standing on her own. Looks like she's going to make it."

Well, that brought tears to the eyes of a number of people. Not me, of course, because I'm one tough SOB, but I think Jim ever teared up. Not sure because I got dust in my eyes. It was really windy, you understand.

And every day, in every way, the horses are getting better and better.



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From: Guest


Hey Jim, have you had a chance to get any sleep yet? I can come down and help out for a while on tuesday but then not again til thursday and friday. Sounds like they were kinda growchy about having hay in the arena. We will man some rakes when this is all done. We will hold out the offer of a cold one for you when this is done and maybe we can come check out your place. We are in the phone books.

Dave Huss

PS What you said about the horses looking you in the eyes is true. Voodoo did that with me while in the trailer waiting for a tow rope so I could pull them all the way to the gate. He was standind in there with his head hung down and when I spoke his name he lifted his head and stared into my eyes....amazing


From: Guest


"Well, that brought tears to the eyes of a number of people. Not me, of course, because I'm one tough SOB, but I think Jim ever teared up. Not sure because I got dust in my eyes. It was really windy, you understand."

I am glad you are a tough SOB. It brought tears to my eyes, too. If you can't feel for the horses, you wouldn't be the man for the job.


From: Natrlhorse


Jerry we extended an offer to a few individuals to help haul some of these mustangs within the local area. We're 350 miles from Alliance in CO, have a 24' (nice) stock trailer and mustang/longears experience. We're only available on certain days so some advanced warning is needed, we would have been up there helping haul them out of strike out initially if we weren't snowed in here. Hoping this snow business quits pretty soon, I thought it was supposed to be spring.

From: CherylJone2


uhoh...somebody rang your bell, huh?

From: Guest


Well Jerry I hope your eyes are ok:-) If you ever need, I have a shoulder that is open for you to wipe the "dust" out of your eyes on. Thanks again for all you do.

From: really920


Thank God Jim was there hopefully he handed you a kleenex.  I still haven't heard what I am waiting to hear but I will behave and be patient.  It's hard though.

From: Guest


Me cry? DAMNED RIGHT....You got me blubbering like a damned kid, you did it today and yesterday when you started again....ya can s..t a s....r Jerry, wasn't no wind yesterday...anyway you people didn't sign on here to listen to 2 old barstaids cry in their geritol...this damned thing is a mess!
I wanna know the big news of the day, what's the DOW Jones average doing?
Is there gonna be weather tommorrow, anyone seen Jerry's chicken... I wanna know what I missed the last 9 days... I can't eat at home no more, if it ain't wrapped in paper I can't eat it...thanks Jerry!
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From: Guest


You, Mr. Weber, have the best sense of humor!!

You need to find a hat with the infamous line . . . "Go ahead, make my day."

You certainly made mine!   LOL 

~ Kat in NC ~

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From: VABarb


Be glad you're not in central Montana -- we're expecting a couple of feet of snow.  It just started coming down and the flakes are as big as a chicken sandwich.

My poor calf... :-(