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Jed needs some help-PTales/Equihab   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Ponytale1976; 5071 views.

From: Ponytale1976


Ok so here is the story in a nutshell:

A few months ago we had a pre-approved home looking for a Draft horse. We went to the Unadilla sale and pulled one, which we thought would be perfect. Sadly he seems to have some behavioral issues and did not work out. His cost at the auction had been donated and his pre-approved family was going to cover his vetting needs (farrier, Coggins, shots, dental and his rehab). So when he wasn't working out we took him back and started working with him.

He is a sweet horse, loves attention! BUT he knows his size and uses it to his advantage. He must be in electric fencing or else he plows the fence down, same with a stall. When you lead him, you need to be aware that at any moment he may decided he is going somewhere else and actually turn and go there. We worked with him on getting him backed and he does pretty good with a rider. Initially he will scoot forward or sideways when you mount him but then he is great. We also got him picking up all 4 of his feet nicely. So we called in the vet to get his dental done and update his shots and coggins and HOLY COW. The horse would not let us touch his neck to sedate him, or give him his shots. He became unmanageable.

At this point we have exhausted our local resources and our ability to work with this guy. We believe that he may have either a chiropractic issue or it is just a training issue. We posted a plea for an adopter to take over with him that had more time and better resources and were contacted by Equihab in MD. They recently had a Draft horse that was sent to a trainer local to them and he did wonders with the horse. May has come out to our farm and met with Jed and is willing to take him into her rescue and get him some training with her guy. They are going to need ~ $500 to cover his dental, shots, coggins, farrier, and training. I would gladly offer it, if I had it. Right now we have so many special needs rescues in our care and a recent expensive emergency and I just don't have the money to send him off right not. Rather then wait until we do, we are asking for help.

Can anyone find it in their hearts to help give Jed a second chance? All it would take is $500, he'll get UTD on everything (after he is worked with by the trainer, otherwise he already would be UTD) and go to a professional trainer. Then Equihab who is experienced in Draft Horses and has way fewer horses then we do can work with him 1 on 1 to finish him and then offer him for adoption.

Money can be pledged or sent to Equihab- PayPal address:

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From: Tracy101169


bumping for Jed

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Bumping for help

From: lovedrafts


Thank you so much for taking an extra step for this guy. With my respect

$100 match game




From: lovedrafts


I think couple pictures would help, thank you
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From: midknight1


Bumping up!  $100 match on the table for Jed.



From: drafthorsemd


Thanks for the wonderful & informative post! I don't have much more to add.

I feel he's a nice guy who just has some good reason to be protective of his neck. Maybe someone hit him there? Who knows what people do?! He did lift feet for me, lead, and stand nicely. I did not see him saddled up, but if he was an Amish Tractor his whole life, he may need a little help understanding how carrying a rider is supposed to work.

Here is a pic I took when I met him.