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Camelot NJ now safe in NC!   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 9/6/09 by MustangsInNC; 63 views.
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From: SeeingSpot2


I am asking everyone to cross their fingers!! I have had a lot of tire kickers on Tess b/c she is a free adoption now. But I have had a very promising application sent in on her. They have sent me pics of the farm and emailed vet and personal references. I am going to check the vet references on Monday and then I am out to do a farm check. They seem like very good people with a good deal of horse knowledge!

I am very excited!


From: Guest


for sure, she looks a lot different!!!

I remember the day you got her...

Is the adoption free due to economy situations

and no luck with someone paying the fees? Hopefully Tess will find
a home within a descent driving time from you, and you can do

a drive by!!

We never know where our horses will end up, even

if someone pays several hundred and has a contract. Our newspaper here
wont even let someone put a pet/ horse in the paper for free.

I still choke over paying at Camelot, the bail is not bad,
its the coggins, then the 3% credit card fees.

Keep us posted on Tess.


From: Guest


Spot is beautiful..
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From: SeeingSpot2


Well, I think that the fact that there are a bunch of horses who are $100-$200 posted for sale all over, that many people think that it is just as good to buy one of those instead of pay an adoption fee for a rescued one. But the up side to the rescues is that you know what you are getting. They have all been seen by the vet, and all issues are out in the open. They have sent me their address to Mapquest, and they are within driving range. I will do a visit at 1 month to see how she is doing and then every three months after. She is very special to me and I am going to make sure she doesn't end up in another bad situation.

From: KathyElm


Ohh wow!! Tess has a big booty!!!  She looks awesome!!!!!

Thank you for helping her an taking her!\



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From: SeeingSpot2


Check out Tess in her new home...

I am so happy for her!


Here she is with Melissa, her new mom.

horses_004.jpg picture by seeingspotsfarm

Here she is with their other rescued horses. They adopted them from a rescye in Fla years ago. They are older horses as well.

horses_017.jpg picture by seeingspotsfarm

horses_015.jpg picture by seeingspotsfarm


horses_019.jpg picture by seeingspotsfarm







horses_018.jpg picture by seeingspotsfarm


Here is the update email I got from her today:


Tess and the guys get along extremely well. You would think they have been together forever. Roanie is usually the skeptic and it takes him time to adjust to new things but he accepted her as part of the family very quickly. You will usually find the 2 of them side by side. None of them stray very far from each other. Pretty much where one goes they all go.

We are all happy to have her here as part of the family. She is such a sweetheart and all 3 of the kids love her to death. 



From: MMM2009


What a wonderful update - thank you!

From: kckellsbells


Such happy news for Tess!