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The Nebraska 200/Homes needed!   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


You know Jerry, I wish you'd e-mail this Fields guy and invite him up here, I'd love to show this " person" what killed these horses. I'd like to see him wade ass deep in a cold lake and see where Meduna drug horses, I'd like to show Fields' where Meduna drug colts into ravines and tried to hide them, I'd like the idiot Fields to explain to me why a person could take hours and hours of time to pile and line up carcasses, but couldn't take an hour out of his day to feed the horses.
I'd like Fields' to explain to me why Jason could afford custom made chaps and 300 dollar belt buckles, new "cowboy" hats and leather purses, but couldn't pay for hay, vet bills or the care for other peoples horses.
I'd like Mr. "ignorant" Fields to come here, stand in my face and explain how starvation becomes a disease of the inflicted victim and not the fault of the jerk who signed for the horses and didn't take care of them in the first place.
You people in Medunas' Court come forward and show me proof of disease, I'll take you on sight to the "killing fields" and let your nostrils fill with the putrid aroma of rotting flesh, I'll show you handfuls of worms inside body cavities that are only there because some "horse whispering, purse carrying, horse killing idiot didn't know squat about horses.
I'd be real attentive Mr. Fields, listening to you ramble on till you step into some area you know nothing about... then I'd show you where this size 10 1/2 poop stompin boot fits.....(Damn I'm

Fields has the gonads of a gnat, he wouldn't dare come to the fairgrounds at Bridgeport and present his case to the group of fantastic volunteers who have worked for 17 days so far,making right someone elses' evil scheme.
Fields ain't sent in one dime to help this cause out.
If he really cared he'd show up. We have had people from all over the country come here. We had a guy here from Saunders County today that would swear on a bible that this wasn't Maduna's first murder of horses...
Fields wants to sucker all the volunteer drivers into a panic, simply because we took over 200 horses off of a private property because some one was starving horses. HE'd love to make a case for slaughter out of this rescue, but he knows damned well it would be too costly if these horses went to slaughter. Everyday you worm a horse, means 60 days you can't use that animal for slaughter, everytime you administer any medication not approved for slaughter within a certain withdrawl period means you can't slaughter that animal for upwards of 90 days... If I worm my horses every 60-90 days, when does it become feasable to slaughter?
Makes you kind of wonder how safe the horse meat would be for export purposes then doesn't it?
I wonder if the government inspectors are constantly monitoring horse carcasses for injection sight damage or organ absorption...
I'll bet horse meat is a really good item to export .... How many horse feeders would be willing to pour the feed into these horses like we did, just to keep them alive? I'll bet horse feeding isn't very cost effective....40-50-lbs of feed for 2 lbs of gain per day isn't very efficient to me...grass at $6.00 per acre and hay at $85 per ton figuring 47 lbs. a day..... no thanks think I'll stay with home raised beef Mr. Fields. Of course if you feed like Meduna did and the worms take over you don't have to eviscerate or bleed a horse, it's all done "naturally! ( case in point Mr. Fields).
OF course if you starve them to death it remains to be seen how humane that is next to stunning or stabbing...... You picked the wrong side of this issue Fields... Birds of a feather flock and squat together.... you and Meduna make a fine pair of scavengers won't get these horses, you can bank on it.... Thanks to heroes like Jerry and the volunteers the horses are not dead.
Final point...if this was disease, Mr. Fields would have to prove to me how it only affected the horses, not the coyotes, not the antelope and not Medunas dogs, cats, peacocks, chickens or ducks...He' seems to be telling me this "disease is species specific and it only kills starving horses whose stomachs are full of sand....Makes sense to me.........

Till you've walked the miles I have in these moccasins Mr.Fields.....
James C.Weber
5801 Sarpy Road
Alliance, Nebraska
Mr. Fields" doesn't have the intestinal fortitude of a maggot with scours to come here , stand in my face and prove his case. He sits in his cold little dingy cell and spouts off about disease and not about the sick demented Meduna., but he doesn't know, he hasn't seen the horses and he ain't met me when I'm Mad....


From: MaryDS1


KV Vet Supply is the company I contacted when we first started working on this rescue... they sent the original donation of the wormer - 175#s.  I got this as an email.  I had no idea they continued to donate.

Thank you KV Vet Supply!

Dear Mary,
Offer Code 09843021
KV Vet Supply donates needed medical and nutritional supplies to rescue effort for neglected herd.
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Equine Professionals

KV Vet Supply donates needed medical and nutritional supplies to rescue effort for neglected herd.

