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Possible to travel down memory lane?   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: siriusminis


Check w/ Alex to see if he has any archives from the earliest days!

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From: mkmg365


i think your talking about miracle horse rescue.  i think stephanie is still here.  you should direct this to her.


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From: ellymae43


Hi....this might work if youve got a lot of time to explore the possibilities.  Go to advanced search page and at the bottom of that page enter a thread number.

I tried it a few min ago.  Thread 1.1 no longer exists, but 2.1 is there.  Just kinda put in different thread numbers and see what you can find.  I tried 100.1 and 200.1 thru 500.1.

Its kinda fun to see some of the same people here today that was there back in 2006.

Have a great day.  Ellie az

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From: Guest


I think it would be very nice to see some updates on these past saved horses.  I don't know the rescues or people, hopefully others here do and can inquire & give an update.  Your idea to find out how many of the past saved horses are doing I think is a good one! 

Really hoping that all the hard work and money doled out isn't just chalked up to pseudo saves.


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From: Guest


That's great work. I read Facebook and have just seen so much incredible work done to save these horses, and just had to check out this ABR so many talk about on FB. It's quite a site here.

Now reading this is really a great idea. I contriubuted to my first save last night and want to keep doing it. I just read the section about updated stories on the horses, but this goes way back. I'd be curious to read some of the oldest stories too. Great idea!

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From: MHJ1957


Some of us Crazy Canucks from Ontario Canada, responded to a TB mare and an appy gelding that were posted on the board, . This was about 3 years ago.   The owner thought they were going to a "nice" auction.

We put together money and a place, found the mare, isolated her at the auction ( st jacobs Ontario). We were lucky to outbid the KB for the mare, and it cost us double to do it, way more than we had thought.  We were not able to save the young stud, but he didn't go to a KB, so we were very relieved.

The mare went to her arranged place, and came down with strangles, affecting the whole barn.         Today, she is an occasional riding horse and a pasture pet, well looked after, and cared for.