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NBAR: Had Enough!!   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Ok on a post I made in one of the threads I had mentioned that I had received several e-mails and that we were being discussed on another forum. At no time did I mention the name of that forum. Well I am now. It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people here on ABR and also the Icers forum don’t think we are legit, That we are hiding things, That we sell horses at auction and that we do not have people sign adoption contracts.

We do not sell horses at auctions, there are many times we buy horses. We do have people sign contracts.( 4 pages worth.)  We have never taken in any paints from Carol Harmon. The only time I have had anything to do with AC4H was when I offered to take in Classic Zeal when no one else would. I am in cahoots with no one. I do not know why Andrea Allen stopped talking to us other than I started posting on ABR again when I saw Miss Mary’s story. I understand the reasons she quit donating that’s understandable.


As far as not posting any more pictures of CZ, I was asked/told not to. I also had the thread shut down when all the ruckus started because I was not going to have it turn into something negative. Yes I was upset about the injury to his leg. The vet took care of it before he was loaded back onto a trailer and said he would be fine until he got to NBAR. I cannot tell the transporters how to schedule their routes or what to do. Yes, I was thankful that my husband Bob just happened to be one of the transporters for Alyce at the time. CZ got extra attention and things that he needed.  The cut looked worse than the first pictures that I saw because the flap of skin had started to die and was pulled away. I have seen worse injuries than this on a horse and they did fine as is CZ. He has never had any infection in his legs. I had the vet give him a tetanus shot before he left on his journey. Plus both legs were wrapped.


I have had several phone calls from people telling me what to do and what not to do. Including, not posting pictures or anything else on certain threads. I have never hidden anything from the people on ABR or anyone else for that matter and would have answered any and all questions asked. I have always kept everyone up to date with pictures and the happenings here. So, I just laid back for awhile, trying to decide what I was going to do.


As far as our contracts and how we keep in touch with our adopters, we have done it the same way for 5 years. Actually most of my adopters stay in touch with me by sending pics all the time or posting them on face book for me to see. The horses that we adopted out when we were Indiana Horse Rescue South were the property of the main division so those people have to respond to them now. I can no longer keep in touch with them because we are not part of IHR anymore even though I still here from many of them. The horses I have adopted out through NBAR I do. As far as showing our signed contracts to the public, that is a no no. That is personal information that has to stay confidential. If you would like me to pull out all the folders and throw them in front of you I will and I will flip through them really quick so you can see all the paperwork inside.


I have only had one problem with and adoption gone wrong and we were aware of it within 45 days of the adoption and the horse was brought back to the rescue. We have been called by adopters late at night when they could not get a hold of a vet and headed out to help until a vet could get there in an emergency.


I have offered to take in horses from other rescues when they have had to downsize for one reason or another. I have worked hand in hand with several rescues around the states and we have always been willing to help if we could.


I asked the people involved with the current Kansas horses on this

thread: URGENT Kansas 7 Reg QH to slaughter to please keep me as anonymous because of all the e-mails and phone calls. I just didn’t want the hassles, but I wanted to help the filly.


I will not take in anymore than we can handle here. At one time I had 89 horses here on the property. That was way too many, but they were hauled into me and at the time I had no say so. Now I do and our numbers are kept below 50 and do you know how hard that is when the phone call comes in to see if we can take in another horse and I have to say no. Our adoptions have been good the last few months thanks to pet finders.


I have always had an open door policy here at NBAR, which a lot of rescues don’t. You have to make an appointment before you go visit. Here at NBAR you don’t. We are here 7 days a week, 24 hours a day unless we go and grab a bite to eat or we have an emergency. You may want to call to make sure we are here. (I am really thinking about changing this now to protect ourselves.)


So, right now at this point I don’t know what we are going to do. If we are going to continue on ABR or we will just start keeping our forum updated and stay away from the other forums. The only thing that worries me is what is going to happen to the next Miss Mary that no one wants to help, or the next CZ.  The rescue that probably would have stepped forward you have chased away.


Many from this forum have been so kind and supportive of us. I love what ABR has been able to accomplish in the years it has been up and running and have been proud to be a part of the happenings here. But now I don’t know and there is still a little filly’s life hanging out there in limbo that we have been working to get to a safe place. I will not give up on here, but were we go after that I do not know. What I really don’t understand is that there have been so many of you here to visit us and our horses and still in the background there is talk. All anyone has to do is ask.



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From: kckellsbells


Keep up the good work, Becky!

Off to la-la land now.  Peace and love to you and Bob.

