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Broker Feed Lot Horses   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: ac4h


Now to your financial questions - this is going to be long. My background.... I worked from the time I was 15 and my dad lost his job as an Air Traffic Controller (back in the 80's) until my oldest daughters due date. I did everything from cashier to taking a course in real estate and selling homes to going to office management and working my way up to medical billing manager. After our first daughter was born I worked from home and did cleaning jobs and babysat, taught Sunday School I did Mary Kay, Market America these are multilevel marketing companies where you get paid off sales. I also did lead generation over the internet sales.

We did rescue out of our pocket and we did rescue that way for 5 years - no donations - our money. We learned on our dime about the auctions and strangles and quarantine- we learned a lot!

My husband, Rick Sheidy, his entire family is known in this area for building things bridges and houses but they aren't rich and actually Rick's dad died a young age Rick said from stress of running his own business and people not paying which is why Rick was very set against opening his own busines. My husband worked for the family business for many years and then went to work through the union as a carpenter for many years.

Just as an fyi to teach Sunday school and to work in schools you have to have a criminal background check done. We are clean lol. We have also both lived in this same area for MANY years. Rick his whole life and my family moved to PA in 79.

Back to the work situation... Rick got hurt and hurt bad. Not proud to say we had some very tough times. We did have to declare bankruptsy. It stinks but it happens. We got a settlement because of his injuries and we paid everything off with the exception of our house. Our house is a double wide mobile home with an addition that sits on approx 1 1/2 acres. I have heard some say it's a mansion! We to this day do not have any payments other than our house which we owe about $67,000. We do not have credit cards, car payments or expensive jewelry or items. We either have the money to buy something or we don't get it - we live modestly and we do without to do rescue. The most important thing we do not have is health insurance.

We do file taxes and we do work. Rick has not nor ever has been on disability. He is still able to work and actually we have been downsizing our numbers because we are getting older and we do need health insurance. Other than what I mentioned above that we did and the carpentry work we found our niche with ponies. We did protect them with contracts and they were housed on my parents property, my kids trained them under my supervision and they were placed again with protective written contracts on average $2,500/piece and we had/have waiting lists. This year my daughters did not train ponies they worked with the rescue horses as volunteers.

Now for the rescue - At this time my family owns 2 mini mares that were both rescue'd . They are not at the farms we rent to house rescue horses. We have a business account and all payments go to the business account so that all funds have to be deposited. If you go to the bank with your personal account you can deposit some and take some cash out - you can't with the business account and we did it that way for accounting purposes. From there the funds are reported on a 990 and an independent audit done.

Salary and payments... we don't have any employee's and Rick and I do not take a salary. It is perfectly legal to do - but we don't. Again we paid out of our pocket for the first 5 years that we rescued and hit all the learning curves.

I thought that since my personal lifestyle was brought up I would take pictures of our house, yard and vehicles. Here is the link since you can't come visit and see for yourself. Pictures of our farms and some video footage is on the website under pic's and blog link also many pictures of visitors too.

Sorry this is so long but I didn't want anyone to think we are trying to hide anything and hope that this clears up how and why we do things. Thank you for taking the time to read.

There are many volunteers who see how we live and what we do for the horses. If you ever do get a chance and are in the area please do give us a call and we will be happy to show you around.

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From: onthebit1



I dont know anything about that. Dont want to know or be involved. I only got involved now because the blame for how Lucky wound up on a brokers lot has been grossly misplaced. You know as well as I do who is responsible for Lucky's plight.

While others may be unwilling to go after Jeff Zook, you can bet your bottom dollar that Anne is hot on his trail.   



From: ac4h


Gail see I am in the mindset that if you create a life your put that life on the face of the earth then there is some responsibility starting there.  I mean if the horse was never bred no one could own it past that and at the start of life protection can be implemented.

Let me make this clear - I didn't blame anyone.  We simply tried to help the horse and were lied to attacked, had tons of drama created which wasn't necessary and all by people who claim to care about horses! 

Talk about being in the middle of something...  we try to help save a life and wind up with you and everyone else on your team trying to somehow say we are blaming the wrong person and we are being ridiculed when we didn't breed, race, own, train or have any links to this horse. 

If you feel Jeff Zook did something wrong them please by all means pursue it!  We didn't and don't have his information.  Wouldn't that be more productive than these attacks because we helped a horse live?

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Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


Jeff's wife was one of my best friends most of my life.  We haven't been in touch much lately, but I did sit with her at a horse auction a couple years ago where she tried to rescue some horses.  I don't know what Jeff does or doesn't do with his horses, and I'm not trying to say he's not at fault.  But, here's what bothers me...trainers are sending Mountaineer horses direct to slaughter where nobody has any chance of finding their identity.  The only trainers being called out now are guys who sold their horse to somebody (not the direct to kill guys obviously because we never hear of these horses), then the horse is later found in a bad situation (just talking in general, not about Anne's horse).  It bothers me because at least these guys aren't selling direct to slaughter when it's easier to do so.  The very bad trainers are getting away with everything while the trainers who put a little effort into it by not selling direct are getting called out when the sale goes bad and horse ends up at auction.  It's just frustrating :(


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From: onthebit1



I have not attacked anyone. In fact, I did not bring this subject up at all. 

As for the breeder having some responsibility - of course they do. I never said they didnt. What I said is that under the current system, even breeders who DO want their horses back and are willing to own responsiblity most often are completely unaware when one of their horses ends up at risk. That is why the last connections of record must be made to understand that it is their responsibility to ensure the horses safe retirement.  Those of us involved in racing understand this. Not a single trainer who has a horse that is "done" at the track believes that someone else from the horses past should find the horse a place to go. Even if a trainer claimed a horse on Monday and decided the very next day that it couldnt run again, they know it is their responsiblity to find placement for the horse. Who and how they chose to "retire" the horse with is the real issue.


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From: alexbrown4


this is an interesting thread, and i want to share my thoughts as i keep reading through it so i don't loose my train of thought.

why do brokers charge a significant premium ?

my belief / understanding, is at the stage the broker has them, they will either be slaughtered or saved from the broker listing.  the price they will get for slaughter is about what they will get for the save.  therefore they are economically indifferent to the outcome.  i.e. this transaction is further down the slaughter pipeline and rather than focus on the price they paid for the horse, focus on the price they will receive for the horse ?  they also have money into the horse at this stage etc.

why do kill buyers charge less of a premium at auction ?

kill buyers appear to charge a $50 - $100 premium at kill auctions for horses they have bought.  they do this because they can simply replace that horse with another transaction at that sale.  so the horse has only just been purchased by the kill buyer etc. and they have no money into the horse.

i would be interested to hear if this understanding is correct ?

cheers, alex


From: onthebit1



Precisely why we called MNR's slaughter policy a sham from the very beginning. In fact MNR is not alone. Any track that has a zero tolerance policy in place but lacks a comprehensive alternative aftercare program has done nothing but make things worse for the horses. The 0-tolerance for most tracks was a PR stunt. The only place the program is actually working to protect horses is at tracks like Suffolk and Finger Lakes that have aftercare programs in place.

We have to continue to "out" the MNR bogus policy any chance we get and we must continue to work toward getting aftercare programs (complete with funding!!) in place at EVERY racetrack.

If you would like a copy of the aftercare program proposal Im working to put in place here in IL, I'd be happy to send it to you.