David City, NE April 29, 2009:
When news of the dire situation at the 3-Strikes Mustang Ranch in Bridgeport, NE broke on Tuesday, April 21, few employees at KV Vet Supply in David City, NE realized how close to home the story from 370 miles away would hit. But Dr. Richard Porter DVM, of KV Vet Supply immediately recognized the ranch owner as the man who had taken one of his horses. I was worried sick for my Quarter Horse gelding Best Hobby Yet said Dr. Porter, "The reports from the ranch were not good."

And there was plenty of bad news to make him worry. Initial reports from the mustang rescue ranch, indicated more than 60 horses dead and at least 100 in critical condition. Morrill County sheriff's deputies had discovered the horses, living in crowded, filthy pens without access to proper food or fresh water. They were severely emaciated and suffering from overgrown hooves and other medical conditions. The final count would increase to 74 dead and 211 sick. "It was a terrible situation," stated Dr. Porter "This man took my horse without authorization. Then he disappears off the radar only to show up again in this nightmare."

While waiting for news of his horse, Dr. Porter joined KV Vet Supply's effort to assist the rescue operation. One hundred and seventy-five pounds of Safe-Guard wormer was immediately shipped to the site to treat the severe worm infestation in the herd. And after consultation with Dr. Raymond Metzner, owner of KV Vet Supply, an additional shipment of needed supplies including Gluquestrian, BCAA Complex 2, Antioxidant Formula, Brace Yourself, AniFlex, FasTrack, Apple Horse Snacks, Lamina Saver, Kopertox and Venice Turpentine is being shipped out. And KV also worked with officials from Farnam Companies, Inc. to coordinate a shipment of 100lbs. of Equi Aid Natural Psyllium fiber to help the horses pass the sand that had been ingested at the sparsely vegetated sandhills ranch.

Volunteers from two horse rescue groups and other community volunteers moved the living but sickly animals to the local fairgrounds over a three day period to receive treatment. Three veterinarians led the horses move and eight veterinary students from the University of Nebraska and Iowa State University photographed and examined the horse, and treated them for parasites.

It wasn't until April 21st  that Dr. Porter received news of his horse. "I was relieved to say the least," he said. Dr. Porter's horse was among the 211 surviving animals. "And I'm thankful for all those who responded so quickly to the rescue effort. And it's an ongoing effort. I estimate my horse is at least 150 to 200 pounds underweight and will take several months to gain that weight back. It's going to be a long road for all these animals. With 74 dead animals it’s a tragic situation really. We're fortunate to have the opportunity to help save as many animals a s we can."
Dr. Richard Porter's quarter horse gelding Best Hobby Yet at the Morrill County Fairgrounds. Best Hobby Yet was one of 211 neglected animals rescued from the 3-Strikes Mustang Ranch. This picture unfortunately represents the condition of many of the horses found on this ranch. Photo taken 4/27/09.

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From: PreciousSOH


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From: MaryDS1


Wow Jim - you amaze me..... powerful writing.


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From: niteridge49



I realize that this thread is for Help, Donations and Logistics...BUT...MY GOD THAT WAS F****** BRILLIANT!

I relished every word you wrote...your passion is laid bare for all to see...well done Jim...WELL DONE.


From: Blueshadow5


Not to mention that babies being born of starving mothers today, some not making it themselves, were bred by stallions on that property at latest last JUNE, 2008. Great stuff. Everything looked "good" last fall? Anyone notice the mass and uncontrolled breeding operation in place?

I'm sure the mainstream press (including NPR) don't get that.

"Yeah, send me your stallion mustang.... because I'm the only one that can really help him."   

Final request:

Anyone continuing to support Three Strikes, PLEASE stop sending/forwarding me emails which implicitly or explicitly support them. I am simply not interested in reading them. If this had been your least favourite rescue, you'd have been all over it.

That doesn't mean our personal relationship is extinguished. Just delete me from the email list. Thanks.    

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From: midknight1


Thanks for posting the info Mary and special thanks to KV vet.  I will be giving them some business after learning about their generosity towards this rescue effort. 



From: midknight1


Here's the link for KV Vet who helped with many of the wormers and other supplies needed.  I went to their contact page and sent them a thank you note.

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From: greyfel



What you and Jerry and all of the super people there have done is amazing.

I am going to send $ to Habitat for Horses in one week. I have it on my calendar, I am waiting for a check to come in that will cover it. Would send some now, but am a little short this week.


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From: Guest


'A maggot with scours'!!!  Loved it.  Awesome Jim.  You go boy!!