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ABR horses dead / need to ID survivors   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: JB660462


I was asked to post this very sad news.

Lisbon, Ohio - United States Horse Outreach (USHO) Under Investigation for Animal Cruelty

On February 27, 2010 Columbiana County Sheriff Deputies and Humane Agent Jan Palmer arrived at a property owned by Kami Brooks. Four horses were found dead in a back pasture. Ten horses were found alive, many of them in bad shape. Brooks operates United States Horse Outreach (USHO), an organization supposedly founded to help horses in need. Attempts to help Brooks goes back to October 2008. Horse rescuers and caring individuals donated funds, hay, and supplies. A year and a half later, horses have lost their lives. As of March 2, surviving horses have not been removed, and no charges have been filed against Brooks.

There is no excuse for animal cruelty. Although Ohio laws are weak, they must be enforced. If you have donated funds to help a particular horse or sent a horse to USHO, you may contact the Humane Society of Columbiana County (330) 332-2600 or the Columbiana County Sheriff's Department (330) 424-7255.

Below is a list of horses provided by Kami Brooks on Nov. 6, 2008. It does include her private horses. Rambling Affair was picked up that November. He was an Exceller Fund horse. He was a HBS of 2 when he left Kami's farm. There was also a Percheron/Qh cross that was at a foster. Trying to find out if this mare is at the property or at a foster. Help from FOB's in locating this mare would be appreciated.

USHO Horses:

Paint mare named Fancy 8-12 yrs old. 14.2h -15h. Will go through even an electric fence. Hard on fencing. NOT SEEN FOR SEVERAL MONTHS

Mini Mare 8 years old Brown. NOT SEEN SINCE LAST FALL.


Frito...16h TB Pasture companion because of back issues. Well mannered and sweet. He is an easy keeper and is 15 yrs old.

gelding with a star and small stripe. BELIEVED TO BE ONE OF THE 10

Sunflower-yearling Belgian...may be a draft cross. Had a refined head. Halter broke..ties. Sweet disposition. SUSPECTED TO BE AMONG THE DEAD

Millie...Belgian mare...20 years old. SUSPECTED TO BE AMONG THE DEAD

Jewell....Belgian mare-registered? Maybe 6 or 8 yrs old? SUSPECTED TO BE AMONG THE DEAD

Private Horses:

Blue-Breeding Stock Paint gelding. 5yrs old. Kami thinks would be nice gaming type horse. Untrained. Smart. Boarder left him behind for unpaid board. He can figure how to open gates, etc. Good disposition. Ground work done. Kids have sat on him but he is not broke. BELIEVED TO BE ONE OF THE 10

2 TB mares with weanling fillies. Broodmares only. All have previous injuries that make riding unlikely. BELIEVED TO BE AMONG THE 10

Possible both these mares are up there. Ruby Kisses is solid chestnut.....She has had at least one foal, a chestnut colt but not seen since a yearling, possibly has a filly now. The other mare is a bay.

1 TB broodmare, crappy ankles, well bred.

Possibly the 2nd broodmare with a filly now. BELIEVED TO BE AMONG THE 10

TB gelding.

Unknown and not seen recently. There were two chestnut geldings. One was a dark liver color withy white on face, and one bay with some white on face. Plus lighter chestnut gelding she used to race, had some white on face and legs possible big ankle. Big horse.

TB gelding. 9 -10years old, clean legs. This is the one that had throat surgery so he can't whinny like a normal horse. Allergic to wood shavings. Good trail horse. UNCONFIRMED IF STILL AT PROPERTY

5 yr old TB gelding with old chips that will never be sound. She planned on putting him down. ??

12 yr old Arabian bay mare...NSH but 15/16 Arabian. Anyone can ride.. good trail horse..2nd level dressage. crooked blaze, white on some legs. BELIEVED TO BE ONE OF THE 10

4yr old Arabian/Quarter horse filly...easy keeper. BELIEVED TO BE ONE OF THE 10

MorganX mare, Kami's riding horse. BELIEVED TO BE AMONG THE 10.

Moe TB gelding approx 28 yrs old. NOT SEEN IN SEVERAL MONTHS

"Be part of the solution, not part of the problem"
"Silence is NOT always the mark of Wisdom"

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From: magge514


Bump!  So  very sad...

From: Kbuckeye1


Oh, geez......not again.....this is a carbon copy of the cruelty case near Oak Harbor with the Arab rescue. Four horses died there. The laws here have got to change....and the big factory farms have a lot of lobbying money.

So frustrated,


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From: Guest


OMG................this is so terrible.
I hope this is just a "didn't get enough help and not plain old meanness.
I can not believe people would take money & not use it for what it's intent was for. But during this economy,I guess we will see all kinds.

From: wyolin2


I am devastated.  One of the horse she had was Wyatt, a beautiful 30 year old.  I dread what may have happened to him.  I stopped sending Kami money the end of 2008 when I couldn't get her to respond to my emails.  I will be contacting the county prosecutor. 

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Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)



Rambling Affair is ok.



From: JB660462


Wyatt was adopted.
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Rachael (srparis2)

From: Rachael (srparis2)


Rambling Affair was only there for a short time and moved to foster with a friend of ours near Wheeling, WV.