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Started 4/21/11 by TripCrown73; 279809 views.

From: MaryLOhio


I would bet he left a very good will that will spell out what and the who's of his horses and property.  He was a man that made sure all his t's and i's were crossed and dotted and I don't see him not making sure everything was in order
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


I agree he was an organized man, and always crossed it t's and dotted his i's, I am just thinking back on what happened with the Paulson trust and Azeri as an example.

From: JoyinVT


Thanks, Mary, for mentioning that. It should be a wake-up call to all of us.

Please, everyone, be sure you have your things in order. And especially if you have kids and any animals, make sure you have made arrangements for their lifelong care if something should suddenly happen to you. It is the most important thing you can do for them. Be sure the future care-takers agree and they and your attorney and family have copies of such directives.

Please don't say you will do it tomorrow. Do it now.



From: CherylJone2


Rest well in God's Arms, Mr. Jackson.    You will be missed.


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From: KathyF49


awwwww, how sad!!  How old was he?  Cancer is a terrible way to go, prayers for Jess and his family.

From: Derby132


Oh Mary, your post brought tears to my eyes.  I love the thought of your Uncle and Jesse sharing racing stories : )

I'll never forget watching Jesse Jackson several years ago on the racing panel seated in front of Congress to be questioned about the state of the sport....Dutrow didn't show, remember?  It was clearly evident his passion for the sport and his great desire to see the sport changed. improved upon, and moved forward to the glorious sport it deserves to be.

Jesse's Girl  - my pick for a name.  I know I keep thinking it will be a filly.

eta - I want to see that picture!!!

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From: lexcdwm


RIP Jess Jackson.  

I am happy that after Curlin's big 3yo year and with all his crop retiring at 3 like Street Sense and Hard Spun and  Any Given Saturday, that we got to have another year of Curlin and that thrilling Dubai race.  I am happy we got to see Rachel again after her exciting 3yo year .. For those two things, I Thank him. And I hope the resulting foal from his two HOY's enters this world healthy and beautiful and carrying the best of both Mom and Dad ...


From: MJ42903


You are so right. He dared to dream it. How heartbreaking that he didn't get to see the foal. We are so fortunate that he brought us Curlin and Rachel along with others. This sport will miss him.

From: gerchgo


RIP Mr. Jackson. I'm glad he was able to see Rachel win like she did, and get HOY, but sad that he won't be around to see her foal(s) here with the rest of us. He'll be doing a jig, in Heaven when she does! Condolences to the family and all his connections.