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Camelot December 15   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by sparky168; 2230 views.
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Liberty (libertyfarm)

From: Liberty (libertyfarm)


The following 25 horses are AVAILABLE:

#733 Appaloosa gelding 15.2H 8/9 yrs $250

#737 Gelding black 15.3H 5/6 yrs $500

#740 Appaloosa gelding 15H smoothmouth $300

#742 TB gelding chestnut 16.1H 8 yrs $260

#749 Missouri Fox Trotter gelding 15H $200

#751 TB gelding bay 16.2H $300

#753 Paint mare dark chestnut/white 15H 12/13 years $325

#759 Gelding bay 12H 5 yrs $75

#760 Paint mare REG 14.2H 4 yrs $275

#761 TWH mare chestnut 15H and 3 yrs $150

#762 Paint mare bay/white paint REG 15.2H 5 yrs $260

#764 TWH mare black 15H 3 yrs $235

#765 Gelding palomino 15.3H 9 yrs $500

#767 Paint mare bay/white REG 15.2H 10 yrs $525

#768 Saddlebred(?) mare chestnut/white paint 15.3H 10 yrs $400

#769 QH mare chestnut REG 15.2H 11 yrs $200

#771 Paint gelding chestnut/white 15H 7 yrs $475

#772 Paint gelding chestnut/white 15.2H 3 yrs $385

#773 Appaloosa gelding 14.2H 9/10 yrs $425

#775 Paint gelding chestnut/white 12 H 12/13 yrs $100

#791 Gelding chestnut 15H smoothmouth $250

#792 Gelding grey 15.1H smoothmouth $300

#798 Mare bay 15.2H 6 yrs $275

#799 Mare bay 15.2H 5 yrs $125

#802 Warmblood mare bay 16H smoothmouth $350



#734 Gelding chestnut 16.1H $600

#735 Mare black 16H 7 yrs $525

#752 Mare  bay  $500




#770 Standardbred mare bay 16H and 9 yrs $410

#793 Mule gelding 13H and 6 yrs $100

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From: TB_IPA


Owner of 751 will be calling to bail.

He is sick over this and placed horse on a contract.

He will need local 'isolation' and will cover that also.

I will call Lorraine but can you guys let me know who has opening and he will have horse delivered there over the weekend.



From: BonBon08


Not always a night owl, just hate sleeping on the couch. My dog and I do when my husband travels. I don't like him jumping up on the bed anymore and he's to big for me to pick up.  He still can, but he's getting older and I don't want him to. Working on lowering that bed and adding on to the first floor. Found a cool design this week, they don't use box springs . Trying to figure out what floor the new one is going on before I select a style. 
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From: MMM2009


Is she a rescue?  ABR to be consistent with FB is now only permitting bonefide rescues to fundraise  -
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From: BonBon08


From the 12:16 update: These 25 horses are located at Camelot Auction House, 43 Brickyard Road, Cranbury, NJ.  Proprietor is Frank:  (609) 448-5225. more info @ 

#733 Appaloosa gelding. 15.2H and 8-9 years. Very scared in the pen. Rode through wtc but still a little nervous. $250

#737 Black gelding. 15.3H and 5-6 years. Beautiful! Has a bite mark on his side. Rode through w/t but didn’t like to stand still. He gets nervous. Has been being used as a school horse. $500 His total with all fees including tax and cc $693.00

#740 Appaloosa gelding.  15H fat and smoothmouth.  Rode through w/t quiet.  He is very dirty and needs a new home that will give him a bath!  He will be very cute cleaned up. $300

#742 Chestnut TB gelding.  16.1H and 8 years.  Rode through w/t.  Very fussy with the bridle.  Supposed to jump.  Bucked in the ring.  He stands still well!  Needs exp rider.  $260

#749 Bay gelding.  15H and No age given.  Very scared in the pen.  Missouri Fox Trotter.  No papers.  Rode through nervous so needs int/exp rider.  Backs well. $200

#751 Bay TB gelding. 16.2H and no age given. Has a tattoo. THIN. Very sweet in the pen. Rode through wtc. Needs some tlc and groceries. $300 

