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Trooper update   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 7/29/09 by KCohen6; 6 views.

From: KCohen6


Trooper doesn't know how to be a HORSE! Poor Trooper, he has come back from such abuse and neglect. He has overcome so many odds of not making it. His back is scarred from where other horses bit him all the way down his spine. He is finally physically healthy enough to be in with other horses. Mentally is another thing. Tink would protect him with her life and only wants him as a baby. He is so afraid when she comes near her he runs full tilt to me. I put him out with Taffy as she loves everyone and he whinny's for me nonstop. He stays a good acre away from her. He doesn't understand horse language and its really tough. Do you think he will ever adjust? I finally have him out on a 3 acre pasture (which I Bushogged and was so stupid, it was 98 yesterday and I think I burned the grass in the sun.) Hopefully it will come back up.
Poor booger! Taffy calls to him to follow her and he looks at her and walks back to me or Olivia.

Trooper723.jpg picture by ksohmc

Trooper724.jpg picture by ksohmc



From: KCohen6


The lil guy is getting a little better while out on pasture.  Still gets nervous and runs to me for guidance instead of the mare. SIGH

From: Tracy101169


He looks beautiful. I hope he makes friends with the other horses soon!

From: really920


Look at Misty in this picture.  Kind or looks like Trooper's spots : )

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From: really920


This is her information


I was up until 3 putting together information on the Appaloosa. Her registered name is SKIPPERS LIL MISTY. Foal Date: 5/10/1999 Sire: HP SHOTGUN WILLIE Dam: MS STAR PIZAZZ AQHA - 2548239. She is registered in the Colorado Ranger Horse Association and also the Appaloosa Horse Registry. She was the NSBA World Champ western pleasure horse - placed second in adult showmanship - placed third adult walk/trot.

I have the contact information on her previous owner and will try to make contact with her today. I recognized the name of one of her precious owners and contacted a friend of mine that has appaloosas bred by this woman. He came down this morning to see her and is very interested in her. She will be vet checked for pregnancy.