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Barbaro's Legacy Brunch Pictures   Barbaro and Family

Started by accoladesmum; 21 views.

From: accoladesmum


Hello All! In conjunction with the announcement of the auction totals, we are pleased to post the pictures taken at Barbaro's Legacy Brunch on July 19th at the Hilton Garden Inn:

brunchlogo3.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Our new banner (poor lighting - the banner is white)

BrunchMartitawelcome.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Martita welcoming all with open arms

BrunchMercy1.jpg picture by Ribbon514     BrunchMercy5.jpg picture by Ribbon514

The tables were set with either blue or green table napkins


Brunchcenterpiece2.jpg picture by Ribbon514     Brunchcenterpiece.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Two views of the beautiful centerpieces Mercy made - they were a decorated Kentucky Derby straw hat on a decorated pedestal with a hand painted Barbaro at the base. He has a green and blue silk wreath around his neck. On the opposite side of the base was a loving cup filled with blue silk flowers and white baby's breath trailing blue streamers. Mercy sold the centerpieces after the brunch to benefit the Mike Rea Recovery Relief Fund. 

Brunch-silentauction.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Silent auction table

BrunchMartitawithK-9s.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Martita with K-9's Blitzen and Donner.

BrunchRachandAaron.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Rachel holding a sleepy Aaron

BrunchRobinMercy-1.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Robin with Mercy who is modeling her beautiful hand crafted Kentucky Derby hat

BrunchJacobstylin.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Jacob stylin' in Mercy's hat

BrunchMercy3.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Blitzen, Donner, Margaret Ann (Gary's wife), Nancy Rea and Mary

BrunchRickwithhat.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Rick modeling a table decoration :)

BrunchMercy8.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Special guest Cpl. Gary Williams giving an emotional talk about his late partner, K-9 Rudy

BrunchMercy4.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Special guest Mike Rea sharing his future plans

BrunchMercy6.jpg picture by Ribbon514

Thoughtful Padme addresses the room

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Barbaro's Legacy Brunch.  The Hilton Garden Inn at Kennett Square was a gracious host and met our every need. The food was plentiful and delicious - I heard the mushroom soup was pretty tasty! It was a beautiful day of memories for all who joined us for the brunch and later at Delaware Park for the Barbaro Stakes.









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From: EileneWood


Mercy I  love the hats, simply gorgeous.

From: Otherlyn


Dear Fren Eilene,

Plans are in the works to make and auction high quality Kentucky Derby/BARBARO Stakes hats, (in Lael colors), for a fundraiser, next spring.

Looking forward...

Your FOB Fren, O


From: LindaVA3


Great photos!  Thanks for posting them.  And yes, the mushroom soup was YUMMY!  Even for breakfast LOL

From: kimmypoto


I would love to have one of these hats to wear on Derby Day.  They are gorgeous!

Kim in Indy


From: melody1963



Beautiful pics. Now i can put some faces to the names. Blitzen and Donner are such handsome dogs. I will definately have to make arrangements somehow to make it next year. It always seems like something crops up and I have to miss out on things. You and everyone looked so BEAUTIFUL!



From: pepsmom1


Thank you for sharing photos! So wish I could have been there - looks like a fabulous time was had by all!

Sally in Indy


From: accoladesmum


Linda, I still have to laugh over mushroom soup for a breakfast dish, I'm glad you liked it!  It was so nice to meet you and your husband Rick. Thank you for making the trip up north after the VA Derby to join us for brunch and the Barbaro Stakes.

(Who knew we'd witness the great Coffee Cake break his maiden?!) 


From: LindaVA3


I know!  Seeing Coffee Cake break his maiden ALMOST made up for not seeing Nicanor in the VA Derby.  Rob and I had a great time, but Rick belongs to Mary :)

From: accoladesmum


And Albert belongs to Carolyn ;)  That's them standing in the doorway of the pic with Martita and the dogs. Albert and Carolyn did a wonderful job manning the sign-in table and welcoming our guests. THANK YOU Albert and Carolyn - you rock!