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NBAR/AC4H Help Save TB Classic Zeal CZ!   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: ac4h


Amanda - :>) I have unloaded and loaded thousands of horses.  This was a freak incident.  There were people all around and myself, a volunteer and a professional shippers husband all standing there when it happened.  Actually- he didn't even start to bleed until after he was fully off the trailer and we all looked at each other wondering where it was coming from!  We inspected the trailer - no sharp edges not even any blood or hair from where he was unloaded. 

I wish that we could wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent but unfortunately accidents happen no matter who is there handling, helping or attempting to prevent.

I watched a gorgeous TB gelding take a bad step off a low step up trailer and break his leg... freak accident.  I watched a horse get loose go bucking across the parking lot and break it's leg... freak accident.  They do happen and it's very unfortunate.

I am very thankful that doc was there to take care of this horse so quickly and that he has "another chance" at life thanks to the teamwork of so many.

Have a great day everyone and I hope this explanation helps so that no one thinks that this was anything but an accident.


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From: ac4h


Amanda not sure how you got info since you and I haven't spoken and there were only 3 people there me, volunteer and Alyce's husband who was standing on the sdie of the trailer and had an obstructed view. 

You and I haven't talked so you obviously didn't get the info from me so therefore you have speculation...  but since I was there personally I can assure you that the horse wasn't unloaded backward. 

Even if he was unloaded backward that wouldn't have caused a cut...  accidents are accidents because they cannot be avoided.  What caused his cut was him simply pulling his leg back up - that simple.  These are his front legs so obviously if he was going backward he would have hurt his back legs. 

I think a lot of you Amanda and have always appreciated your support but I really would appreciate since I was the one there and personally say it that you would ask me what happened. 

I can tell you that I am tired of it all- the drama and the speculations and we are downsizing.  Although we will continue helping horses it will be on a much smaller basis.  I am just very tired of speculation, drama and the rest that goes with it.   

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I am asking Mary to close this thread. It is not going to turn into a bashing thread. I have more things to worry about. CZ IS FINE! HIS LEGS WILL HEAL!! HE IS ON MEDS AND LOVING LIFE!

Further updates can be seen on our forum once I get a chance to add him and update.

I don't know what's gotten into this forum in the last few days. Everybody is different and does things different ways. I have a hard time keeping up with everything here at NBAR with Bob away and yes there are things I am behind in, but the horses are taken care of and they have clean stalls to sleep in. Thank God for volunteers.

Why can't rescues work together instead of trashing each other?? Working together would get more horses saved and into good homes. I normally don't get into this but, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE!!