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ABR Future   General: Non-horse

Started by alexbrown4; 22868 views.

From: alexbrown4


Dawn is banned from ABR, which means she cannot post and she cannot have others post for her.

It has become apparent to me, in the last few weeks, that there is a distinct lack of confidence in how we run ABR.  There is a group within ABR which has a lack of trust in how we manage things here.  i guess that is a consequence of trying to manage a large community of people with somewhat diverse interests, even though we have one common goal. perhaps ABR has run its course.  perhaps not, but maybe things could be changed for the better.

I will take comments, upto november 25 (one month), regarding ideas for the future and future direction of ABR.  This includes not only this discussion board, but the main site and other related ABR sites.

If you have ideas, or simply want to share feedback on ABR, please feel free to post here.

cheers, alex


From: CherylJone2


hmmmmm   That's gonna take a lot of thought for me to put some ideas out in concise, simplistic form, but am very happy to have the opportunity to do that and thank you!

For now, just wanna say that I totally agree with your words on the objective, which I see is horse welfare, in all forms.  

Thanks again, Alex, and have a safe, happy Sunday.


From: SSefscik


Alex, I do not post frequently, but I have an avid interest in helping horses.  So much so that I have recently started a very small (3 acres, 2 mares so far) retirement home for older horses.

I would like to comment that I think ABR is doing far more good than bad.  I am familiar with the discussion regarding saving horses from slaughter and how the KB "make money" from ABR.  But anyone can ask the horses that are saved how they feel.

As for "bad" rescue groups/organizations, IMHO I think there are many more good rescues than bad.  More people striving to HELP vs. those interested in making a profit off raising money and then not feeding those rescue horses.  I know of at least SEVEN horse rescues/retirement organizations in Northern Florida alone that have done good work towards helping horses.   Only a few of those are on ABR. 

Let's not permit a vocal minority to direct us.

Best, Sue, Florida

Rockin' Horse Retirement


From: RoseannMO


I am always amazed when I read of dissention within ABR. I guess it is because I come here to read of needs to hopefully find something I can contribute to. I don't see or I ignore things that I find ridiculous or that I feel will run their course and then go away. To think of ABR as NOT being around makes me very sad. I believe with all my heart that the good outweighs the bad. I cannot imagine how much time and energy goes into managing this forum or all of the other aspects of ABR. Alex, this forum makes a difference in my life and I hope that because it does I will make a difference in ways that wouldn't have happened otherwise. If this forum ceases to be, I think I would be very lost.


KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


Alex - its been a few years now and I have to say that more good has come from TWR/ABR than bad. There are things I don't agree with but I try to hold my tongue - yes I have voiced my views a few times and have been told to stop - which I have. I respect you and your mods and I know it must be a tough job trying to keeps us all on the right track.

I don't really have any suggestions - but I would like to see ABR continue - I moved to NV to be with horses and adopted my Buddy because of this wonderful group. I have learned so much - about slaughter, rescues, horse health. I have met the most amazing people - some in person - LOL - I do have many friends here and I include you in that group. I would hate for this to all go away. Because of Barbaro we are all here.

Thanks Alex!



  • Edited 10/25/2009 3:41 pm by NV Sally (kwsally)

Alex,  I have no idea what happened with Dawn, but I am sorry to read this.  I also agree way more good is done then bad.  As for ideas, I don't feel that people should be able to delete their own post.  To often these post are were the truth and insight about them is.  Ideally no post should be deleted, but I understand their are site rules and laws that could cause an issue.  I also feel that the rescues that come here asking for donations must answer questions.  We have seen to many times that they are not what they seem. 

I am also going to do some thinking on other suggestions.  But I would not want to see this group go away, to much good has happened.  It is also a way to connect many different local people together.  I don't belong to any one in particular rescue forum, I like to have the choice of what I read and learn who I can trust. 


From: wit3333



I so agree w/RoseannMO. The good all of us do outweights the bad apples that are trying to upset the barrel. I have not been on much and when I am I have just been reading, not posting a lot. That said, I wouldn't know what to do without ABR. I feel a comfort knowing I can come to ABR and read about the horses that have been saved, and the horror stories too. Those stories make me dig deeper into my pockets!

I feel very close to Barbaro too when I came to ABR, please don't take that away. I thank you eveyday that you have allowed us this pleasure. As for any suggestings~~I have none~~just ignore the bad ones.....

Thanks Alex



From: sjpuleo



THis board helps horses that have no voices be heard and saved.  We do more good then bad.  Please do not let the voices of the pro-slaughter or the voices that like to de-rail threads that are started in hopes of rescuing the horses from DTS pens, killpens, feedlots, from neglect and abuse.  We need this board to help these horses in need.  We cannot lose this place to connect with the rescues that need our help or people that need help in saving some horses.