#753 Dark chestnut/white paint mare. 15H and 12-13 years. Thin and needs tlc. Off of a cattle ranch. Really well broke but has a go button. Rode through w/t/c and spins. $325

#759 Bay gelding. 12H and 5 years. Very sweet and calm in the pen. Possibly blind in the left eye. Rode through green but quiet. Just needs miles and some groceries. $75
#760 Registered Paint mare. 14.2H and 4 years. New shoes on. Sound gentle. Rode through w/t. $275

#761 Chestnut mare. 15H and 3 years. Tennessee walker but no papers. Green and needs miles. Seemed quiet and gentle though. $150

#762 Registered Bay/white paint mare. 15.2H and 5 years. Zippo Pine Bar bred. Rode through w/t quiet but a bit green. Just needs miles. $260

#764 Tennessee walker black mare. 3 years and 15H. Rode through a little nervous. Just needs miles. $235

#765 Palomino gelding. 15.3H and 9 years. Sweet/quiet. Sound. Rode through w/t and neck reins. Been using a wire bit on him so he tosses his head with the bit. Might need a hackamore. $500

#767 Registered Bay/white paint mare. 15.2H and stout. 10 years. Quiet/sweet in the pen. Kids have been riding her all summer. Rode through w/t quiet. Sound $525 (Sarah's note- I'm sorry- I did not get a conformation photo of this mare)

#768 Chestnut/white paint mare. 15.3H and 10 years. Saddlebred looking and really flashy. Rides/drives. Real high head carriage but seemed quiet. $400

#769 Registered QH chestnut mare. 15.2H and 11 years. Very sweet in the pen and just had a foal pulled. She was broke as a baby then used as a broodmare. Doesn’t know very much but is super quiet. Just needs miles. Good girl. $200

#771 Chestnut/white paint gelding. 15H and 7 years. Scared in the pen. Needs new shoes on. Rode through w/t and neck reins. Needs an int rider because he is a bit nervous. $475

#772 Flashy chestnut/white paint gelding. 15.2H and 3 years. Blue eyes. Sweet. Has a bit of diarrhea. Led through tacked up because he was being fresh so they didn’t want to ride him. Needs more training. $385

Hip #772

#773 Appaloosa gelding. 14.2H and 9-10 years. Angry at the other horses in the pen. Rode through w/t/lope. Sound and quiet. Spins and backs. $425

Hip #773

#775 Chestnut/white paint gelding. 12 H and 12-13 years. Very sweet and personable. A bit bowlegged from running barrels. Led through quiet. $100

Hip #775

#791 Chestnut gelding. 15H and smoothmouth. Swaybacked. Old ranch horse. Rode through w/t/c. Well broke and very handy but well behaved. Spins. Probably was awesome in his day. $250

Hip #791 

#792 Grey gelding. 15.1H and smoothmouth. Scared in the pen. Good for using on cows. Quick broke so needs int/exp rider. Has a lot of go to him. He comes with a nice picture of him working cows. $300 (Sarah's note: one of my faves of the day!)

Hip #792

#798 Bay mare. 15.2H stout and 6 years. Led through but supposed to be broke. $275

Hip #798

#799 Bay mare. 15.2H and 5 years. THIN. Led through but supposed to be broke. $125

Hip #799

#802 Bay warmblood mare. Smoothmouth and 16H. Led through quiet but supposed to be broke. $350

Hip #802

RESALE #734 Chestnut gelding. 16.1H and no age given. Sweet but very afraid. Has been being used as a school horse. Rode through w/t and jumps. Nice mover. Big English horse. $600

RESALE #735 Black mare. 16H and 7 years. Tense in the pen. Just had a foal pulled. Beautiful! Has been being used as a school horse. Jumps and rode through w/t quiet. Nice big English horse. $525
His total with all fees including tax and cc $693.00


From: KGrab13


I was wondering if perhaps mares # 760 and # 798 are expecting foals this winter or spring.

From: McCormack56


Penny, is she a 501(c)(3)???   I'm honestly not sure.  

From: McCormack56


I deleted it myself to save you the trouble.