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Animals Angels-Horse Slaughter Bombshell   Anti Slaughter Issues

Started by OutofShadow; 1274 views.

From: OutofShadow


OMG!!!!! Look what I just received!! You GO AA!!!!!

Horse Slaughter Bombshell in Belgium and Holland

Belgian and Dutch consumers were shocked to learn of widespread horse slaughter-related cruelty in North and South America. Undercover video footage aired on three major news programs showed horses designated for slaughter are routinely starved, dehydrated, injured and abused.

Horse meat is commonly available in Belgium and the Netherlands where consumers are almost completely unaware of the cruelties of horse slaughter. Most believe what suppliers claim on their websites, that the meat on their dinner plate comes from contented, grass-eating, healthy horses. The story begins by asking, "Do they [consumers] really know where it comes from?

Horse at Mexican plantThe 8½ minute news segment was produced by GAIA, a respected animal welfare organization from Belgium, with much of the footage provided by Animals' Angels USA. The dire conditions of horses at slaughter plants, feedlots and markets in Mexico, Brazil and the U.S., have generated talk of boycotts and moratoriums on the import of horse meat from these countries.

Viewers are told "Cruelty goes hand in hand with incompetence", as undercover video shows a worker knowingly crushing the lower leg of a live horse as he forces the iron gate of an overcrowded trailer shut.

An English version of the story is available on youtube:

Consumers responding on television websites demanded action. "They [importers] told us the meat is of superior quality because the animals live a life of luxury and freedom on green pastures...well cared for with plenty of food. But it's a horrible lie."

On importer Chevideco's website, horses are said to be treated with respect horse at slaughter plantand to live without stress. An accompanying photograph depicts well-proportioned horses standing knee deep in grass. Importer such as Visser & van Walsum make similar claims.

Within hours of the story's broadcast, supermarkets responded with promises to investigate. Delhaize, the second largest retailer in Belgium asked their supplier to remove affected meat from their shelves. Two other major grocers have told consumers they do not import horse meat from outside Europe.

Fenavian, the Federation of Meat Producers in Belgium, issued a response denying any wrongdoing and offering reassurances that adherence to safety and European Union animal welfare rules were standard practice.

"However, the evidence is quite overwhelming," said Sonja Meadows, president of Animals Angels U.S. "Up until recently, officials may have been able to claim that to their knowledge, the animals were treated properly. But now such claims are quite obviously false. Unfortunately we have plenty of documentation to prove that animals caught up in the horse slaughter pipeline are horribly abused."

Dead horse BeltexAnimals' Angels' began focusing efforts on the issue of European consumers' awareness about horse slaughter in November 2009 after meeting with the European Commission. AA shared with committee members evidence of extreme cruelty uncovered at Mexican horse slaughter plants, U.S. feedlots and government export facilities. AA filed an official complaint with the commission soon after the meeting.

Last month Gaia asked Animals' Angels for footage from Mexico and the U.S. to help with a European campaign to publicize the conditions endured by horses in the slaughter pipeline. Gaia had recently finished undercover investigations in South America and had gathered their own ample evidence of brutality.

Other organizations in the Netherlands and France are also launching consumer awareness campaigns. Most national and regional newspapers have published the story and photographs. Fueled by concerns from both consumers and animal welfare advocates, many more European news outlets are expected to pick up the story.

"I really doubt I'll ever eat horse meat again," said one man. "They may say they fixed the problem, but I'll never trust them again."

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European Consumers shocked about undercover footage from horse slaughter plants in Brazil and Mexico
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From: ellieroo


For so long anti slaughter has handled the "buying public" with politness and gentleness which worked with some but most it made No penetration what so ever ,this on the other hand says .............

LOOK at The Hell the horses go thru for your dinner Here is to AA for getting the video where people See what their complacentcy is allowing to happen. To the man who will never eat horsemeat again Bout Time!


From: OutofShadow


And now is the time to let them know what is in the horse meat they are eating. Let the drug report fly!!!

From: equine8


Bombshell is right! Awesome story but I'm wondering why they didn't mention the Canadian slaughterhouses. The cruelty is no less there and we don't want the europeans to believe differently.

It would be incredible to get this story picked up by the AP and our national news media. Is there any chance AA might be willing to pursue that?

Is there a link to the video footage and story I can pass on to others?

Can you forward it to Oprah since so many are now writing her about the wild horses and slaughter; this should certainly capture her attention.


From: maggiefromOK


Good! I hope they boycott big time.



From: LauraHouston


"I really doubt I'll ever eat horse meat again," said one man. "They may say they fixed the problem, but I'll never trust them again."

   people, even people who eat horses don't like to be lied to! wonder what he will think when he finds out about the drugs he has consumed.


From: Lina_TX


I hope they show all this a few more times, to get it maximum exposure.

From: Guest


Oh thank you so much for posting this wonderful news!  Animals Angels are true angels!

From: Guest


Another organization based in Europe has posted an article regarding the bute-laden horsemeat, the organization circulates information widely in Europe, a big kudos to as well for exposing!



From: AutumnSmoke


This was terrible to get thru. No matter how much we know about horse slaughter, it is horrendous all over again.

I love AA!! May they stay safe and continue to speak truth for animals.  Bravo Sonja and Julie! Bravo AA!!

The Europeans are fools to ever think that all is humane and peaceful. What crap.

Look out for the slaughter industry, they'll find every reason they can to say that the AA photos and video are the exception, not the norm.

Please support AA, there's a PayPal right on their site, any amount will help horses!