This is a community of thousands



Barb AZ (bkbeck51)

From: Barb AZ (bkbeck51)


Hi Alex,

I think for those of us "old-timers" who have been here since day one, this is a very sad situation. ABR has grown so much since we first started, and I honestly believe we are dealing with "growing pains."

I also agree with other posters here on this thread, and so much good has been done here! We need to try to work through this to continue this wonderful community.

I will put on my thinking cap to try to come up with some ideas.

Thanks for letting us be a part of this decision.


From: mkmg365



I know that every once in a while I do make a snippy retort.  But I try to limit them.  Then when I do make a snippy retort hopefully they're taken more seriously.

I'd like to think that more good has been done here than not.  We have several people here that have resources to Nicky and Lentenor than most of us have.  Sure we speculate on when or where he's racing.

And some have questioned how Baby J is and whether he's been weaned or not.  I don't know of those folks knowledge of horses so maybe they're asking in all sincerety.  I know I can't stand the name Babynor--rather than get into it--I just call him Baby J.

I've learned a lot about slaughter.  I know I don't post often in those threads.  They are so sad.  And rescues are also really sad. 

What concern's me is how do I know if a rescue is legit or not?  I think this is a question that many of us have had to deal and question in their hearts.  Sadly as we learned with 3 Strikes things are not as they seem sometimes.  Horses are not necessarily protected just because of a rescues 501.  It's a question you have to ask your heart--do you trust this rescue or not?  If so, great.  I know they would appreciate anything and everything you can do for them.  If not, those rescues would also appreciate you just not saying anything negative about them.

We have seen some horses fall through the cracks.  I know this is sad.  And I'm not saying otherwise.  But as in life; people fall through the cracks.  We have to find a better way.  The recent one that I read about I think the horse slipped by the SPCA.  I know all of this is bad.  And it's the horse who suffers.

But as Joe says--one day and one horse at a time.  We can only do so much.  Individually and collectively.

I think you and the mods have shown much tolerance for people's rants.  I know I've had my share of rants about the BLM.  I appreciate being able to come here and express my absolute frustration about how Cloud and his family has been treated.

We need people who are committed to helping horses and encouraging each other to stay here.  If all we can do is bash one another how does this help?  In real life, one of my very bestest bosses was someone who helped me learn to resolve personality conflicts at work.  Here I was some ah hum years and for the first time in my life I successfully resolved this without losing my job.  Bashing would have made a bad situation so much worse.  Instead, my boss chose to help me see where I was and where I needed to be and how to get there.  Tools for living.

Even if that commitment can only be verbal because of financial constraints we need those folks too.

If someone has PROOF that a rescue is NOT what they have proclaimed to be--we need certain folks (maybe a team or the mods--something like that) to be able to ascertain this information.  Then some kind of announcement can be made.

Let's all try to go back to what TWR and ABR came from.  TWR started as a result of a horrible horrible day in May 2006.  This is not bashing racing.  What happened to Barbaro was horrible.  But Barbaro helped me finally heal from Ruffian and Secretariat.  How?  I let myself cry for two straight weeks.  People couldn't understand why I cried so much.  Then when I told them it was about healing they understood.

I still don't really know what happened that last month of Barbaro's life.  I don't why he went downhill.  What I do is that both of us suffered tremendous battles that first week of January.  I had my near fatal car accident and Barbaro had that hoof surgery.  I know I gradually started healing and Barbaro got worse.

That awful Monday I was at work when I read those fateful words.  I screamed NO.  I cried, sobbed and shook all over.  I just couldn't believe that this wonderful horse didn't make it.

We had wonderful people here who helped others to start the healing process.

This site has been a headache and more to manage.  Maybe a poster who has been bashing people need to have their posting priviledges suspended for a few days--like you have done in the past for the main board.  Not necessarily banning--unless this is repetitive behavior.  Perhaps some kind of form letter that lets this person know what they are doing wrong--and what steps they need to take to improve their behavior is in order.

In any event Alex, no matter what you decide I have truly enjoyed this site.  I appreciate the work that you and our mods do each and every day.  Please don't think I take this site for granted.  While in some ways I consider it home it isn't my "home".  I know I really wouldn't like people coming into my home and bashing me or others.

Perhaps there is some way to ask other forums (the people who sponsor the forums--ie: Mzinga) for people's ISP addys and we can reciprocate.  That way we can maybe trace people who are using multiple addys and cut down on the bashers.