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From: BGrimmett1


I am so sorry you have been treated this way. I just cant believe it. You are one of the rescues I just think the world of. If we could get away your rescue would be the first one I would like to visit

I love to watch Clyde on the cam see all the updates the pictures just everything you do. Alley,Miss Mary, Hilary,Worthless, Red, CZ, Frick & Frack and the rest.

I thought Icers had gone away? I am so surprised that any FOB would bash you and make phone calls to you

I'm just so shocked at this news I really didnt know what to write, just so upsetting.


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From: KathyElm


This is so sad and people have way too much time on their hands.

The ones who are causing problems will burn themselves out. Are you going to worry about what gets posted from an entire forum that was banned? Notjust a few members...but every single one ofthem? How valid could anything  be that they had to say if they all got kicked off?

You do great work and your threads are so enjoyable....and what counts is every animal is happy and loved.

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From: snowshoehair


Becky, you are one of the rescues I support and trust 200% … I’m sure there are others that will agree. Please don’t let those sour grapes get to you…. After all, don’t forget that they were the ones that got their own forum shut down with their venom. They could never overshadow all the good you’ve done at NBAR. I love reading your threads!


Your fur family loves you and that counts the most.

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From: MMM2009


THIS HAS GOT TO STOP AND STOP NOW.  Otherwise this forum is going to just die.  Period.  No one will be around who cares - it will turn into nothing NOTHING but a little coffee clatch!

Honestly - one would think that petty little teenagers were posting on this forum half the time.  ENOUGH.  If you can NOT contribute in a positive, constructive way - GO AWAY.

This is beyond ridiculous.  In the year that I've been on this forum - I've seen GOOD people - both rescues and individuals get fed up and go elsewhere.  And it will continue if this  childish pettiness continues.

It has become increasingly difficult to get saves done lately - and it's not necessarily because of the economy.  IN the midst of a time sensitive saves - people will pop in and start a nasty back and forth barrage.  I'm not talking about valid legitimate questions - everyone is entitled to those - but snide asides don't count - If you have legitimate questions or concerns - voice them in an adult courteous way - privately with the person/rescue that concerns you. Or ask the question on their Wiki - I believe there's a place for that.  If you can't stand, don't like someone, some rescue - IGNORE THEM - I manage to ignore the  petty little coffee clatch gang on here most of the time.  If I can do - so can you.

We're all here obstensibly because we share the same goal - save our equine friends - whether by working against slaughter, or pulling horses from feed lots, and finding homes for those who need our help.  THis board - when it works together, does AMAZING things - so either agree to disagree and continue working together or ask Alex just to turn the lights out now.



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From: EGIL461199


Really people! Enough of this.

As someone who has been (rather quietly) on this board for a long time, I am horrified at the direction in which it is turning.

This thread is about horse rescue, isn't it?

This week, two seemingly good rescues have been slammed over their operating policies. But it is really an issue of personal choice.

If you object to a rescue charging a fee per horse. then do not donate to the rescue. End of story. Personally, I do not care if AC4H charges a "fee". And I will miss their postings.

I am not sure what the objection to NBAR is, however it appears to be one of the more transparent rescues on this board, always posting updates, using a webcam, adopting otherwise unadoptable horses and mules. Any chastising of NBAR is misplaced.

After the Lifelines  and 3 Strikes debacles, it is fair to ask questions. But once asked and answered, there is no reason to turn accusatory. The information  has been disclosed, thereafter it is up to the individual donor to make a decision and act accordingly.

So, AC4H and NBAR, please do not leave.

And to the slammers, get a life! 




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From: Brite91


Becky, You are one of the nicest people I know, and I have read the updates from time to time and saw the photos and can tell the horses are well cared for at your facility.  If I had any reservations, I wouldn't have sent Frick and Frack to live the rest of their lives there.  I had NO reservations. 

Penny visited last week and gave us all some wonderful (and funny) photos to enjoy and it is obvious that the horses are happy and that they cared for and loved. 

I think that there are many people who want this forum destroyed.  Many of the good rescues have left.  Please don't be one of them.  There is strength in numbers.  Keep doing what you're doing and please stay. 

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From: Guest


I hope with all my heart that neither NBAR or any other rescuer allows the handful of troublemakers on this forum to run them off the forum.Please do not allow the rescue police to so called win .The horses lose big time. Who cares a fig what such  people think anyway? There is either a hidden agenda or a not so hidden mental illness at work here.Please keep up the good work NBAR and other targeted rescues!Thank you for what you do.