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Dr. Richardson's BD/ UPenn   Barbaro and Family

Started by Deborah21CO; 28 views.

From: Deborah21CO


Dear Friends,

It is that time of year again, one month from Dr. Richardson's birthday.   This year, more than ever, with UPenn facing a 25% cut in their budget, I hope you will join me in donating to the Laminitis Fund or the Barbaro Fund in his honor.

Three years ago we were so filled with hope, joy and anticipation, watching Barbaro recover from his injury and waiting for the day when he could "go home".   The party for Dr. R. was grand indeed, and I know he appreciated every gift, card and good wish. 

Now I believe we are more determined than ever to be a group which leaves a lasting hoofprint, if you will, on the road to make life better for all horses.   Our hearts may have been broken, but in the process we became wiser, more resourceful and committed to the causes that Mrs. Jackson outlined on that bittersweet day.

I know that every penny is precious in this most scary economy.  But whatever you can spare will be used for much good and will be appreciated by UPenn many times over.   I'm sure someone still has the contact information for UPenn donations.  If so, please post.   I will be here as much as I can, but I know so many dear people will step forward to keep this bumped up.

I haven't thought about what to send on the day of his birthday, hoping that the vast majority of the money would go to the Laminitis Fund or Barbaro Fund.      Do we want to keep it very simple?  Perhaps a single rose to be presented with the check and (of course!) goodies for the donor horses?   Maybe someone close to the New Bolton Center (are you there, Padme?) could get a read on their preferences.   Not in a million years would I want to offend them in any way by doing something not to their liking.

Contact information is in post #128 of this thread.

So here we go.  

Debbie A. in CO

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From: LindaVA3


I plan to donate to the Barbaro Fund in honor of Dr. R.  This is the fund that goes to general equine health and medical equipment at New Bolton.  Seems like those areas will take a hit from the budget cuts.  I donate to the Laminitis Fund once a year, too, in honor of Barbaro and Secretariat. 

I think either fund would be an appropriate donation for those so inclined and able to do so.


From: Deborah21CO


Thank you Linda.   Yes, I agree the Barbaro Fund is also a very good choice.

From: marygran


I agree with donating to either Barbaro Fund or the Laminitis Fund in honor of his birthday.  I think that would be a perfect way to honor Dr. Richardson and the good work they do there!

Mary in MD

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Jo (LoveYouB)

From: Jo (LoveYouB)


Hi Debbie:  count me in, always!   ~~ Jo

From: turelsm


great i will give to barbaro fund and to lamntis fund
lets do this..
it is a chance to help NBC OUT OF A TERRIBLE FINANCIAl PICKLE. -cppunt me in for 100 fifty each -to nbc both funds
blessings and grateful
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From: MJ42903


Let's keep it simple this year and just donate right to UPENN.  I plan on doing so as we can state when we donate that it is for Dr.  Richardson.

From: janbot



You can count on me!   I'm donating to UPENN in honor of Dr. Richardson's birthday.  Thanks for getting this started!


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From: Guest


Does anyone know how UPenn notifies Dr. R about the donations in his honor? Do they send him a yearly letter notifying him or at the end of the month or what? I have donated in Barbaro's memory in the past so never thought about it before. I think a card and a flower would be nice to let him know that there are donations being made in his honor. I'm not sure about a rose, but I guess that is a tradition isn't it? I wish that this could be separate from Barbaro simply because I think that Dr. R still thinks of that as a loss. Maybe I'm wrong. I will be donating in his honor and I live in Wilmington so if you need me to do anything just write me. I am so glad you reminded me about Dr. R's birthday.