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#377 and #407 -- Karma & Noggins   Horse Rescue Updates

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From: CentralVARes


The vet was out to see Karma and Noggins as well as Baby Huey and Punkin.   We sedated Karma so that he could check her bag.  He was afraid it might be mastitis but after checking her, he believes that she just weaned a foal.  The bruise on her rear is healing nicely.  He believes that she had abscesses in both front feet and possibly founder.  Bottom line is that she should be fine and is in fairly good condition for a 20 yr old mare that just weaned a foal.  :)  Teeth are not in awful shape and we will have her floated when the dentist comes for his regular visit. 

Noggins...  Doc doesn't think it is a sinus infection... or at least not a clogged sinus that would account for the swelling.  He could have some infection as a result of something else though.  We need to take him in and do xrays of his head.  Xrays though are for information purposes only right now.

Baby Huey - (weaving horse) He thinks that it is soft tissue injury.  He is not markedly lame on the leg and swelling is going down.  He can have some turnout!!  WOOO HOOO for Huey!!

Punkin - Punkin is the mystery of the moment.  He was tenderfooted and so I had him shod.  He then started favoring that foot more.  It has not gotten worse and does not seem to be a nail issue but it doesn't seem to get better either.  Doc says give it another week and it should either resolve or not. If not, we will have to get xrays of his foot to see what is going on. 

We pay for our vet care as we go unless it's an emergency so xrays will have to wait for another day.  My vet expense for the last two weeks is over $500. 


From: CentralVARes


Well, Karma has come down with a nasal discharge.  I checked with Dr J and started her on Tucoprim.  It's been pretty effective with everyone else so hopefully it will with her as well.  Usually there is marked improvement in 24 hours.   

Poor Karma.  She has been through enough without this.