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Retiring Pay Attention - Top Bunk horse   Horse Racing

Started by alspharmd; 294 views.
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From: JudithinCA


he's gorgeous--so happy for you both.

From: joanne1314


He looks wonderful! Thanks for taking him in.
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From: MJ42903


Congratulations.  He is just gorgeous and such a big boy.  You can see the race horse in him.  The way he stands, etc.  He looks like he is right at home.  What a lucky boy as your place looks great.


From: mkmg365



I am very happy for you.  I know you've wanted this horse for quite awhile now.  I'm glad the owner finally realized that this horse was costing him more than he would ever see back in winner's purses.  Such is racing.

Gosh he seems so beautiful.  I'm sure he's a bit confused right now.  Who are you?  Why am I not at the track (although he may not miss it all that much)?  What is the future for me???  Am I safe???  All I can tell you is keep talking to him.  Keep telling him that he is safe.   Horses may not understand all that much human but they understand your body language and your tone of voice.  Always use the same voice when telling him that he is safe.  He'll figure it out in terms that he can understand.

I love that picture where he is ready to eat the camera!!!!  Let him snifff all he wants--don't let him bite the camera.  But let him see it.

Seems like he has a cow friend nearby.  Is that a Truffles lookalike or a Mocha lookalike.  Truffles belongs to Barb out in Montana.  You can find the adventures of Truffles somewhere in all these folders (I can never remember where...) and Mocha was Barbaro's friend in a field next to where Dr Richardson would graze Barbaro.

Some things to know.  Peyten probably won't know how to trot.  I'm talking regular trot.  And a canter to him is a full run.  Unless you have experience training ottb's--you really need a trainer that has this experience.  Go slow.  I know it'll be frustrating.  He may be weak on one side or the other.  Give him time to develop those muscles and tone.  He may or may not runaway with you.  I saw many ottb's as a kid do this.  Usually not in anger or fear.  Just that someone asked for a canter too soon and the horse got the signals mixed.  Be prepared to bail.  A flack jacket may not be a bad idea depending on the cost.  It could safe you alot in doctor's bills down the road.  I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a downer here.  I'm trying to be honest.

Seriously I wish you and Peyten the very best.  I'm glad this had a happy happy ending for both of you.  Give him a big smooch for me.


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From: CarolynBK


I'm so very happy for you Amanda - he's gorgeous!

From: PattyTx1


Amanda, this is such an incredible "high" for so many of us.  It sounds like the two of you were meant for each other. There's nothing like a girl and her horse.

Best wishes for a long happy life together.  (Egads, it sounds like your're getting married or something!)


From: Barbi1958


Thank you for doing this, what a great horse.