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STRATEGY FOR WEEK OF APRIL 20   Anti Slaughter Issues

Started by Debra, WI (DebraWI); 1128 views.
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Debra, WI (DebraWI)

From: Debra, WI (DebraWI)


Great! Thanks Ceej.
I'll be in touch soon.


Debra, WI - Americans Against Horse Slaughter

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From: Guest


no new news today re cosponsors - hoping now that all are back AND [allegedly] at work, things will resume happening.
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Debra, WI (DebraWI)

From: Debra, WI (DebraWI)


good news locally though... Applause for State Senator Plale!


P. O. Box 7882 Madison , WI 53707-7882

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Senator Jeff Plale

April 21, 2009 608-266-7505

Plale Introduces Bill to Prevent Slaughter of Horses

MADISON - State Senator Jeff Plale (D – South Milwaukee ) has reintroduced legislation that would ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the State of Wisconsin .

Senator Plale’s concerns regarding this issue arose when the Illinois legislature banned the practice in its state several years ago, forcing the closure of a horse slaughtering plant in DeKalb , Illinois . “When the Illinois plant closed, I became concerned about the possibility of relocating it just across the border in Wisconsin ,” Plale explained, “and I certainly don’t want that practice happening in this state.”

In 2007, the last three remaining horse slaughtering plants in the United States, two in Texas and one in Illinois, closed due to state law. These three plants were owned by Belgian companies and served a European market in which human consumption of horses is a more acceptable practice.

In recent months, the Illinois legislature has begun working to overturn its horse slaughter ban in order to reestablish this business in its state. Montana is introducing legislation which would encourage the construction of horse slaughter plants there. Additionally, other states are introducing resolutions which oppose HR 503, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, a federal bill that would ban horse slaughter nationally.

While no horse slaughtering plants have ever existed in Wisconsin , Senator Plale’s legislation would ensure that none are allowed to locate here in the future. This bill is necessary at this time because other states are introducing resolutions and legislation which are in favor of horse slaughter. “The message I want to send with this legislation is, do not even think about locating a horse slaughter plant in Wisconsin because you’re not welcome here.” Plale said.

“Horses are farm animals, they are companion animals, they’re racing animals, and they’re beautiful animals. They serve many, many wonderful purposes and food shouldn’t be one of them.” Plale continued.

Plale’s bill banning the slaughter of horses for human consumption is Senate Bill 142. It was introduced on March 31st and referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Higher Education where it is now available to be scheduled for a public hearing.

Senator Plale acknowledges that introducing the bill is just the first step. “If this is something you really care about, let your legislator know that. If it’s important to an awful lot of people back home, it’s going to become important to their legislators.”


Debra, WI - Americans Against Horse Slaughter

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From: jakejake17


hello c jaffe 1  thanks for the doulble space list. i wear tri focals, so i need all the help i can get.  working hard on phonecalls, and now i have my fax macine going. thanks so much.  ruthie   fob

From: Guest


my pleasure! Thanks for being on board to help the horses.

From: Guest


I just posted the WI info in its own Thread in this Folder.

Is there any specific action we are being asked to take re this?


specific action we are asked to take re the WI anti HS bill, is in post 2 of the thread noted above -

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Just looked at and went "WOW" when I saw we have FIVE new cosponsors for HR 503 for a grand total of 120. They are:

Rep Campbell, John [CA-48] - 4/21/2009
Rep Pierluisi, Pedro R. [PR] - 4/21/2009
Rep Fattah, Chaka [PA-2] - 4/21/2009
Rep Davis, Susan A. [CA-53] - 4/21/2009
Rep Davis, Danny K. [IL-7] - 4/21/2009

and then I went to S 727 and lo and behold we have TWO new cosponsors in the Senate as well, raising number to 16:

Sen Burris, Roland [IL] - 4/21/2009
Sen Kennedy, Edward M. [MA] - 4/21/2009

Great work, everybody who's been working on this.

Will get the revised lists up shortly at Comments and via editing my earlier posts on this Thread. Just wanted to give you all a nice rush like I got when I saw the news!

(Deb you'll want to edit your post 1 as well...)

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Debra, WI (DebraWI)

From: Debra, WI (DebraWI)


Yes!! Very Cool! Will update the current strategy list in a bit:)

Debra, WI - Americans Against Horse Slaughter

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From: really920


Debra you need to hotlink AAHS in your signature : )


PS Don't ask me how LOL. Mary helped me.

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From: MaryLOhio


I think she does but when she goes in and edits, she is not selecting "edit html" and not doing that will "kill" any signature/html linking.

Usually happens with browsers other than Internet explorer (as it has the WYSIWYG/Source Options)

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